The 100 Greatest Amiga Games

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The 100 Greatest Amiga Games

It felt like a very big deal at the time to go from the Commodore 64 to the Amiga. There were some fantastic games on the C64 but the Amiga felt like a quantum leap and the full 'arcade at home' experience. Sadly though, as we know, the Amiga era was not destined to be the longest or most stable slice of home gaming history. In the end the competition was too much and the Amiga, not helped by poor business decisions and a lack of innovation, began to struggle in the market.


One tends to feel that the Amiga never quite fufilled its full potential but what an amazing few years it gave us. I spent many happy hours and weeks playing all my favourite Amiga games. To this day I am still discovering interesting Amiga games which passed me by at the time. Trawling through the Amiga years again I found there were many more great games than I actually remembered. The book that follows includes racing games, shoot 'em ups, military simulations, platform games, licenced movie games, puzzle games, and so on.


So, without further delay, let's sit back and take a look at the (in my own humble opinion) 100 greatest Amiga games...

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Andreas BookRix-Administrator

You missed some legendary games also published for the Amiga: Nightlong, Earth 2140, Napalm amongst others.
You also missed that there are Amiga ports of Doom and Quake. There even is a ZDoom prt for AmigaOS.

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Thanks for the comment. There were lots of games and I had to keep it down to 100. I tried to include mostly the games I played when I had my amiga in the early 1990s. I have never played the Amiga versions of Doom or quake, only the PC versions. I will have to download them.

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