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Dragon Girl

Can one woman find love in a world of rejection, war and hate? By:
Dragon Girl

Ever since birth, I have been different.
I have the ability to transform myself, at will, into a dragon.
I realize this sounds like a blessing - After all who wouldn't mind transforming into a three-story tall, fire-breathing, flying lizard? - But the reality is the exact opposite. It’s a curse. Everyone who knows about "the dragon" rejects and hates me, dooming me to a lifetime of distrust and solitude.
No, this is no blessing.
For all of my seventeen years, I have thought I was the only one of my kind and the only ones who truly understood me were the moon and the night sky.
At least, that's what I thought until I met the man who would change my life forever.

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Important Post

I love it. I hope that you will make a second book soon(even though I read the comment you put at the end). Also I really do hope that Sam and Demitri will get together.

Melissa Nichols

Hi! thank you so much for reading! actually, I'm not planning on working on Dragon Princess until at least 2019, The reason why is simple: I'm getting Dragon Girl published this year! If all goes according to plan, that is.


i love u

Important Post

I have a couple questions though,
1) Do Sam and Demetri ever get together? I hope they do because they would be perfect for eahother.
2) Did Derek and Sam ever have a thang for eachtother?

1 Comment
Melissa Nichols

Hi! thanks for reading and for asking questions!

1.) That'd be a spoiler so I can't reveal that. But I'll answer that in the final, published version coming around November.

2.) Its insinuated that Sam likes Derek but it never goes anywhere. Reasons why will be shown in the published series.

Important Post
Akshank Tyagi

A nice piece of fiction. Nice story. I just have 3 problems in this that u might think upon.
1 Your story seems too straight forward
2 How did she know about the dens. About the scyllas deadlyness.
3 There is very less elaboration of stuff. U could have explained the history a lot and other stuff but you have not.
PS . I loved that cover page artwork. Did you make it yourself.

Melissa Nichols

thanks so much for reading, im glad you enjoyed it! and thanks, especially, for pointing out what you didn't like. I will be sure to correct these problems in the revision. but, for now, the answers.

1.) It was hastily written, a culmination of 9 years' work with halting... Show more

Akshank Tyagi

Nice work Mellisa. I will surely be reading the full revised edition as well.

Melissa Nichols

great! thanks so much! i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Important Post

When is the next one out

1 Comment
Melissa Nichols

Unfortunately, that won't be until 2019. The reason for that is I am revising Dragon Girl, making it better and getting it ready to publish. And the target publish date for that is next christmas. I'm not sure if I'll take a break for a month or two after that, or if I'll get... Show more

Important Post

so there is another one.. is sam in it?

Melissa Nichols

of course she is! why wouldn't she be? She's the protagonist.


i love this book.. im so mad that you ened it that way... i wanna know what happens to them

Melissa Nichols

sorry you're mad, but that's exactly the reaction i wanted. a cliffhanger. and im glad you love it! thanks so much for reading!


so unfair

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