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Books Forever!!!

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Hey guys, here you can recommend books for people to read and so forth...after all, we are all BOOKWORMS!!
So come one and all to join this little group.

P.S. There aren't really any rules that'd just be boring right but please don't bring any drama here.

~Thank you very much!~


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Like Zombie horror? By: Rookie Burwick
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Zombie horror combines with military battles, guts and gore exploding from the pages of this super awesome, action-packed read. If you like a fast moving, thrill ride of a book, be sure and check this one out. Bloody Raged Corpses eBook: Rookie Burwick: Books Bloody Raged Corpses - Kindle edition by Rookie Burwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Bloody Raged Corpses.
...Because I love you By: Zartaj
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Hey pals,
i have updated my book because I love you with an interesting chapter. i would be glad if you could read it and comment and tell me how it is also don't forget to give it a heart if you liked it!


...Because I Love You!!!. I had to leave you... This story is of a girl, a born warrior, and her best friend who falls for her. Now the trouble is that she is the Hire of everything left behind by her grandfather for her, and her relatives are a...
Important to share: By: Deleted User
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have really bad life, I mean, I am 27 and I still can’t do I want, and that unbearable. Last year something happened, I was victimized by dangerous scammer but God saved me as I was caught by my family being in touch with such criminals, I am deeply sorry but I wasn’t aware what I was getting into, so when my family found out about me chatting online secretly, then banned me from using the computer for about 4 months.

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"They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know?" by Natalie Vellacott Christian True Story By: Deleted User
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Hi, My book is free to download on here. It is about my true experiences encountering a group of street teens addicted to a solvent called "rugby" in the Philippines. I hope you enjoy it... :)

1 Comment
Deleted User

Okay cool!

old book back By: *Starz*
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Not love Young Elvira has had enough of life. To her life is just a bitch. She thinks her love has died along with her heart but her family have had enough with her being Emo. Her stuck up parents get her e...
new book plz read By: *Starz*
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Virgin Ericka has no social life. No one wants to know her and she doesn’t give a shit about anyone else either. She is the only girl in her year that is still virgin, she is becoming desperate to change ...
Deleted User

Thanks for your recommendation! I'll check it out! ^_^


thx for reading it

Deleted User

Np :)

Discriminater is here! Hahaha.... By: Deleted User
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Hey, it's Milky :)

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Deleted User

Thank you!! You're wonderful too!

Deleted User

Thank you, I really need all the love and support from my good friends at this difficult time of mine....

Deleted User

Yay! np :)

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