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Serious Writers

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SERIOUS WRITERS is a team of authors who collectively encourage positive attitudes and strive for growth, regardless of their current level of experience. But wherever you are on your writing journey, we will make the trip as fun and enjoyable as possible. Join us and work with like minded members who share the goal of continuously improving their writing craft.


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The Lure of Easy Money in Publishing By: L. Avery Brown
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Important Post

Hello, Serious Writers.

I know I've not been around a lot but I do pop in from time to time to see what's going on. Also, I like to clean up the main thread line where people post promotions and advertisements. Typically, I do this by informing the person who issued the post <why> the post has been deleted while letting them know that they are more than welcomed to repost in the proper thread.

And that, as they say, is that.... Show more


I read it. It looks very futural. And yet...who knows. It might be the future. Or simply a way to post and get hacked. As you said...need to wait to see where this leads to.
Personally. ..I feel that it's another way to be controlled by 'Big Brother'. First of all, using bitcoin... Show more


The future is wonderful...and scary.

L. Avery Brown

No, you are correct in both assumptions. But not the paranoid part.

First, Bitcoin IS a way to get around not only the US government's way to collect taxes but also a way to get around the taxes imposed on digital purchases within certain US states and municipalities. As well as... Show more

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Important Post

If you discover interesting articles on writing or related subjects, you can post them here.

We will post informative and helpful information from experts in the writing field -- topics that should appeal to those who are really serious about writing. Whenever possible, each author/writer will be given credit for their work and a link posted to their blog or website. Posts from BEFORE the BookRix changeover have been archived... Show more

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J.C. Laird
Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined Rules barrage writers from all sides. This post dissects a few rules and presents examples of why they might (or might not) be valid.
J.C. Laird
How to Conquer Your Crutch Words: A Writer's Resource Crutch words contribute nothing more than fluff. These obnoxious weeds creep through your work and choke its vitality.
L. Avery Brown

RE: Rules, Rules, Rules. 9 Writing "Rules" Examined. - Terrific because it reminds us that some rules are a wee bit flexible!

PROMOTIONS and ADVERTISING This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. ... By: J.C. Laird
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Important Post


This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. Tell us about your books, old or new, post links, pictures, blurbs and video promos.

Also use this link to post samples of your work and request comments/reviews. In short, put your work here; make it interesting and try to grab the visitor's attention. Get some publicity for that hard work of yours.

If you advertise books with adult... Show more

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This comment was deleted.

Support my book and get a free copy! Heard of Kindle Scout? It's a website where readers help decide what books get published. Vote for my book and if they choose to publish it, you'll get a free copy.
It's a young adult thriller. Check it out!

... Show more

Hamburger Man

Hey guys,
I am new to Bookrix and I had just written my first book here
please read this and give some comments and feedback because it would help me a lot

Hello, I'm new here and need some help. By: Trihorus
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Important Post

Hello, I'm 18 and I love to write. I'm currently striving to write and publish a book (I've not completed writing anything yet.) This is the very first time I'm writing a book and I need some guidance and help with a few things to get started and consistent.
The book I'm working on, I have written the story outline, character sketches and several other things. I have just finished writing the first chapter and wanted to edit... Show more

1 Comment
Roxanne Jade Regalado

Welcome to bookrix! Hope you'll stay here. Good luck and all the best!

Having a Problem Here By: felixthecat
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Important Post

Do you see the blipping vertical line that follows every letter you write in a post (or document)? What's it called?

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The cursor is the arrow! The I bar is the vertical line with a top and bottom...a capital I I guess you'd say. The little dude without a top or bottom has to be something. He Blip. Blip. Blip. Blips all the time! I have to know what his name is.

There he is, following every... Show more

Mii Ryouma

HI guys, I did some online researches, so please check out this link please :)

Caret navigation

Thanks Mii, I think you're right :)

I Did Not Ask For Solitude By: Tushaun4
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Important Post

Unwanted noise hammering away on the window pane outside my bedroom. Inside, an almost unbearable annoyance shadows over my existence. It is almost as if, they are mocking me, egging me on to lose control of myself. My home, although brimming with laughter and cheeriness, I find myself comforted by that that is my own solitude. I did not ask for this solitude. However, for the sake of my own sanity, solitude was a complete... Show more

The beauty of writing By: the one who writes
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Important Post

We think differently from how we write, we speak differently from how we write and in general we write diffefently dont be afraid to use your own style.

Life and You By: Ashok Sinha
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Important Post

And to know about your life, about yourself, keep floating with moments, stay awakened. Learning is a force, knowing is second-hand. You are using other's knowledge and making it yours. That is false. Instead of learning from other sources; either from your religious books, from your priests, from university just look within and witness the light…

Acyrologia By: J.C. Laird
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Important Post

"An incorrect use of words--particulately replacing one word with another word that sounds similar but has a diffident meaning - possibly fuelled by a deep-seeded desire to sound more educated, witch results in an attempt to pawn off an incorrect word in place of a correct one.

In academia, such flaunting of common social morays is seen as almost sorted and might result in the offender becoming a piranha, in the Monday world,... Show more

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hahaha really funny although it's quite hillarious


Hilarious stuff John! Reminds me of Leo Gorsey from The Bowry Boys comedy. Thanks for sharing - I needed a good laugh! 'D


I got the cents of it...grate!

New To Bookrix! By: Zak Harper
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Important Post

Hi all,

I'm new to BookRix! I've just published my first short story here, with one or two more to come before I also publish the Novella I'm halfway through.

Any tips or critiques from those that have read my short story The Hand That Life Dealt You?

Happy to provide the manuscript.


Roxanne Jade Regalado

Welcome to bookrix! :-)

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