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Book Promotion

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Hello, I noticed with other groups that with their 'policies', 'rules' or whatever, that most don't really want book promotions. That confuses me, so this group is made for you to post about whatever book you want to promote. However many you want, updates on chapters and much more. Even book discussions, if you want. Enjoy.


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The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho By: ebookstoreal
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Important Post

The Alchemist - A fable about following your dream!
We are offering you the amazing story of "The Alchemist" book, where you are going to find yourself thrilled. Don't waste any moment, this is the time to change your life, but don't do it without giving a thought of what you are leaving behind, because maybe, you are living everything behind!

The Incubus By: S D Chapman
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Important Post

Would anyone like to read and let me know what you think about my latest book, Please?

It's an adult book so only read it if you are old enough.

It contains a fair amount of oral sex on disabled women. (hopefully sending a message that disabled people have 'needs' too, just like 'normal' people.)

First case By: Sue.
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Important Post

Just updated my book and there will be updates every night now .
the story is thriller, horror romance. there will be some action too.
Please check it out.I believe that it would be a story to read as if you are watching a movie


Be sure to provide a link to your book when posting a request for people to read it. I've done this one for you:

Great cover, by the way! ')

554: First Case. Not Completed A woman in her thirties kills all of her family claiming that she was possessed. That’s how Cameron Goldberg met Ira Anderson her new boss as they proved her guilty. Right after the law number 554...

Aww Thank you :)


You're welcome!

I can't hold her back By: Arpita Singh
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Important Post

Rahul and trisha, head over heels in love with each other, have to part because of trisha's career plans. Their last encounter before trisha leaves, encapsulates the beautiful and heart-warming relationship that they shared and nurtured for so many years.

You can read it at,

Any suggestions regarding it are welcomed.

Another go... By: S. J. Crona
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Important Post

I have decided to re-publish my fantasy novel in progress, Akata: Whispers of the Past (with a new book cover). Eventually, I intend to illustrate the book, especially since it is a prequel to my webcomic, Callous. I would really love some feedback. Feel free to give it a leisurely peruse



Prince Izrekiel and Ryukou Kitsura are more than just brothers.

War rages on with... Show more

Akata. Whispers of the Past Battling Our Demons   Prince Izrekiel and Ryukou Kitsura are more than just brothers.   War rages on with the neighboring country of Demali, and turmoil spreads within Akata's borders...
Ocean Shimmers An Angel's Mission By: Valerie E.
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Important Post

Hello everyone! Please read my newest story Ocean Shimmers An Angel's Mission.

I posted the first chapter of the story.

Please tell me your honest comments about it.

If you have suggestions for improvement about Ocean Shimmers, you are very welcome to comment about it.

Thank you everyone for your time.

Good day to all of you!

Here is the link to Ocean Shimmers An Angel's Mission:

Ocean Shimmers . An Angel's Mission Venus Summers always go at the Vacation House near the beach every summer.   Kenji and Renz are the boys she met since her first summer at the Vacation House. They are also her childhood fri...
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