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Merci' Me $ Men

Merci' Me $ Men

Do you feel her locked in his web a private eye sherlock for the perfect Man without any sparks of diamonds? Do we exchange ourselves for a thrust of desires? Things get Gothic darker he slips through her coffee you never know when love can change your lips. We were born with these how can they travel so many love continents.


The way we walk or talk we became a weapon. One side of the street & one chosen sugar what a curve got thrown at me with his smile. Will I see the same look tomorrow? Or will I live through tomorrow? But things enamored by his muscular hands he was so tightly lipped.My dress flew all white doves eloquently but I saw through his hands were wrapped like a knife so bittersweet takes over. Why does this take forever tripping over men and their lips wide open in a disturbing way? I felt like I was in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" What a Nicole she doesn't kid anyone? Damn, she was hot shit happens it’s a cruel dark world. We have no clue our faces turn disgraceful bruised blue. This is how they live inside us. It's not your New York or LA detective macho image moral rich one. They heard this big explosion!! She said what the hell is that? Louder than a tiger on hot tin roof-boom: they needed to get the lip style hand made guns. She looked at him but she got turned on awe with his physique and broad shoulders. How he held her with his gun it smoked right through her eyes. Her strawberry lips smoking hot he got an edible bite. Such fruit for their soul wasn't getting easier they lost many faces. The time torn through all their faces. She watched the play of light and that shadow amazing glow over his face. A voice comes out “ Like the cold war nuclear wartime threats it felt like.These Men He'll Yeah and no your not against my will. Only time has a way of telling. Oh! yes, he's quite the actor he plays his part so well. But he will never get an Emmy in my Sage smile. So many tapes up faces started to pass her.  He had the words Remy merciful with his ladies. They were walking on the street it was named Rue Monsieur Le Prince it seemed to fit him perfectly. She smiled and was thinking to herself she said "Please God" have mercy me the time sultry soft delicate hands. She was in France merci beaucoup she was wearing this sexy Parisian style dress, yellow like the goddess sun. This was not a doll collector made in France expensive dolls. They were all taped up. Almost like the women they saw with red tape what type of collector was this? He could see her mind and measurements walking in the restaurant took a seat looking through dead bodies I saw in the water. Too bad my dream man wasn’t my waiter taking my heart of an order. The next things I felt someone taking my life over.  "Seeing double deuces pleasure this was not something to take one day at a time.

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