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Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Haven for readers and writers of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Enter if you dare...


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THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter into the bookstore, please contact either myself, cavlaster, or happydagger and we will be more than happy to upload it.

As BookRix launches their new BookRix eBooks store, the F/SF admin team decided to set up our own mini-offshoot. This bookstore will feature any Fantasy or Science-Fiction genre works which you, our members,... Show more

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Deleted User

I'm posting the first 4 chapters of Dragon Child for your comments. I've reworked a fair bit in the light of the comments on chapter 1 and I'm close to the point where I feel the book is finished. The age rating has been updated in light of the comments that I've received so... Show more

Online library - Read free books & download eBooks Discover free eBooks and eBooks for low prices in our online library. Read books online or download eBooks by indie authors, who are publishing on

PLEASE check out my books, let me know what yal think!

Leandra A

I made this book with the intention of making something more than a fantasy-romance like please feel free to read it if you have time ^_^

- Leandra A.

You're My First Wish. The Genie's Little Bride  "Once upon a time a young man called Aladdin found a lamp inside a dungeon and made three wishes to the genie that is inside the lamp. The Genie was able to fulfill his first and second wish but w...
So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address. Please do not pr... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address.

Please do not promote your contest books in this forum.

Let me say it again.

Please DO NOT promote your contest books in this forum.

I am not afraid of deleting threads or stepping on toes, but I would prefer to avoid that. This forum is specifically for discussing themes associated with Sci-Fi/Fantasy as a genre, as well as the writing of and the... Show more

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can do

This comment was deleted.

I tend to function by figuring out boundaries and working within them. If I don't know boundaries, I freeze up. :) Hopefully, this helps y'all out. :)

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum the most connected out there. All of you more experienced BookRix-ers, jump in and let's help them get acquainted with this awesome site! :)

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Hey, everyone, I'm new to bookrix, and an aspiring scifi author. I just started working on a new book and shared it on my profile. please check it out and leave a comment. Thanks


Hello, I'm C. Rae. I just recently published my first novel to Kindle and I'm working on my second (an urban teen fantasy).

MJ Kintore

Hi I'm M.J. I'm an avid classics and fantasy reader, with several writing projects on the burners. I'm currently halfway through my first scifi novel.

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb be... By: cavlaster
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Important Post

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb below. Remember, the more luring you are, the more readers you'll get. Best wishes!! =-)

One, two,!!!

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Suspicions desire to know Have you ever wondered what life would be like without your parents, and how it would be when you stepped into their shoes and experienced life for what it really was? Especially when they were hid...
Walt Popester

After a lifetime of mainline fantasy fiction, this is what you were looking for:

S. J. Crona

I have decided to re-publish my fantasy novel in progress, Akata: Whispers of the Past (with a new book cover). Eventually, I intend to illustrate the book, especially since it is a prequel to my webcomic, Callous. I would really love some feedback. Feel free to give it a... Show more

Akata. Whispers of the Past Battling Our Demons   Prince Izrekiel and Ryukou Kitsura are more than just brothers.   War rages on with the neighboring country of Demali, and turmoil spreads within Akata's borders...
Mein neues Science Fiction Buch "The Human Dreamsource" By: Lady of Azzaroth
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Important Post
The Human Dreamsource Wir schreiben das Jahr 5827. Das Leben auf der Erde hat sich weiterentwickelt. Rapide und unaufhörlich. Die Galaktische Föderation hat beschlossen dass die Erde nun an die Draconier fallen wird. We...
Urban fantasy team By: Mii Ryouma
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Important Post

Hi writers and readers.. I'm new here, and I'm an urban fantasy fan.
So, if you have any book written in this genre, please feel free to tell me about it. I'll add it gladly to my reading list.

Also, I started writing my first fantasy book(The Last Azvisalokya), it's a part of a trilogy. Any comments or feedback are very welcome, especially knowing that English is my third language.

Thank you all in advance, and I hope this will... Show more


Welcome to BookRix! I've been here for over six years, and found it to be the most rewarding, helpful writers' site on the internet. You'll find a few members who think this is an interesting version of Facebook and who tend to send annoying one-word messages but have no... Show more


Hi Mii!
Nice to have chosen bookRix for your novels.
Sorry of my English, but I am german (austrian) nativ speaking.
Nevertheless I have written some SF novels, that touch your prefered genre. Not only urban fantasy, but also a form of urban legends and the mystic of foreign... Show more

And Atlantis had existed tomorrow. The legacy of time in processing... According to our general scientific knowledge, our history continues from the Egyptians up to us into the 21st Century recorded clearly and defined. Also, all scientific theories ...
Mii Ryouma

First of all, Thank you so much for welcoming me here, on this website. The way you described it, and its members, gave me a nice idea about people I'd like to meet and share many writing experiences with them..
And to be honest, when you told me that you've been here... Show more

Mii Ryouma


I could imagine all the exciting events planted wisely between the pages of your book, it looks really more than just interesting. And it's definitely a book that I would like to devour. I'm so grateful for your kind suggestion.

About the language, your English isn't... Show more

contest By: Deleted User
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Hey everyone Im having a character contest top five get to be in the next five books that I write.
email me or message me
my email is
give me your username for bookrix a drawing or the descripttion of the character and the name. you are aloud to enter up to three characters

hi all i am new i study med By: george
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hi all
i am new i study med

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