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The Quantum Prophecy

The WereWolF Chronicles book:ONE By:
User: countzero
The Quantum Prophecy
(Complete Story)


On a planet much like our own a diabolical madman uses a power once only dreamed of to open a portal, a wormhole ripped across space/time, through which to lead his hellish army in a dark quest for vengeance and conquest. This madman is the sorcerer Harmony and he is now the undisputed supreme ruler of all that is left of the great, green Earth. He sits on a throne of bones and dreams of the day he will return to claim what is rightfully his.

Traveling the occupied territories once known as the United States of America a young man struggles to stay once step ahead of the soldiers who doggedly pursue him. Lost to a bestial madness by night, by day he is just plain lost. His name is Candlelite; he never asked for this burden yet he carries it with honor and integrity beyond his years.

Max Kimbal is a genetic engineer and quantum physicist unparalleled in his fields. Hired by a billionaire's son to help him realize his dead father's dream of journeying to alternate universes via quantum tunneling, Max is also the only survivor of Harmony's arrival on Earth. Shouldering the blame for Harmony's conquest Max has appointed himself the wormhole's watchdog. Though now lost to alcoholism the scientist remains ever vigilant in his observations.

The immortal mercenary Jeshux DuTerriux Jules has crossed the very fabric of existence in his pursuit of the sorcerer Harmony. Presently the soldier pursues a prey the likes of which he has never seen before. Some primordial instinct whispers that herein lies the key to stopping Harmony's insanity. Jeshux only hopes he can catch the beast in time.

A puzzled bear meanders under the forest's canopy. It's puzzlement stems from a partially remembered scent, an odor from the past that sends it seeking answers to questions it did not know it possessed. Steadfast the confused animal follows it's nose to one who may hold the answers.

Within these pages lie the fate of two worlds, spinning in tandem they only await the fulfillment of- The Quantum Prophecy!

This Book is Part of a Series "The WerewolF Chronicles"
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Important Post

thought this was awesome and i will be reading part two

Important Post

I read it with great interest looking to see where the next paragraph would take me. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Important Post

why are you giving this away? Give it some chapters, work on a better cover and get thee to Amazon! The market for a story like this is vast. Good job!

Important Post

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The exciting story continues with In Harmony We Trust! :) I love this story, the characters are like family to me!!

Important Post

Hi I was hoping maybe you could make this downloadale so I can read it,
Please and Thank-you <3

Important Post

Thanks for thinking so, I know I do. I have put a lot of time and thought into this story and after so long writing it I feel I do know the characters well! :)

Important Post

Keep it coming. Feel free to drop by my current work under construction called: Blue Moon.

Important Post

Very good,the imagination used in the script are having no definite boundaries.

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