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Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Haven for readers and writers of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Enter if you dare...


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THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter into the bookstore, please contact either myself, cavlaster, or happydagger and we will be more than happy to upload it.

As BookRix launches their new BookRix eBooks store, the F/SF admin team decided to set up our own mini-offshoot. This bookstore will feature any Fantasy or Science-Fiction genre works which you, our members,... Show more

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Deleted User

I'm posting the first 4 chapters of Dragon Child for your comments. I've reworked a fair bit in the light of the comments on chapter 1 and I'm close to the point where I feel the book is finished. The age rating has been updated in light of the comments that I've received so... Show more

Online library - Read free books & download eBooks Discover free eBooks and eBooks for low prices in our online library. Read books online or download eBooks by indie authors, who are publishing on

PLEASE check out my books, let me know what yal think!

Leandra A

I made this book with the intention of making something more than a fantasy-romance like please feel free to read it if you have time ^_^

- Leandra A.

You're My First Wish. The Genie's Little Bride  "Once upon a time a young man called Aladdin found a lamp inside a dungeon and made three wishes to the genie that is inside the lamp. The Genie was able to fulfill his first and second wish but w...
So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address. Please do not pr... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address.

Please do not promote your contest books in this forum.

Let me say it again.

Please DO NOT promote your contest books in this forum.

I am not afraid of deleting threads or stepping on toes, but I would prefer to avoid that. This forum is specifically for discussing themes associated with Sci-Fi/Fantasy as a genre, as well as the writing of and the... Show more

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can do

This comment was deleted.

I tend to function by figuring out boundaries and working within them. If I don't know boundaries, I freeze up. :) Hopefully, this helps y'all out. :)

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum the most connected out there. All of you more experienced BookRix-ers, jump in and let's help them get acquainted with this awesome site! :)

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MJ Kintore

Hi I'm M.J. I'm an avid classics and fantasy reader, with several writing projects on the burners. I'm currently halfway through my first scifi novel.


Hoi, I have written a Sci-Fi/cyberpunk story and I am busy translating it into English. I also have a new queer side story out of the same universe and I write for fun an erotic fantasy story. Feedback and comments would be helpful and welcome :).

Jennie Lyne Hiott

Hi. I'm Jennie. I've been writing novels since 2012. Writing all my life. I've self published three books through Pronoun and I found bookrix after it announced it was closing. I consider myself a romance/suspense author, but recently I was told that I'm also Scify/Fantasy... Show more

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb be... By: cavlaster
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Important Post

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb below. Remember, the more luring you are, the more readers you'll get. Best wishes!! =-)

One, two,!!!

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Suspicions desire to know Have you ever wondered what life would be like without your parents, and how it would be when you stepped into their shoes and experienced life for what it really was? Especially when they were hid...
Walt Popester

After a lifetime of mainline fantasy fiction, this is what you were looking for:

S. J. Crona

I have decided to re-publish my fantasy novel in progress, Akata: Whispers of the Past (with a new book cover). Eventually, I intend to illustrate the book, especially since it is a prequel to my webcomic, Callous. I would really love some feedback. Feel free to give it a... Show more

Akata. Whispers of the Past Battling Our Demons   Prince Izrekiel and Ryukou Kitsura are more than just brothers.   War rages on with the neighboring country of Demali, and turmoil spreads within Akata's borders...
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Important Post

HI! ♥ So, basically, every time when we create a new account here, we are always taken to this group page. First of all, I'm not authorized by the bookrix creator - LOL - to welcome all new users, but I just wanted new users to feel welcome here on this website. So, if you are looking for a friend, I'm all free and available - not always though since I have a schedule going on as a student so yeah. Don't be shy to add me as... Show more


I appreciate the welcoming

Renee Garcia

I'm glad !

Jennie Lyne Hiott

Thanks for the welcome!

Hello all By: eirenebros
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Important Post

I am new to the blogging world, and I am in the process of beginning the self-publishing process. I am looking for any tips, tricks, and support from those of you with wisdom and experience.
I am a big fan of fantasy and crime novels, and I still like the goosebumps series ha.

The Galactic Times By: DragonAether
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Important Post

I decided to start a project, my idea is to create a some sort of magazine/news paper that has a specific and real section of our galaxy as subject, with news, some games and other things.
Do you think it can be a good idea to work with?


Absolutely! Especially since science fiction is largely based on actual science, this could be a terrific source for ski-fi writers, as well as those of us who simply love space science.


i have a question, my original idea was to use flipsnack to create an html version of the magazine, after that, can i use the same html file to create an ebook here?


As far as I know, the html is already established for publications here, so I'm not sure you would even need to do that. On the other hand, you can upload your magazine as-is and it should be okay. But if you want to be absolutely sure (and I certainly could be wrong about how... Show more

Augusto dos Anjos and his scientific poetry By: draculino
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Important Post

Augusto dos Anjos (see for Ph.d thesis and Master of Sciency dissertation) was a brazilian poet. His poems has the mark of sadness and scientific view of life. I sugest you read Monologo de uma Sombra (Monologue of a Shadow). bye bye

The history of science fiction by adam roberts By: draculino
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I read this book and my mind fever. What is the role of science in social development? the great approach of Ancient World is the Myth. The great paradox of science gained a epic hero: Galileo Galilei. Bertolt Brecht and his dialectical theater looking for this paradox in 20th century by historycal detachment in the rising scientific approach.

Hello By: SGreendragon
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Important Post

I write sci-fi and fantasy stuff bilingual (German and English). I love to render my characters in DAZ. At the moment I am translating my first sci-fi and I am working on my second story out of the same universe.

I love to read: Honor Harington, Shadowrun books, Potter, Tolkin and many more^^


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