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This is a group where I, ~Misaki~Sasaki~, and or others can put there awesome book cover making to good use. This is a group for people to express their creativity and help others with there covers. You may also display cover art, but no book promotions please. But all in all, have fun!


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please forgive me everyone. By: Deleted User
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Hey there, your admin here,

Please forgive me everyone for neglecting this group. The reason why I haven't been checking in is because of my health, my schooling, my dog died, and the list goes on from there.

Although I am back, I will not be on as much as I would like to be, but I will do my best.

I hope everyone forgives me.


Request your cover here!!! By: Deleted User
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Anyone that makes covers can help out.

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Hello! I wanted a cool book cover for the short novel I have just begun! If you have any designs you think would suit, that would be awesome. It is a fantasy book; check it out here Thanks in advance for anything :)

The Lady of Light. the beginning This is a prologue of a series I am planning, and will be a short story/novella at best. It is a working progress, and I would appreciate any criticism and feedback you have. *******************...
Introduce Yourselves! By: Deleted User
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Hey I'm Ashley, aka shadows137, I am the administrator of this group. Making covers has become a hobbie of mine. I have made all my covers on my profile but one. If anyone wants a cover made just ask.

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yeah that was what i was asking, shade :)

Duchess Revolts

Hello, my name is Karalynn most people call me Kara. My pen name is Aurora Bloodshard and my bookrix name as well as gamer name is verbayne. Dosen't matter what you call me really just use what you prefer. I'm friends with Demonata-Freak, that's how I found out about this group.... Show more

Deleted User

Thanks and welcome Kara

Hi I have written a novel based on a gang of crooks, a dishonest police force, (based very much o... By: george twitchell
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Hi I have written a novel based on a gang of crooks, a dishonest police force, (based very much on the West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad) and a judiciary who weren't prepared to do anything the expose The Squad's wrongdoings. It is a long, dark and convoluted story based very much on my personal experiences with The Squad. The book is ready to publish on line, it is called Crooks and I am G K Twitchell. I just need an atmospheric book cover

Recipe book cover By: Rochelle
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In need of a book cover for my new recipe book about salads

In need of a book cover By: Allison Jae
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I'm about 1000 words away from finishing a novella and I need a book cover.

ECHOES of SLAVERY By: cotterbass
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This is my first ebook and I made the cover all by myself! Obviously, my book cover skills suck. Accordingly, I need some help with the cover of ECHOES of SLAVERY. This new ebook is presently for sale at BookRix, Amazon, Kobo, etc. but I believe that a new-and-improved cover will help with the sale of my book. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

You may view this ebook at BookRix by downloading the FREE... Show more

the crown (female) and the flame (male) By: Rochelle
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hi im looking for a book cover.

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