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For Romance Books


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Romance book for you By: BonnanAngel
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Hello fellow bookworms, i am currently writing reviews about my books in my blog, please give me an opinion:
Also check this page for the about:
I am also requesting reviews please:
As a gift for you, check here:

Hello By: Tammy
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Looking for good book's


Hi Tammy. Please try this one on. It's a Romance/Fantasy; the first eleven chapters, anyway, of the completed novel I final edited in 2012.

If you were God, how would you redeem a useless, lost soul? Send an angel, perhaps, to "Lift him out of the ashes of his life."

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ok thanks

lazy People Fact By: Suren
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lazy People Fact #5812672793
You were too lazy to read that number.

Prey guys! By: xxbrittanyjohnsonxx
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I haven't written anything in a long time but I'm working on something new! I was wondering if you guys could check out the sample book I have called Trials of Love and Motherhood! Please leave any feedback you have!

Hey Guys! Please Check Out My Book!? By: Zoraida
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My book is called, "The Deplorable Love Story". It has mystery and love all wrapped up in one. Please go read how my two characters story starts. Please, any comments or feedback on what you read!

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hey By: Deleted User
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I love reading romance


That's great! There's lots of terrific romance here for you to enjoy. Be sure to leave the writers of anything you read a comment or constructive feedback. ')

Deleted User

thank you so much!

New By: Tammy
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Love to read


Not STRICTLY in the Romance genre, Tammy, but there's love blossoming:) I think you might enjoy it!

Miss Marilou Jenkins. The Aftermath of Frankensnake Skip Morley and Jimmy McGuire have carelessly shot a match from the second floor balcony of The Comet Theater, into the hair of a girl below them on the main floor. Pandemonium breaks out. Skip and...



You're very welcome:)


Wow that was good

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