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New to BookRix

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Welcome to BookRix! This is a group created especially for newbies on BookRix and for BookRix to share their info with you!Here you can create new threads to ask questions and meet other new members. PLEASE NO BOOK PROMOTIONS IN THIS GROUP


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Update: Pricecampaign (DEAL) By: BookRix-Administrator
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Important Post

Dear community,

previously it was only possible to set a single Pricecampaign (DEAL) for an eBook.
We have made the selection more user-friendly for you and you can now set several Pricecampaigns (DEAL)for your eBook at once.

However, the promotional period of a Pricecampaign (DEAL)must still not overlap with another Pricecampaign (DEAL) for the same book.

How do I set up a price promotion for my eBook?
As an author, you have the... Show more

Chef Blog By: Sweetsomethiings
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Important Post

It starts here, the official A-Z list on all my past lusts & lovers... So click on the link and start reading as your name could be mentioned.

Chef - You Should Know I Understand. #Blog #Chef #Book #Novel #Film #Drama #Thrills #Food #follow #like #love

Secret Melody of the sea, fantasy themed novel, by me By: NSRaveneir
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Important Post

check my new book

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This comment was deleted.
Hello, I Am Here. By: Kalie_A
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Important Post

Hello, I am here. I am looking for a recently written book. I want it short and nothing explicit. I will warn you, if I do read it and completely it will take over two days. Also, me finishing reading your book is not promised. But I'd like to try. ?

Taboo for You By: RodneyReel
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Important Post

I am a taboo author, fresh to the scene!
Check out my first BookRix publication, "Barrabbas."

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