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I Love Vampires

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people who are in love with vampires or other creatures.


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The Inconsistency of Vampire Myths and Legends By: Silver_Blade
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Recently I began some extensive research on a creature that everyone easily recognizes, and perhaps most are well in-formed of - the Vampire. That's right, "Children of the Night". However, it would seem that the more I searched on this particular topic, the less I was able to discover. This, as one might imagine, could prove to be very frustrating to anyone who wants to increase his, or her, knowledge on matters of the... Show more

The Life of a Werewolf By: Silver_Blade
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Werewolves are just as old as Vampires, and just as mysterious.

No one knows the origins of the Werewolf,and the story varies from person to person. Some would say that the Werewolf began as a tribal warrior (as seen in the Twilight Saga). Others would say that the first Werewolf came about as the result of eating the meat of a wolf combined with that of a human (we have the ancient Greeks to thank for that one). Another... Show more

Of Wolves and Vampires By: Silver_Blade
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Nobody knows the exact origin of Vampires, but everyone agrees on one concept : all Vampires must consume blood in order to survive. Yet not all Vampires are evil. Indeed, some Vampires are able to overcome their lust for blood, but the number of these is far and few between, usually just a couple handfuls of Vampire clans, or Covens.
The first group of Vampires - the Moroi - is capable of magic. This magic is elemental,... Show more

what's new vampire lovers? :-D xD By: Faith.Raven
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what's new vampire lovers? :-D xD

Deleted User

I have a new book


oh cool i think i checked it out, it's real nice^_^


I am working on a Vampire book with a friend and we might be starting on chapter 7 soon the book is called The Vampire and the Girl That Loved Him

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