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Only if your in love with romantic books and can't live without them.


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my new eBook..for your opinion. By: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
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Honeymoon Rain! Boo!!. "We are visiting St. Lucia for our Honeymoon." There is pitch darkness in the room. Joseph is watching from the window. A man is walking in the rain on the road with a woman who is in his arms. They stopped under the street light. The man  to...
A short story By: Tee See
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I made a new book. It's called "Stories from pictures". It will contain a collection of short stories from pictures that have captured my interest. I hope you enjoy them.

The first one is about Mark, a cat shifter.

Stories from pictures Short stories inspired by beautiful pictures found on Google. Each unique.                                                                        
UPDATE COMA!!! By: The Twister
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Wassup guys!! Been a long time since I've updated Coma, it would mean alot to me if you could check it out and give me some feedback!! Also if you havent already, please check my other books XD That would be much appreciated


Love Letter 101:

Complicated Love:

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COMA. Will Arianna remember her true loves!? Amongst these 5 devishly handsome men? Arianna had suddenly woke up from being in a coma for 5 months, she has lost most of her memory. What troubles her is that 5 handsome, charming and drop dead gorgeous men were sitting beside her ho...
plz tell By: manisha
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guys do any one have a good book for recommendation plz tell

HAPPY ROSE DAY TO ALL :) By: manisha
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Complicated love and Coma By: The Twister
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Hey!! I hope that you'll be able to check out my book, it's called Complicated love and I would very much appreciate it if you would check it out and give some negative and positive feedback that would help me to make my book more interesting and what I could edit about it XD so please check it out ^.^ and I hope that you'll enjoy it
So yeah! Please do check it out, it... Show more

Complicated Love. Would you fall for an Asshole? Love can happen when you least expect it... thats why love is such a bitch! Consider Lena's view of the people in Trinity Academy. Her first day wasn't such a good start as she got into a fight and was then placed in the same class with the girl's "current" boyfr...
Paranormal romance WIP By: Tee See
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Updated a new chapter. Please, comment and tell me what you think about the story. Thank thank you you! :D

Flashes. (ch 1-6 WIP) **UNEDITED WIP** Adam has loved Christie for a long time, but he fears he'd ruin her relationship with his sister if he gives in and dates her. So, he creates a distance between them. When an...
People does anyone have a good book I can read!!!!!!!!!! By: Raira
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People does anyone have a good book I can read!!!!!!!!!!

The bet with the boys!. This better be worth it! Carly Penton was seen as the school genius, with her grades there was no room for argument. So how is it that she managed to lose in a bet with her three - although best – annoyingly stupid male f...

I already read that! It was so awesome!


i know right its damn good


I already read that book too!
It was cool :)

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