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Anatomy of a School Shooting

User: marywalz
Anatomy of a School Shooting
Exactly four students were absent from Lord Stanley High school the day that an unidentified shooter snuck into the school and opened fire on two students. Since the police believe that the shooter was a student, each of the four teens who was absent on the day of the shooting is now seen as a suspect.

Youth pastor Jackie Ford is reluctantly dragged into the situation at the school when she makes it known that she is acquainted with all four of the suspects. Asked by the police to do two things- spend time with the students in question, and report any significant findings- Jackie sets out to befriend the four teens. As Jackie and the students- now bound by the common threads of rejection and hostility from their peers- become closer, they discover that they all have more in common than they might have suspected, that each of them harbours hidden needs and secrets, and that perhaps they can be one another’s salvation.

But which one of the students is the shooter?

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Very much looking forward to reading this, Mary. Glad I looked through your book titles.

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I thought the story was ok. It was told well and if anyone got confused, then they obviously were not paying attention. Its definitely an "Easy read," LOL no confusion here. Don't worry about the haters Mary. Keep doing your thing

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Hey Melanie, that's an interesting observation about the diary entries. It seems that some people love them and others hate them. The thing is, even though Jackie is the character through whom the story is told, the story really isn't about her, it's about the four students. Perhaps that's why you couldn't "slip into" her viewpoint. I'm not sure if telling a story through the eyes of a character like her is the best way to... Show more

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Deleted User

So here I am again, read a little further and see you took some of my old advice! BookRix admin....I was here..LOL

Congrats on the rest of the story.

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I've been trawling the reading list and after checking this out, i reaised i had already reviewed this book. I am trying to earn brownie points, so I'm posting here to let admin know I've reviewed you. They are such task masters. lol.
Wos happening? How you're doin'?

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this was an incredible story and i found it very touching. it was beautifully written and loved the part about how god doesnt expect us to be perfect, that he just wants us try to be the best we can! thank you for this story!

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I love the format with the differnt diary entries and fonts for them. Your writting voice is amazing wonderful job!!

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