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Into the Darkness

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Horror writing covers a lot of ground, and all are welcome. Whether you incorporate the supernatural into your fiction, or rely on earthly atrocities, come on in and share your work and thoughts on the genre.


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Sample of my new book, please give it a peek! By: Deleted User
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Hello there folks, I have a sample chapter of the novel that I'm working on! Looking to get some constructive feed back and hopefully some new fans. Thanks for the help, link posted below.

Pasida Ora: Tombstone In the Wastes. Chapter One Sample The Ancient Masters abandoned the world of Pasida Ora centuries ago, leaving their slaves behind to fend for themselves in a brutal and strange world. In order to survive against the growing threa...
Greetings By: Deleted User
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I am new to Book Rix. I am a Author my favorite genre is horror. However I cover all bases of horror in my work. Unfortunately I do not have any work on book rix however I am a self published author my book seasons of pain. You can find it on Amazon under 'seasons of pain'. Or you can go to my website to learn more about Seasons of Pain at
Thanks for reading.

Horrorshow By: Manu Faktur
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Book for Halloween: The Novel "Horrorshow" by M.Pliewisch

Dear Miroslav By: felixthecat
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"...Henry Miller’s books are in the public domain, so the user can publish them without violating copyright law."

I humbly apologize to you, sir. I was wrong. You were correct. The very best to you in your reading and writing adventures, now and in the future, at our wonderful site.

This comment was deleted.

You mean BR Sunkara

This comment was deleted.
New Group "I'm Bored" By: coleenliebsch
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Important Post

Lately my newsfeed and messages have been filled with individuals looking for something to do so... if you have a free book or writer's prompt you would like to suggest to them, please hop on and provide a link!
If you're bored, please join the group and mingle with other members who also have time on their hands.

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