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The Fear

The Fear
Night was cold and wind was blowing with sound that can frighten ears. I and my wife were travelling in Himalayas. There was no sign of any life there. Roads were so narrow that car was driven at 20 km. We were talking to each other and planning about next day suddenly both of the car head light went off. I immediately stopped the car and was thinking of what happened. I told my wife to relax as she was frightened to see what happened. I got out of the car and asked her to stay inside. That was the first time realize the hilly region which we enjoyed the whole day is so dull and full of fear. It was completely dark and I was not able to see my wife sitting in the car also. She was again and again asking me to come back inside; she was frightened of wild animals that roam around there in search of food. I came back inside and tried to turn on the parking light but nothing was working at all. There might be a problem with the light circuit I told my wife who was mum and could not speak anything. It was 1 am and the whole night was left, I was also worried that our car is standing in the middle of the road and somebody can hit us. I again went outside to see the road end, in the silence realize that a river was flowing down below and the sound was so low that realize that we are very high from it. I came back inside the car and asked my wife to take some sleep as we cannot move till morning. We locked the door and sat inside. We were hearing different sound coming from the deep jungle which was not good at all. The night was not passing by and the temperature was going down and down. I asked my wife to go behind and have some sleep but she was not ready to leave me at all. 2 am I asked my wife to stay there as I need to go for a Lou. I unlocked the door and went outside again. As soon as I went beside the car I was frightened to see a lady sitting just beside the back door and watching me. My whole body was white and I could not move my legs, as I have heard many ghostly stories about people who die in road accidents in mountains. My wife asked me what happened and told to come inside. I held my breath and came back inside. I was shivering with fear and my wife was seeing me asking what happened. I saw the back window and that lady hand were placed on the glass of the window. I could not react and told my wife nothing happened. I could see the hand from the front mirror but was not looking behind because I could not. I Believe in god but never prayed, I knew something is about to happen and we both could not do anything about it. I was praying in my mind that whatever it was should leave us that time realized how much important our life is and about my wife who was more afraid of all these things and if I tell her about the lady she will not be able to wait till morning and will ask me to drive. I stopped looking into the mirror and was sitting there without speaking anything. My wife kept on asking me what happened. She was curious to know as she never saw me like that. We sat there for sometime and I again decided to look into the mirror. I took a deep breath and saw this time nothing was there and I felt relaxed but it was for just for few minutes. This time my wife asked me that she wants to go out to get fresh. The moment she said to me and I immediately refused because I knew something is there and how important she was for me. She kept on insisting that she will take just 2 minutes. After sometime I agreed but told her to wait inside as I wanted to check the place. I not at all wanted to get out of the car but I had to, I opened the door and went outside. This moment was more horrifying and worst experience of my life. I looked around but nobody was there. I called my wife out. She was out with me in cold now. After sometime we came back inside and I was happy that we are safe now. This time we felt that car was getting cozy inside. Temperature was not so cold we felt that we were sitting in front of heater. I knew I did not turn the heater on but still it was warm inside. Soon realize why it was. The worst night mare was about to happen. I saw in the mirror that lady was sitting at the back seat staring directly into my eyes. I COULD NOT REACT AT ALL. My wife saw my face with fear and kept asking why I was reacting that way. She knew I was not afraid of anything but she was to be proven wrong in a moment. She said what happened. Nothing came out of my mouth. Suddenly my wife turned to back seat and grabbed her shawl. I hold her hand and looked into her face. She said what happened, she could not see the lady but I could clearly see in the mirror that somebody was sitting there. I don't want to sit in that car anymore but I knew the moment I tell my wife about it she will be out of the car and will run which was not safe at all in the jungle. We kept sitting there for sometime and I closed my eyes and was praying. It was 4 am now and car was again started to get cool. We waited for some more time and it was looking normal now. Lady was gone and sun was about to rise. I turn the engine on and for our surprise lights were working absolutely fine as if nothing happened. We started again and after sometime sun was shining above us. My mind was a bit relaxed but what ever happened I was not able to forget. After driving few kms we saw a small hotel. We decided to stay there and we took one room. Hotel had an old construction but that was the only one there. After we had breakfast we went to our room and slept. We both were so tired that we did not knew that we slept for full day and now again it was NIGHT. Inside our room there was a big glass window from which we can see the full view of the jungle. My wife was sleeping as she was really tired suddenly there was a knock on the door, I opened the door and saw an old man standing with a candle in his hand. He asked me to take it as everyday light goes off anytime. I took the candle and again started to think about the last night. I woke up my wife to ask if she want to have dinner, she refused as she was too tired and did not want to get up. It was a full moon night and trees can be seen easily in the dense forest. I was feeling hungry so I decided to go downstairs and will have something. I saw my wife sleeping so I closed the door and went down to reception. I ordered something to eat and sat on a chair which was placed to see the full jungle view. I was looking at the jungle and full moon light crossing the trees was an amazing view. As soon as my food came in the light went off. I stood up immediately as I was worried about my wife. I started to run back to my room but could not find it. Soon I realized that we both were the only people staying there. With the mobile torch I found my room and I opened the door. THE THING WHICH I SAW WAS THE LAST THING I WANTED TO SEE IN MY LIFE: The same lady was standing beside my wife and looking at her and smiling. I was stunned and ran towards my wife. I shouted and grabbed her in my arms. She was shocked and was confused about what happened. I immediately asked her to pack the bags and leave the hotel. She insisted on staying in the hotel only as she knew outside weather will not allow us to leave. I wanted to tell her the entire things that was happening with me but I knew right now she will be able to sleep well but after that she will not be able to rest properly. I was inside the blanket now and was looking here and there but there was no sign of the lady. Till 11.30 I was awake but after sometime I feel sleepy and closed my eyes. 2 am somebody was knocking the window; I opened my eyes and saw the same lady was standing outside the window and staring me. I checked my wife and to my biggest surprise she was not in the bed. I turn on my mobile torch and check the entire room; suddenly I heard a low sound coming from the corner of the wall. I checked there my wife was sitting on the ground and looking at the same women. She was so afraid that she could not even shout. I immediately ran towards her and held her in my arms. She pointed her finger towards the window and said she saw a man standing outside. I told her it was not a man it was a women. She refused to believe it and was sure that it was a man. Nothing was there now and we both sat and I told her everything about what happened last night. She was very surprised to hear that I was seeing a women and she was seeing a man. We both decided not to stay at that place anymore. We packed our bags and came towards the main lobby from where stairs were going down towards the main reception and gate. We walked slowly and to our surprise somebody footsteps were coming from behind but we could not see that person. We came towards the gate and looked for the manager, he was not there so we opened the gate and came out. Our car was parked few meters away we both walked towards the car and I opened the door and we sat inside the car now.
I turned on the engine and to our surprise headlights were again not working. We looked at each other in fear, there was a complete silence. Suddenly a mist of fog covered the whole area and it was dense that we could not see a meter away. I knew whatever it was will not let us go anywhere but we did not know what they wanted from us.
After sometime I asked my wife if we can go inside the hotel again as it was getting colder and colder outside but she refused as she was shivering not because of cold but because of FEAR.
We kept sitting inside the car and waiting for sunrise. We decided that we will go back and will end our tour here. 2 hours passed nothing happened; we sat inside mum and thinking what we will see in next moment. Car window was covered with fog, I turned on the engine and started the blower, and it was of no use. Suddenly we heard that somebody is coming towards the car, the footstep was so loud and clear that we knew that it coming very fast towards us. We hold our hand together and look around, suddenly in the front mirror something was written – “I will be with you always”.
I started the car wiper but it was not going off as if someone has painted on the car window. My wife started to scream madly and shouted :” who are you, what you wanted from us?”
Nothing was there other than a big silence. It was sunrise after sometime and road was clear and visible. Next surprise was waiting for us, there was no hotel. We were standing in the middle of the road and it was covered of trees. There was no sign of hotel or anybody. I came out of the car and looked here and there but nothing was there. At least now we were relaxed that its sunrise now and we are safe. I immediately started the car engine and turned back. We drove so fast as if we are getting late to get our life back. 4 hours of driving I got a T-point, there was no sign where to go. We decided to take the left turn as road in that direction was in good condition. After sometime we saw a small café and a lady was sitting there. My wife was so happy so see someone to whom we can talk and ask about the area. We had some tea and ate some food. I asked the lady if there is any hotel in that area or if she has heard anything about a man and women. She knew nothing about it, we started again as it was evening and we want to get out this mountain drive. I kept on driving though I was feeling very tried but I knew if I stopped now then we will not be able to leave that place.
After sometime it was again DARK. Fear could be seen in my wife eyes, she was so shocked that she stopped talking to me and was looking here and there.
I stopped the car again to get fresh; my wife did not like it at all. I came out the car and first looked at the place. It was dark outside and same nothing was visible clearly. I got fresh and was coming back towards my car; suddenly I heard that someone is calling me from behind. I looked back and saw the same lady was standing in front of me with a man. She did not come near me but was staring at me and said “I will be with you always”. I started running towards my car and turned on the engine and drove as I was driving in formula one. My wife started crying as she knew something again has happened. This time headlights were working fine and we kept on driving. I knew whatever it was now will never come back, we saw the lights coming from town and we reached the town finally.
We were so happy and relaxed to be there, my wife jumped on me and we hugged each other. We knew that we have won the race against death and we are alive.
We came back to our house and months have passed now, there was no sign of that lady and man.
Today my wife has gone out for a party and I am alone in the house. Light went off and when it came back on, I saw something is written on the mirror: “I WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS”.

The Fear: Being alone is my greatest fear.

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