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Book Promotion

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Hello, I noticed with other groups that with their 'policies', 'rules' or whatever, that most don't really want book promotions. That confuses me, so this group is made for you to post about whatever book you want to promote. However many you want, updates on chapters and much more. Even book discussions, if you want. Enjoy.


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New Short Story By: judycolella
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Important Post

I just wrote this the other day - not sure why; I was cleaning out my email inbox and got the idea from...I have no idea where. Anyhow, I'm thinking of including it in a collection of short stories, but don't know if it's garbage or worth keeping. Any takers? It's only 1400+ words (a few pages):

Bloody Rain Bill Moffat wasn't a nice person. Still, nice things can happen even to the worst of us. Problem is, the worst of us tend to take what's nice and turn it bad. Is there no justice? Well? Is there?
This comment was deleted.

I didn't post this here so you could use my thread to advertise your website. If you have no plans to read what I posted, you posting this is extremely rude. Please delete this post immediately or I'll be forced to report you to the moderators. Thank you.

Call for submissions By: Filibooks
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Important Post

Want to be published by a startup publishing house?
Filibooks is a family-owned publishing house. We invite all writers with unpublished and original manuscripts in English to submit their manuscripts to us by the end of January for our spring publishing round.
Have a looks at for more info
Kind regards, Juliane, Filibooks

Call for Submissions – Filibooks
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There's two books you apparently published with 0 reviews and multiple with 1-2. This implies to me that you don't actually do much promotion and that it's up to the authors to promote their works. This is fine, but then I may as well publish by myself and hire an editor.

YOUR Work Promoted By Me By: JustinSix
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Important Post

I'll promote your work in the next Writing Wednesday if you win this week's challenge. Details:

A New Dawn: Writing Wednesday Today marks the return of Writing Wednesday, along with many new additions to the series! I review Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea as well as Mark...
I'm new By: Britt
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Important Post

Hello everyone, I'm new to this website, and I'm writer. I self-publish. I have a question, I'm in the middle of writing my first novel, I saw where you can put your book on here, can I put it up as I go chapter per chapter, or does it have to be completed? Any other tips would help, thanks!


You can do either - post the chapters as you go, or wait until it's completed. Be sure to check the box in the Create New Book section that makes your book free for all users on the site, and then hit "Publish." If you click on the link for publishing on other sites as well, you... Show more


Thank you, Judy! When you hit publish on other sites do you have to pay a fine, or what's the catch?


No catch - it's all free. ')

Book title By: Chiemeka
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Important Post

Hey guys, I was just wondering which book title do you favour more or feel more compelled to: 'The price you have to pay for blood' or 'A city inhabited by savages'

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...or Blood Coin? Savage Inhabitance? Your book's title, along with its cover art, are the first tools you have to entrance a reader. Make them sit up and take notice. It's hard to go wrong with short, punchy and mysterious.

I wish you luck and the happiest New Year. ;)

Inviting all to join my group to discuss literature.... By: Raj M
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Important Post

Inviting all to join my group to discuss literature....

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You've got the right idea by starting a group of your own, because you can make your own rules and be free to advertise your work there without irritating anyone.

I am curious, however. You've been flooding our inboxes (this time with 11 posts in a row, yesterday 9). After all... Show more

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