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Deceitful lies

'You tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable' By:
User: Naebot44
Deceitful lies

Izy (Isabella) is a girl who thinks her life Is perfect. Than the 'war' came. Although this wasn't realy a war at all. Her father nick cambel the president says its a war when it turns out to be a rescue mission, to rescue izy. The mission rips apart her fake family, she gets kidnapped by the one person she thought she could trust the most. Her best friend is sent to protect her and she almost kills her, her boyfriend gets tourtured into building a trap for izy to walk right into.And she thought she could trust them when all they gave her were DECITFUL LIES. The truth will shock us all as you find out what roll Izy plays in the battle between all she has ever loved and complete strangers that claim to be her family. The truth, is the most dangerous thing of all. should liers be given second chances to lie? Should murderers be given second chances to murder? And above all should izy be given a second chance after what she did in blind hatred and rage?
This book is a mixture of drama,romance,action and adventure.
Hope you enjoy it!!! Please heart it❤️

This Book is Part of a Series "The treachery saga"
All Books in this Series:
Deceitful lies
'You tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable'
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Deleted User

it's just......indescribable bt im a VERY good way

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Deleted User

not so much
i understand


Still thanks! ^^

Deleted User

it's okay

Important Post

Word can not express my feelings about this right here.

1 Comment

Thank u guys heaps!!!!!!! I hope u really liked it and didn't just saying that

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The Twister

Holy shit! Oh my freaking gosh! What the hell!
Girl I didnt even know you could write like that!! It was so capitivating! I'm like.. speechless! Not even kidding! This is really good if you keep writing like this! It would be so cool to see what more fantastic work you could do!! I'm literally speechless.. Holy shit! Wow.. Wow! Girl, you're really good XD

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This boosts my confidence heaps! Thank u but I have writers block so I will update when I get over it.

The Twister

I know what you mean! TT.TT I hate writers block, it's so annoying!



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