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Read Me

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Welcome to Read Me! The Group is about books promotions. Promote your books freely and get others opinions about your books. and its also a place for opening any subjects and relax. Have Fun!


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Wow By: naji.kadri
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Important Post

I left Bookrix around a year & look what we got : 66 members! awesome! thank you guys for joining! Enjoy your day :)

Deleted User




Seven Years By: lexystorm
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How much abuse can one spouse take before they call it quits? She has suffered for seven years in this marriage and now she has decided she has had enough but what exactly dis he do that made her buy a knife with the money meant to save her daughter's life. How did things get this bad. Find out in 'Seven Years'. It's on my profile and it's free. It's also completed. Please do check it out. Thank you.

Secret of Epping Forest By: bridgy
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Important Post

I published my very first book a few days ago!
I know that a lot of people on here probably advertise their books this way, and many may ignore it, but I encourage you to take a look at mine. If you are a fan on romance and mystery then I think this may interest you. I write about things that I am passionate about...and I worked very hard to make my life long dream a reality....Now I'm rambling. Please...PLEASE take a look.... Show more

Guillaume By: Guillaume Mwamba
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Hello, the name is Guillaume I am actually a Christian writer. Would it better in here preach about the good news of Jesus Christ?

Epic fantasy based on ancient India By: MALA
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Chronicle of Lost Empire" Secrets of Nalanda, a free read on Bookrix, depicts unparallel quest of a prince for finding magical weapons, which he thinks were hidden in an ancient university. He wanted to know their location as well as applicability, and ultimately learned a valuable lesson which made him capable of solving problems without bloodshed. Love and duties were redefined. Ambitions were paid with blood.

... Show more

1 Comment

Looking for reviewers too

Catch Me If You Can By: Asouthwo
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Important Post

Can someone read the start of my book Catch Me If You Can? I really want some feedback.

H, J, Macey.

Firstly, your title has been used in a film. don't you think it will affect the story impression! just a thought.

H, J, Macey.

Secondly, it would help if the book was available? Just a thought!


sorry I'm new

billy and baxter monster detectives By: raxfisher
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billy and baxter monster detectives

Billy's dream is to become a monster hunter and become famous as his idol Dylan Dory, the Detective of the Horror.

But Billy is cowardly and stupid.

Baxter is an intelligent dog, he can talk to Billy and form an unbeatable team.

Together they are the Monster Detective, and they are ready to defeat every monster.

When... Show more

Fantasy/romance By: ebell1
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Important Post

Please forgive the edit issues I'm not done with the editing yet I'm looking for more along the lines if the story itself is worth finishing and if people like it Elizabeth Bell
Ty's Heart would love any feedback

oops By: ebell1
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Im sorry i may have asked or it may be covered but how do i open a book for feedback without posting it for sell for free?

Deleted User

In the section for editing your book there is a button that says "publish" and next to that button are options. It's towards the bottom of the page on the right. At least that's how it shows up on my computer screen. Choose "Bookrix Only" and it will only be available on this... Show more


ok i did that and it popped up with are you sure you want to publish this for free? I didn't know if i just ignore that or not

Deleted User

Hit yes. When it says publish it just means it's putting it up on Bookrix.

Battle Strong By: Elizabeth McCready
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Important Post

Hello! If anyone would consider reading a few chapters of my W.I.P. book and give me helpful feedback I would greatly appreciate it!

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