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Gays, Emos, Goths, Trans, and supporters

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There are no administrators in this group.
Gays emos And goths, and trans. A place to go and not be afraid. We will become great friends with this!! UWU


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So, funny story By: Deleted User
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I was walking in school, and this random dude came up to me and called me a raccoon. I said, ‘I must be a sexy raccoon then if you were lookining at me’

Deleted User

HAHHHAH WTF oml that’s just hilarious..

Deleted User

Imma sexy raccoon

Deleted User


What bands do you like? By: Deleted User
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Deleted User

Dey are cooooouuute.. nothing

Deleted User

Grrrrr!!! I thought I was cute

Deleted User

You are, you are and u cuter than dem but they are a wittle bit

Anyone wanna be a moderator? By: Deleted User
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Deleted User

Lol what about?

Deleted User

Dicks. XD

Deleted User

Oof. XD

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