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Bookrixian Marauders

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Fun beyond measure, is a Marauder s greatest treasure.

Bookrix is an amazing site. We have got books to read, lovely people to chat with, but three things are missing:
entertainment, Entertainment and ENTERTAINMENT!!

it lacks colors and joys, so I thought we should make a game platform where bookrixians can interact and get to know each other.

With different word games . . . like virtual truth and;... Show More


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PLEASE NOTE! By: Arianna Waters
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Important Post

Guys, it is fine that you want to spread a word for yours or your friends' book, but please note that this platform is NOT FOR THAT. At the moment, I've disabled comments on those posts. From now, such posts will be DELETED.

Sorry for being rude, but all the fun of this group is spoiled that way. If you want feedback for your book, and want someone to read it, there's a separate thread for that below.
Read/Comment/Favourite... Show more

Arianna Waters

Also, I'll make a separate thread for chatting below, so you can go for posts like 'Hi' and 'I'll be offline' IN THAT THREAD.

Please don't spam the group with unnecessary things. If we wanted to increase the number of posts, we would have created a new post for every single... Show more

This comment was deleted.
Read/Comment/Favourite (Only for writers, or potential writers... *shrugs*) By: Arianna Waters
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Important Post

Hi guys!
I write too, and I know that we all have problems on getting our work to be read by someone. It is difficult to make a mark and let people know you actually write!

We send messages for updates and new books. (I stopped doing that, but still...)
How many people actually read your books when they read those messages?

We're 61 of us at the moment, why can't we start a chain to read and review one book for someone, and get... Show more

Feral Heart The World was nearly destroyed. Humanity was nearly wiped out. Those that survived found themselves in a New World. Frightening creatures called the Wylder began to roam the lands and humanity coal...
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I read an commateted could I have an opinion on the story of skylor if anyone gets the chance

Arianna Waters

Which book did you comment on Lucy?

#no_more_bullying By: Arianna Waters
8 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hey everyone. Every year, thousands of teenagers commit suicide, fed up of being bullied for their physique, persona or sexuality. I, for one, think that those bullies are as bad as the ISIS agents, who kill not one, but hundreds at a time, by suicide attacks.
People, before you bully someone, try to place yourself in their shoes and think what the victim goes through. The emotional turmoil drains him/her of all pleasures, and... Show more

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Just believe in yourself, when you wake up every morning look in the mirror and say this 'i have faith and i believe in myself, i am strong, beautiful and can overcome anything thrown my way, nothing is impossible when i set my mind to it and i will overcome whatever life throws... Show more


to lovelygirl_21
please do not give up .you have to stand up against it .Those bully you are stupid so forget about them. love yourself because these type of people always stand against special and good person .

Arianna Waters

I almost forgot to take the pledge myself. Here I go . . .
I, Arianna announce that I'm against the evil practice of bullying in any form. I pledge to be respectful of others and stand up against bullying whenever and wherever I see it.
I will SPEAK UP when I see bullying, REASON... Show more

DDR Game By: Aquilla
2 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hey, it's been a while since we've had this group active. So here's what I'm thinking:
I understand that school is starting up again for most of you (I start on Sept. 6... Fun.), which is why I think we should do another game to help lessen the stress. This one will be educational, though. "What??? But you said-" I know what I said, but you might find this interesting.

Here's how this one will work:
I'm going to start it off... Show more


Cuz they can kill you

Duron Crejaro

Haha that's simple. They replace the oxygen in your hemoglobin depriving the brain of oxygen, which is what leads to the euphoric effect, which in essence isn't really euphoria, it is the deprivation starvation and death of brain cells.

Hey hi! Here is my first book- "The Haunted House". Please read and give your feedback. Below is the link By: Dhruv Bhachawat
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post
1 Comment

Allow me to redirect this ad to a different thread in this group-;content-id:group_19465084280,id:1841842.html

I know that you're new here, so just a heads up, we don't post these sort of things on this group. This group is strictly for having... Show more

4 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Welcome new guests, spread word for your books, talk to each other, get to know one another... mingle in the group. This group is the key to Everything Imaginable on Bookrix... just do that in this thread, please!


Just for the start, let everyone know who you are... Fill the info below to make sure everyone knows about you:

Name/Pet Name (which anyone here can use):

Age (optional):

Country you belong to:

Three fun facts about... Show more

Arianna Waters

Name/Pet Name (which anyone here can use): Ari/Ria/Aria/Arianna... pick whatever you want

Age (optional): Biologically nearly 18, but mentally can range from 5 to 50 ;)

Country you belong to: INDIA! (and proud of it)

Three fun facts about you: 1) I love pranking people. 2) I play... Show more


Name/Pet Name (which anyone here can use): sArAn ( sJ )
Country you belong to: India
Three fun facts about you: IDK
What d'you prefer more, reading/writing? : Def. Reading
Do you want to help others with their stories? : S ofcrs
Your favorite book/movie? (Hope to make some fan groups... Show more

Arianna Waters

Hi Saran! Cool choice.. IDK!! :D


;p he he

Hangman By: Aquilla
79 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Virtual hangman, is it possible? We're about to find out.... You may guess one letter at a time, if you want to guess the word/sentence, then you must say so in the comments AND in the same comment, put your guess. If you guess wrong on the word/sentence, then you're out. Because making a virtual thing that they hang the man on is a bit more complicated than I would like to get into, we'll say that there are 10 tries per... Show more

79 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

Yup. Click on "Show Earlier Comments" to see where we're at with the puzzle.

Arianna Waters

how about a p?


Good guess!


TBH By: Duron Crejaro
48 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Ya'll would definitely fit into the weird part of facebook if you weren't mostly/all underage lol

48 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
Deleted User

Ur not so old though,how many kids do u have ?

Duron Crejaro

3 daughters 11, 9, and 7

Deleted User

Ow wauw that's nice

NHIE Round 2 (Conducted by Forever Love) By: Arianna Waters
413 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hi guys, bottoms-up for NHIE Round 2 (figuratively speaking), so here we go!

We'll start in half an hour. Hope this has more participants, though I did enjoy last game.
FL, kindly give a summary of previous statements after every 10 or so, to make it easier for those who crash in the middle of the game!

413 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
Arianna Waters

I haven't either. But I think we should make a new thread for this.

Arianna Waters

Which I just did.

Arianna Waters

Round over.

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