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Friends , School And Love Secrets

Friends , School And Love Secrets
This Book Is About A Girl Who Had To Move In INto A New Town And Had To Start All Over Again Once That Girl Tranferd Schools She Had No Other Option But To Leave Her Old Friends Behind .... But As They Years Passed She Met A New Friend Called " Ana " They Stared Hanging Out And Met A Hot Looking Guy Name " Kyle " Once They All Stared Hanging Ana's Old Childhood Friend Stared Hanging Out With The And Became BestFriends With Kelsey Both Stared Ignoring Ana But One Day Anna ...... What Happens Next Lets Find Out Reading The Book And Find Out What HAppens YEars Later ...

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Deleted User

It was so cute.
But I didn't understand somethings but overall it was good.
At first when I saw the cursing I was like...'Whoa' because we don't curse much but thats just me. Cute though please continue!

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Deleted User



i will continue in few mins

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Important Post

well readers am back and i took few vacations and am backing on the book i will be continuing it C:

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I enjoyed the concept of this book and can see what you were trying to show, it was very good!
However I thought that:
a. You need to work on the punctuation and spellings, for example in the paragraphs there are no commas or full stops, and no one can say that much with out taking a break :D (I recommend you get a friend to proof read/edit it for you as you sometimes can't see the mistakes in your own work but can in... Show more

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Thnk you and i will be uploading the next chapters today when i get out of sschool

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