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Read Me

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Welcome to Read Me! The Group is about books promotions. Promote your books freely and get others opinions about your books. and its also a place for opening any subjects and relax. Have Fun!


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Wow By: naji.kadri
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I left Bookrix around a year & look what we got : 66 members! awesome! thank you guys for joining! Enjoy your day :)

Deleted User




Tales From The Portal By: R A Rice
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I just finished my first book and was lucky enough to find BookRix. I would love some feedback if you have the time.

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R A Rice

Thanks so much Tinker


Done with the book. The second half flows and brings the story home. This creation shows the work and care you have invested in the project. It is a joy to read and any other adjustments to the book are mechanical. While mechanical changes could be made, take care to not disturb... Show more

R A Rice

Tinker I want to thank you very much for the positive book review. I really appreciate the feedback you have given me.

i look stupid now..didn't read the description... By: honeyla
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i look stupid now..didn't read the description...


I look confused...Which description?


in the beginning of the group..before you scroll to the comments you'll see a description lol

lol This should just be a group for advertising By: honeyla
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exactly what I wrote in the title..why is nothing here except advertising?

need help with feedback By: P.F
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this is my first work can you guys help with feedback


you need help on the hook the first piece to a book should include a hook be it atmosphere or action you need to pull the reader in immediately


i'm critiquing as I read fyi


there are a few misspells as well


also try a more interesting title..sorry if it seems i'm knickpicking


i appreciate you reading and helping me on it, i'm not a native that might be the problem that's why i use simple vocabulary to not misuse words that I'm not familiar with. may i ask, what do you propose for title i have nothing in mind for now i just went with it.

Searching for the greatest short stories. By: Ryan
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Hello, my name is Ryan Church. I have created a website called A website whose sole purpose is to search out and publish the very best fiction currently being written today. I believe that my site could one day revolutionize the world of publishing. Now, I am sure you think this is, shall we say, unrealistic. Fair enough, but I still believe it. I don’t expect to become the only destination... Show more

1 Comment

This sounds very intersting! I hope it works out:)

READ ME TOO! By: taifelc
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Hi, Dear Fellow Members,

I'm sure I'm at the right place to get guidance from you. I've just published my first book, WHEN GOD WHISPERS, on Amazon and would love to get your valued feedback on it:

Here is my book,you can read it free:

Kind Regards. By: Ingeborg Kazek
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Important Post

Fake News!

Was Jesus a clone of God and Holy Mary his surrogate mother? A jounalist talkes to Mary and Jesus. The senational interviews are fictitious and were published on the TV channel program 'Understand Fake', which also does not exist.

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