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Falling For The Professor

Can a student and a teacher be in a relationship more than professional? By:
Falling For The Professor

“You are coming too close to me” I said in a warning tone.
“But you like it,” he said “just as much as I do.” And leaned forward, our bodies barely few centimeters apart.
He was right and he knew that. Not only I wanted to be close to him, but I also wanted to touch him and do much more than that. But it’s wrong, this shouldn’t be happening. He is my teacher and I am his student, our relationship can’t be more than professional.
So as much courage I could collect, I looked at him in the eye, “You are wrong. And this is all wrong.” I said with confidence and took a step back. This only caused him to take a step towards me and again I took a step back, and he took a step towards me. This kept on going until my back came in contact with the wall.
He took advantage of it and completely pressed his body to mine. “Why do you always keep on denying me?” He said and brushed his fingers through my hair and his eyes were locked to mine.
“Because this isn't right. And you know that.” My voice sounded breathy and my breathing was uneven due to our closeness.
“I know,” he said, voice husky and full of lust, and now his fingers were stroking my lower lip, “and let me make it right for you.” Then he leaned forward and with that all rights and wrongs were thrown out the window.
The old, grumpy professor has been transferred to some other college and a hot, sexy professor has taken his place. But what if some small arguments and jokes, with some teasing and hang outs, result in an irresistible and undeniable attraction? Some things are said and done which can’t be taken back, but also some secrets are revealed, and with that dangers and threats follow close behind. In search of few answers, many questions are asked, but a single question rises above them all.
Can a student and a teacher be together in a relationship beyond professional?
Imagine the characters-
Nina Dobrev as Claire Anderson
Chace Crawford as Ashton Whitlock

Matt Lanter as Adrian Whitlock
Candice Accola as Zoe Spears
Claire Holt as Rachel Stone
Alexander Ludwig as Ryan Stone.

Teacher, Student, Romance, Fiction
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Important Post

Alright... So there is this thing that I want to tell everyone who wants to read this story...
I'm really sorry that I have not been updating since god knows how long. Right now I'm giving all my attention to my studies, and won't be updating any stories.
And, when will I start writing again??? Well I too don't know the answer to that question.
I apologize again for disappointing you all.
I hope you understand...

Important Post
Deleted User


It's really good and I like where this is going.

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