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A disease has started and people are starting to become sick and rabbet. It’s only effecting humans though. Not animals, plants, or nature. Just humans. The government is starting to kill people to try and stop this disease , but they are finding out the disease is spreading through the air and the government sends a spaceship to every state in the world and tries to get them all onto the ship and will go into space until the disease passes over. But they soon find out everyone from a state does not fit into the hovercraft so they leave many people behind. Laura and her family are running trying to get to the hovercraft and Laura loses them when they get onto the plane and she gets left behind. As Laura’s boyfriend Ryan is heading onto the hovercraft he turns around and see’s Laura screaming for her family. Ryan leaves his family and runs to Laura, because he doesn’t want to leave her. Laura and Ryan join a group that has also been left behind and one by one they all start to get the disease. Some die but some live, and what the disease has given them is strength, speed, and they cannot die. They can get a bullet shot into their chest and live. They are able to transform into wolves also, but for some of the people they get strength, speed, and cannot die either, but they do not transform into wolves but into vampires. Laura transforms into a wolf and Ryan transforms into a vampire. From what has come all of the vampires hate the humans and wants to destroy them all but the wolves believe it’s not their fault so the wolves and vampires become ermines. When the humans return after six months the wolves must hide their identity and try to protect the humans from the vampires, but they do not want people to find out about this then they will all be killed. Laura will either have to protect her family and the human race or kill the one she loves, but what will she chose?

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This was really good How could Ryan be such a d**k ? Add more!!!

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yea he was evil

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