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Get Me Published

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Come on in and meet others like yourself who want to “get published."

In this group, feel free to ask questions and start discussions about using BookRix, promoting and marketing your work, publishing your book(s) and much more!


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Find out more about one of BookRix bestselling authors: By:
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Deleted User

100% inspiring. Thank you so much !


She has sold all those books with very little marketing! Good, informative interview.


I liked this a lot.

Secret of Epping Forest By: bridgy
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I published my very first book a few days!
I know that a lot of people on here probably advertise their books this way, and many may ignore it, but I encourage you to take a look at mine. If you are a fan on romance and mystery then I think this may interest you. I write about things that I am passionate about...and I worked very hard to make my life long dream a reality....Now I'm rambling. Please...PLEASE take a look. You... Show more

FALLENS By: Guillaume Mwamba
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After Lucifer fought God, God permitted Lucifer to go and test His faithful children even unto the point of death. Lucifer is free to tempt God’s faithful Christians to sin, especially the Cleanliness family.

Sam Cleanliness is God’s Ordained One. God chose him to slay all the demons. The Fallen Angels (demons) are called the Fallen and the Reborn. Victory Cleanliness is a Chosen One and Sam’s little cousin. They usually work... Show more

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Guillaume Mwamba

Hi my name js Guillaume Mwmaba

pay By: ebell1
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can anyone actually live off what they make self publishing?


I have met people who make a living from self publishing......The reality of self publishing requires a writer to live the writer's life(writing,reading, and self promotion). I have been doing this non-stop for the last 4 years with the belief that success is coming at some... Show more


It takes a lot of work!


Thank you both I will still write even if I get a dollar. I believe my writing is good and I like it best when people enjoy it.


I write because it's fun. I would be happy and grateful to earn some money out of one of my hobbies ;)

Ancient Egyptian Novel - Free to enjoy: By: Brianna Nichole
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Hello, I'm a newbie to BookRix. I'm an unpublished writer of historical fiction in the era of Ancient Egypt, 14th century BCE. I joined to share my work with all who love ancient Egypt. You can read my work free of charge on my website at

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