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Book Promotion

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Hello, I noticed with other groups that with their 'policies', 'rules' or whatever, that most don't really want book promotions. That confuses me, so this group is made for you to post about whatever book you want to promote. However many you want, updates on chapters and much more. Even book discussions, if you want. Enjoy.


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A Writer Seeks your Guidance! By: taifelc
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Important Post

Hi, Dear Fellow Members,

I'm sure I'm at the right place to get guidance from you. I've just published my first book, WHEN GOD WHISPERS, on Amazon and would love to get your valued feedback on it:

Here is my book,you can read it free:

Kind Regards. By: Ingeborg Kazek
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Important Post

Was Jesus a clone of God and Holy Mary his surrogate mother? A jounalist talkes to Mary and Jesus. The senational interviews are fictitious and were published on the TV channel program 'Understand Fake', which also does not exist.

How to find the most profitable kindle categories By: alexg123
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Important Post

A writer’s first obsession is to find an idea to write about. Not any idea mind you. An idea that sells!
The question that follows then i: which niche book categories are most profitable on Amazon and are accessible to new writers?

To answer this seemingly simple question, check out and search for sub categories on Amazon. You get the revenu generated by each, the number of sales required to be on... Show more

Kindle Ranker - Find the best Amazon book categories Free tool to find the best Amazon book categories and increase your income.
Dreamers Creative Writing is giving away Issue 1 of our eMagazine FREE By: Kat-Dreamers
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Important Post

Dreamers is a literary organization focused on writing that is from the heart. Recently, we released our first literary magazine and to celebrate, we’re giving away the electronic version for free.

This issue is packed with stories and poems with soul, as well as book reviews, places to submit your writing, author interviews, and more!

To request your free copy, visit:

Free eMagazine - Dreamers Creative Writing
Star Wars: Into The Black Unknown By: Eric Johnson
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Important Post

Set 30,000 Years after the events of Infinite Darkness!

For more than thirty thousand years the planet Korriban lay undisturbed. The New Republic's JSF (Jedi Strike Force) sole purpose was to hunt down and destroy any evidence that the Sith existed. After the disappearances of Lord Scin and Darth Bruticus, the Sith Order crumbled and fell apart.

A new age dawns, the jedi will be overwhelmed as an ancient evil returns from an... Show more

Star Wars: Infinite Darkness IV: The Gathering By: Eric Johnson
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Important Post

One million years A.B.Y. The Jedi have increased their numbers while the Sith continue to hide in the shadows. Revenge is coming, one that will destroy the entire galaxy in it's wake!

Free to Read or Download!

Star Wars: A New Age: Discovery By: Eric Johnson
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Important Post

Star Wars comes to our galaxy!

The galaxy's most evil race, the Sith have explored beyond their galaxy and into the Milky Way. The Jedi have followed to destroy them and help an unknown inhabited planet called Earth.

Free to read or download!

Life Happens By: edensashes
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Important Post

Part one of Life Happens is up. Part two to follow next week. Unfortunately many of you will not like me after reading some of the true stories in the book. However if you can see things through every ones eyes you might like most of them. Give it a try with Part One
"The Breakup"

the inner force By: memo1490
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Important Post

would you like to read my books and add them to your favorite books they are"
The inner force book bio
it is a book about the adventure that was occurred to the boy who lost his mother and his father got married. the woman dealt him with good dealing until she got his father heart. she had the different deal between her children and him. she hurt him so badly and his father didn't know or tried to persuade himself that she was... Show more

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