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I have tried to write a short story about this on many separate occasions, but I never felt I could truly get the emotions I wanted across accurately. So, after listening to a spectacular poem by a young talented writer here on Bookrix, I thought maybe a poem was the way to go.

I have never written a poem before..literally ever. I'm not sure if I'm completely doing it wrong. But ultimately this is just an indulgent vent to me. But none the less, here it is for the interverse to view.

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There is plenty of emotion. I am sorry for your pain; for in order to write as you do you must feel it. May your day be blessed and your dreams come true!

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James Gerard

How the short story version would have turned out--if you had tried to write one--I do not know, but yes, this poems is filled emotion that conveys the hurt and pain within.

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S. K. Wilson

Thank you so much for the comment, I really appreciate it.

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Wow! I tried to imagine the situation that prompted you to write this excellent poem. Yeah, it's very, very good. Whoever is the object must be in great despair, but despite the seemingly endless reaching out, this person is dead in his/her world. Time to step away, I read.

Formatting? I'd suggest NO changes there, and I liked the fact that it isn't rhyming verse. It flows well. It's filled with emotion that so... Show more

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S. K. Wilson

Thank you so much, Patrick. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

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S. K. Wilson

Ah, poems. I don't know if this is any good, but it did feel satisfying. Just as a disclaimer - does deal with the darker side of life.

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S. K. Wilson

Thank you so much! Anything you think that specifically needs correcting, I would appreciate the pointers.

lazarus67 did not have a happily ever after ending....big sigh!

S. K. Wilson

Haha! I've never been one for the tragic endings myself, but I thought I'd make an exception with that story.

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