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Get Me Published

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Come on in and meet others like yourself who want to “get published."

In this group, feel free to ask questions and start discussions about using BookRix, promoting and marketing your work, publishing your book(s) and much more!


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Find out more about one of BookRix bestselling authors: By:
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Deleted User

100% inspiring. Thank you so much !


She has sold all those books with very little marketing! Good, informative interview.


I liked this a lot. Hello Guys! Would you check the first... By: Yolla
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Hello Guys!
Would you check the first chapter of my story? It's a serious of letters and it won't take you long to read, you will enjoy them I hope ;)
Make sure you tell me what you think!

The story of us I missed you so much. Sometimes you were here, sometimes you were not. I'll just write you letters till I find you. We don't know what love is, but we live aching for it.  Let me show you my jou...
Check out my book By: Zac Welch
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Hello there everyone. If you are at the point where you've run out of stuff to read I have a solution. it's my first ebook called Second Chance. It's about a Irishman playing high school football for a school that deals with students who've had brushes with the law. Trust me, if you are a football fan, you're gonna want to read this. It's 100% completed.

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