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Love, Respect, and Achieve

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This group is for all those who are trying to achieve something in life. We are authors united and we all have potential!!!

I think we all have some talent, why else would be be here? We all have a common core.

Love means you respect. If you respect then you already love.

It is time for Bookrix to return to its original purpose. We need to write more books, be successful, and respect each other and... Show More


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Who would like to be an Admin of this group? By: Deleted User
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Deleted User

Please message me if you want to be an admin because I wish to resign, but I want someone to take my place. Please include in the message why you think you are qualified to be one.

New to bookrix or another predator? By: Deleted User
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Seriously guys. I'm like so done. Everyone is telling me bout this racheel guy and like he seems really suspicious to me too. So thanks to all that have told me and If he joins anyone in Admin will kick him out immediately. HE seems like a potential perv too. What is up with this. I mean really. I am getting so annoyed right now.

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Deleted User

I always spend time with them; just more time now :-)
I'm going to get off. Bye bye chica, talk tomorrow? Next time?

Deleted User



Blocked him straight away, he seemed a bit...shady I dunno just had a bad feeling about him but thanks for informing me anyway, I feel glad that I did block him

Any New Books??? By: Deleted User
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Never Separated. The Voice Can't Take Us I went to the bathroom and then I saw it as I looked into the mirror. BLOOD. Blood running down my nose, my hair, my eyes, and my mouth. Just plain crimson blood. Then something dropped on my sho...
Deleted User
Imperfect Melodies. A Poem ...

Here's one I wrote a while back, but I think it fits with the general spirit of this group:

Kex At six-foot-seven, Kex was quite literally the big man on campus. He was also handsome, smart, good-hearted and well-liked. But there had been a time when he'd been neither handsome nor well-liked....
A message to you all. By: Deleted User
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You all mean something to me. When I'm down you pull me up. When I screw up you tell me to do better and HELP me along the way. You help me achieve nirvana. And I love you all.

Adam Lewis LaValley

Always here for you! :)

Deleted User

Thanks so much *hugs*


You're a keeper, darlin'. ')

Deleted User

aww thanks

HEy People I'mmmm sooooo bored By: Deleted User
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Talk to me

Plz check it out :D YEAHH <3 By: The Twister
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Hey guys! I would love it if you could check it out! I would so love it if you could give me negative and positive feedback! So I can be able to improve the story and edit it if I get time! Share it, put it as your fav etc.... (I would totally love that!!) So guys check it out! and give me some feedback! Thanks guys <3

Complicated Love. Would you fall for an Asshole? Love can happen when you least expect it... thats why love is such a bitch! Assholes??? Bitches??? People you just dislike??? Consider Lena's view of the people in Trinity Academy, her first day wasn't a good start... actually every day of her high school life wasn't a g...
POEMS By: Deleted User
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POEMS A book of poems, thought and written by me, some were inspired by events that happened in my life or someone elses'. I write what I feel and if I don't have writer's block haha. Enjoy my poems and ...
Ha I'm the one who started this group and look! I have a pathetic two posts on here wow By: Deleted User
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So.....anything new? Idk i'm bored and have writer's block so anyone up to help me break the ice or something?

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