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LEO and the Chinese Zodiac

EAST meets WEST By:
LEO and the Chinese Zodiac

Are you a LEO. Find out how the Chinese Zodiac influences the personality of a LEO.


Build your own profile using both the Western Star Signs and combining those traits with the characteristics you inherit from your Chinese Animal.

Since the beginning of time man has always looked to the heavens for an answer as to who and what we are.

In the west we use the Zodiac star signs, with our ancestors believing that depending on the time of the year we were born certain traits will be installed into us that will mould our personalities. The Chinese also have a complicated Zodiac, but rather than the time of year you inherit your traits depending on the actual year you were born, and the influence of the ruling Animal at the time. This has a great bearing on the building of ones personality.

In this book, you can discover what both Zodiacs have to say, and build your own personality profile. Also find out what effect your ruling plant has and mix it with your birthstones influence and refine your predicted personality.

Once all the information is gathered, combine it all together, and discover if your are what both the Zodiacs predicted.


You can also see what are some famous events that occurred in your Birth Time and

Famous people that share your profile.

This eBook is available at the following stores (among others):

and in many other eBook-stores

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