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....My eyes follow the extent of his arms, travelling up the pockmarked and infected skin in horror, from the clenched fists and up, until they reach his hollow face. Puss-filled abrasions cover every inch of his once-smooth and healthy skin. Always healthier than mine. But now, it is sickly and disgusting in color, angry welts spread throughout. I had never been disgusted with him, never in my life. Now, I am repulsed. And that fact scares me.


"John," I hear him say, softly, as if he's already joined the damned.


A terrified cry escapes my lips. I approach him, horrible tremors spreading throughout my entire body.


"John..." he repeats.


"Yes? Yes? I am here!"


"Do not touch me. You must get out of here..."


"No! I won't leave you! I'd rather die!" I shake my head adamantly.


But he won't have it. "Get out now. If they find you here... you'd be better off that way."


Tears stream down my cheeks, feeling like acid burning my flesh.


"Please..." It comes out in a whisper, and I know I'm losing him. I choke softly. "Go..."


And then his clenched fist loosens and falls slack, and I know he's gone...

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Important Post
Deleted User

I like this, no, I love this, or I'm in love with this book! Please make more, if you are planning to, that it.

Important Post
James Gerard

A good beginning to the story. Unusual setting and problems.

1 Comment
S. J. Crona

Thanks! XD I really need to get back to writing this story. . . .

Important Post

Sabrina, you have penned the start to a very intriguing story. It is believable and well thought out.

John, the younger of the two, is reckless, but with a good heart. He is willing to risk everything in a bid to put food on the table, but above all else it is paramount to him that he has his brothers approval.

Whereas, his brother is more staid and thinks before he acts. This is probably due to the fact that the older brother... Show more

1 Comment
S. J. Crona

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I'll try and post some more soon :)

Important Post
Deleted User

The cover makes me uneasy lol, but its cool. I like your writing, very precise, keep up the good work :)

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