The B.I.T.C.H Group

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The B.I.T.C.H Group
Every high school has their cliques. There are the Partiers, the Preppy’s, The Cheerleaders, The Emo’s, and the Jocks. They all stay together in their little groups and it never seems like they break apart. But things are different at Dena High School, because that’s were 5 different girls are all best friends with one another. Bianca, Ivy, Tamara, Chloe and Harmony have been friends since they were born, because of their parent’s friendships. All 5 of them would belong to a certain clique if it weren’t for their parents.
Bianca De La Cruz is a 17 years old hot headed Mexican and the partier of the bunch. She loves spending her nights at different parties and the more alcohol there the better. She doesn’t seem to care much about school, but has the brains if only she tried.
Ivy Winters is a 16 year old ginger who’s a year younger than her friends. She skipped grade 6 because of her grades and only truly cares about school and furthering her education. When it comes to achieving her goals, she has no problem.
Tamara Duncan is a 17 girl from Inuit descent. She is also known as the schools slut and will do anything to get the guy of the week in her arms. She’s not that bright when it comes to school but when it comes to anything boy related she’s your girl.
Chloe Gibson is a French 17 year old who’s known for keeping to herself. She may seem like the cute, quiet sweetheart, but only her friends know that she’s just depressed and always heavily drugged. All this is because of her family.
Harmony Calloway is 17 years old and a bootylicious black. She loves to make people laugh and dreams of doing something sport related in the future. When it comes to competition, she’s the one to beat. But a good thing is she doesn’t let all of it go to her head.
Separated, they become part of the schools population but together they for the B.I.T.C.H group and stay at the top. But when problems start, boys come and go and secrets are kept and told, will this group of friends stay together or not?

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PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please update! It's really good and it's nice to take a break from all the vampire stuff

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Okay so i was reading this and it made me think? why would young girls do that!? just to make there mom and dad mad hmm..? something to think about?

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i read all three of your books and there really good but why arent you able to finsh them ..there more then a year old since you first posted them not to be rude but iam relly looking forward to finsh reading them

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i love how take the first letters of each of their names and spelled out bitch and i think its a good book so far and you should really write more books

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