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Milky Remembered

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I am Milky, and this group was named Milky's Best Friends Forever, but since I am leaving BookRix, I have renamed as Milky Remembered. This group will no longer a private group. You can join and talk about Milky and all the good times you had with me.


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Calling All Techies By: Aquilla
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Important Post

Hey, I just created a group for tech support. I have been learning about websites and have worked with computers since I was 9 or 10. I know more about computers than most of the kids at my school. So I figured why not. Plus I was needing help with understanding something and I tried looking for a group for that, but was unsuccessful in finding any. Please help me spread the word while I look for more techies on this website!

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Where is the Admin of this group? By: Deleted User
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Important Post

Bring her here.

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Deleted User

-.- you kept me waiting very long Suri Miller.

Deleted User

Make me the Admin again Suri.

Deleted User

SURI ???

MIlky,Milky,Milky By: Deleted User
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Important Post

who misses him

Deleted User


Suri's Library

I dont cause i email him o.o he's going well if anyone is wondering!

Terminate This Group By: Deleted User
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Important Post

I don't want this group Zartaj, so delete it.


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Deleted User

Why not?.. this is your group now,...


not anymore!!!

Deleted User

How could you?... I trusted you.

Heyy guys!!! By: Deleted User
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Important Post

Heyy guys!!!

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Deleted User

=D cool face

Deleted User

i copied it from someone :(

Deleted User

how is it

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