Danelle's Story

Danelle’s story revolves around two teenage characters, Danelle and Marc. Marc just moved with his family from a Chicago suburb to this small “fishermen-own” town in Florida. The cluster of houses that Marc’s house is part of is called Ublock. This is the place where most of the action takes place. At first, Marc is unhappy about the prospect to live his life in this boring rural town. This feeling persists until he meets a beautiful girl named Danelle. Marc tries to approach the girl but she rejects his city boy “manners” or lack thereof. Things change to the better after the school starts. Danelle and Marc become very good friends. Their friendship and love that follows is agreed upon and even encouraged by their moms. Danelle appears to be an open and lovely character; she is very active and in love with her life and achievements. Marc is a little bit snooty, a city boy that looks at everything as being not worth worrying about. They like each other the way they are. Sadly, at the apex of their love, Danelle is diagnosed with leukemia. Danelle is depressed and terrified. Marc assures Danelle that he was going to be with her and help her pass through the difficult time of healing. Eventually, Danelle undergoes a successful bone marrow transplant. Her health seems to improve steadily on her way to full recovery. Short time though after showing sign of overall success, her recovery hits a snag. Danelle is aware of it: her strength and her weight loss make her think that there must be another serious cause to it. Doctor’s diagnostic is frightening; Danelle’s excessive use of medication to speed up her recovery damaged her kidneys. She need an urgent kidney transplant. Before leaving for a hospital in Boston to have her kidney transplant Danelle persuades her mom to let Marc have a sleep over. That night Danelle and Marc have sex. Danelle passes successfully the kidney implant surgery. During her convalescing period Danelle falls in love with the son of the surgeon. Marc founds all about Danelle’s betrayal when Danelle’s mom comes back unexpectedly and sells her house. Marc is profoundly distraught by Danelle’s betrayal and is “creeping his days” in profound disillusionment and lack of desire to live. Two days after the year graduation Marc receives a phone call from Danelle. She tells Marc that she is at the airport, and that she loves him and that she would be seen him in a couple of hours. Marc tells his mom that Danelle is coming back and that he is in love with her. Marc’s mom doesn’t understand what is happening. She is doubtful about Danelle’s sincerity and tries to persuade Marc not to take her back. When Danelle appears the romance story seems to become a hopeless melodrama. “People say that love gets stronger after passing through the fire of betrayal… That still has to be put to test…” Eventually, Marc’s mom desire to compromise and her compassion helped the two lovers, Danelle and Marc, get back to where they left off: being happy…

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