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I'm Not Religious - I'm Spiritual!

Shed Your Dogmatism And Legalism In Order To Live Meaningfully And Passionately By:
I'm Not Religious - I'm Spiritual!
Every person’s life is a profound mystery. Deep and invisible currents make us who we are, and the world around us is full of secret purposes and laws. One reaction to all this mystery is to treat it as a problem to be solved, and to do everything possible to be informed and in control. But another way is to bow down in ignorance and confess our limitations. Religion and spirituality, for eons has been closely connected and offered creative ways to become individuals of depth and compassion by embracing spirituality. The religions have a cherished cargo, but they often fail in their job by moralizing, intellectualizing, and defending themselves to such an extent that their real intention is clouded. Today individuals all over the world are deserting the religions in disgust and anger. Still, everybody has an instinct for transcendence. Individuals know that some kind of spiritual life is essential, and so a lot of people are exploring on their own or joining new churches and communities. They differentiate between their own personal spirituality they've found and the religious institution they've abandoned.

This Book is Part of a Series "Spirituality And Enlightenment"
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I'm Not Religious - I'm Spiritual!
Shed Your Dogmatism And Legalism In Order To Live Meaningfully And Passionately
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