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pain, despair, heartbreak... Our stories

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This group is about sharing our stories in order to help others who might
be going through something we have, to provide some support or to get
the help and support we need in a dark time.

You are not alone in your pain.
Others were able to get through this and so can you.
It is time to share our agony to end the misery!


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The beauty in my torments By: Deleted User
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I have suffered a lot in my life and rencently something almost made me fall over the edge but everyday I keep fighting. I could see any reason to hold on, until my friend accidently let me know about to kill herself. It opened up my eyes, I could not beare knowing someone was suffering as much as me. Therefore, I tried my best to protect her from her pain and to this day, even though we are far past the date she had chose,... Show more

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Deleted User

So I invite you to share your stories, songs you like to listen to when you're sad or that make you feel better, books that touches these type of subjects, poems, quotes, short stories...

My dog By: Sex lover!
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My dog recently passed away and I am really depressed. Does anyone know a way that might cheer me up? Thanks for helping if you choose to.

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Deleted User

realy sad

bipolar By: ebell1
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I have bipolar and one of my sons has autism and the other suffers a large AVM in his brain I think it drives me to writ to get away where i dont feel so alone. I'm a single mom hoping to make a living with my writing and art

The guy By: -_-ForgottenGirl-_-
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Important Post

there was a guy I really liked. He liked me back. we started dating and then on our 1 year anniversary broke my heart because I was ugly and stupid and didn't deserve a love in my life

The love hate shit that comes back By: Emo Bitch Is Here
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Important Post

I was dating this one guuy in 8th grade and he would love me one day then hate me the nexdt so I got pissed and broke up with him then got back with him and did this so many times and this went on for the whole year and now I'm in 9th grade and I have moved on

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Good, he didn't deserve you.

quote By: Deleted User
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Important Post

When you look at me,
what do you see?
I bet if you look deep enough
you would see right through me.
If you look deep in my eyes,
you would forget all my lies.
You would tell that i'm hurt.
All you have to do is be more alert.
Do you know what it's like
to cry silently every night?
What you all really see,
is not the real me.
I'm broken inside,
even if you don't see it.
So look at me again.
What do you see?

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That's exactly how I feel Hello Guys! Would you check the first... By: Yolla
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Important Post
Hello Guys!
Would you check the first chapter of my story? It's a serious of letters and it won't take you long to read, you will enjoy them I hope ;)
Make sure you tell me what you think!

The story of us I missed you so much. Sometimes you were here, sometimes you were not. I'll just write you letters till I find you. We don't know what love is, but we live aching for it.  Let me show you my jou...
Stop drowning for people who won't even get in the damn water for you. By: Reckless
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Important Post

Stop drowning for people who won't even get in the damn water for you.

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not always the case


I'm just saying, it's something I have experience with


i have aswell and im just letting people know in general. life dosent stop for anything.nothign at all so stop letting ppl who dosent give two fucks about you let you stay in a certain spot.

Quote By: Deleted User
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Months came
and months went,
I felt exhausted,
tired, sad.
It was like I was suffocating,
like I couldn't breathe,
like the walls were caving in on me.
I was giving up
and I'm sorry,
because I gave up on everyone else as well.
I miss myself,
I miss smiling,
I miss being happy,
I miss loving anything that isn't sleep,
I miss being me.

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so fucking relatable ;-;;

Quote By: Deleted User
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Important Post

It's like watching people around you
breathing but instead
your blue lips inhale
words of self-hatred
and you know you should
be able to fill your lungs
with fresh oxygen
like everyone else
but you can't.
And the worst part is
people mistake your chest
frantically rising
up and down
as breathing
when really
you're suffocating.

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You sit and smile
Hiding the pain,
You're happy, they think
They plot behind your back
They never stop to see,
To listen to your silent cries
The cries they cause
For years no end
Your demons torment you
Mock you and laugh at you
But they're too busy to see
To understand the pain... Show more

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