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The Wrath of a Beaten Woman

The Wrath of a Beaten Woman
I don’t know why some women stay... but I know why I did. Even through the black eyes and torture, I still had loved him, or the thought of him. But love is a tricky thing that can turn to hate very easily if pushed too far. The question is which of the two emotions outweighs the other.... In my case, hate won.

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The Wrath of a Beaten Woman was well written. Power to the woman who got her karma here. I enjoyed this book and wished it was longer.

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♥ davebccanada ♥

A deep, thought provoking story that is played out all too often in today's society. Thank goodness the woman escaped without either of them dieing in the process but her life is scarred forever and shortened by his thoughtless actions. In some ways one might hope he is still handcuffed to that bed but I think she did call to have him released. Well written, Stacie.

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This story was exactly what a lot of us go through and im loving that she finally won in the end. I felt all her pain and i felt her Triumph.

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Deleted User

it was a good read i love it

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You have a clear cut, direct way of writing. You have done a very good job of expressing the fear and pain of being a beaten woman. Good job. Robynn

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One has to fight for himself,if he/she gives up no one stands for that person & on the contrary if some one raises voice for the injustice ,it is possible that some one may join for his battle.Failure/success are in your hands ,if one gives up, then failure will comes to his lap.

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Repeatedly being tortured & she is unable to break or run away.It's a one sided story ,showing the woman in ? very weak.

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I honestly think you should try this in a different point of view. The victim point of view takes away from the power of the story.

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Yes i do plan on a happy ending. Many women dont realize that they can get out. they think they are stuck. I was lucky enough to pull up the courage to know i was strong enough to make it on my own and much better off. Thanks for reading.... i plan to keep adding

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A personal experience? Very sad, but glad to know you found the strength to leave. But it's far saddening, that yes, many battered women still can't run away. Very beautiful, thought provoking story which I hope would lead to a happy ending.

Thank you for sharing. :)

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