The Message Of Stars

The Message Of Stars



It is a matter of common knowledge among mystics  that  the  evolutionary  career  of mankind

is indissolubly bound up with the divine hierarchies who rule the planets and the signs of  the Zodiac,  and that the passage of the Sun and the planets through the twelve signs of the Zodiac marks man’s progress in time and in space. Therefore, it is not to be wondered at, that in the course of their investigations into the spiritual development of mankind, the writers have also encountered much that deals with the Zodiac, which  is  the boundary  of our evolutionary sphere at the present time. So much has been perceived in the memory of nature that sheds light upon obscure passages of the Bible, that notes have been made from time to time of different points, but how to collect  and  collate  these dissociated writings into a united whole has been a great problem for a long time.  Even  now,  the writers know and feel that what they are  bringing forth is only a very, very weak attempt to set before the students that great body  of  facts which have come to them through the memory of nature.  They  feel,  however,  that  this  will  give  a





4                      THE MESSAGE OF THE STARS



new and more profound meaning to  the  old symbols, and that by passing on what has been  found they put themselves in line to receive more light.

Concerning the future evolution of planets, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception teaches, on page 256, that “when the beings upon the planet have evolved to a sufficient degree, the planet becomes a Sun, the fixed center of the Solar System. When the beings there have evolved to a still greater degree, and consequently it has reached its maximum of brilliancy, it breaks up into a  Zodiac and becomes, so to speak, the womb of a new Solar System. Thus the Great hosts of Divine beings who, until then, were confined upon that Sun  gain  freedom  of action upon a great number of stars  whence  they can affect, in different ways, the system  which grows up within their sphere of influence. The planets or man-bearing worlds  within  the  Zodiac are constantly being worked upon by these  forces but in various ways according to  the  stage  they have reached in evolution. Our Sun could not have become a sun until it set out from itself all the  beings who were not sufficiently evolved to endure the high rate of vibration and the great luminosity    of the beings who were qualified for that evolution. All the beings upon the different  planets  would have been consumed had they remained in the Sun. This visible Sun, however, though it is a place of evolution for beings vastly above man,  is  not  by any means the Father of the other planets, as





material science supposes. On the contrary, it is  itself an emanation from the central Sun, which is the invisible source of all that IS in our solar system.”

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