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SERIOUS WRITERS is a team of authors who collectively encourage positive attitudes and strive for growth, regardless of their current level of experience. But wherever you are on your writing journey, we will make the trip as fun and enjoyable as possible. Join us and work with like minded members who share the goal of continuously improving their writing craft.


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Important Post

If you discover interesting articles on writing or related subjects, you can post them here.

We will post informative and helpful information from experts in the writing field -- topics that should appeal to those who are really serious about writing. Whenever possible, each author/writer will be given credit for their work and a link posted to their blog or website. Posts from BEFORE the BookRix changeover have been archived... Show more

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Tuti Von Zehren

My utmost gratitude! Invaluable advice for a beginner like myself.


Am grateful for that advice for people like me


grateful for the valuable advice to improve my work.

PROMOTIONS and ADVERTISING This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. ... By: J.C. Laird
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Important Post


This thread is for all members of our group to advertise their work. Tell us about your books, old or new, post links, pictures, blurbs and video promos.

Also use this link to post samples of your work and request comments/reviews. In short, put your work here; make it interesting and try to grab the visitor's attention. Get some publicity for that hard work of yours.

If you advertise books with adult... Show more

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Collide        A big beautiful catastrophe, that’s what they are headed toward. Still some explosions are destined and there isn’t anything that can stand in the way.  Nova had spent weeks holding back.  T...

Here's a book by Arpita Singh.

I can't hold her back Rahul and trisha, head over heels in love with each other, have to part because of trisha's career plans. Their last encounter before trisha leaves, encapsulates the beautiful and heart-warming rel...
This comment was deleted.
Rate my Pitch? By: S. J. Crona
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Important Post

Ok, so I haven't been very active here on BR for a while. I've been much more active on my webcomic sites and other writing sites. One of the webcomic portals I post on just announced that they're looking to pay webcomic artists to either create their own unpublished comics for adapt some of the novels published on the site into comics.

Anyway, I wanted to apply, since I have webcomic ideas out the wazoo, but I really want to... Show more


Hi Sabrina,

I love the concept of your story and the one-line pitch, followed by a more in depth synopsis. However, I would urge on caution re. using repetitiveness throughout your synopsis as it slows the reader down. This is your one & only chance to whet the publisher's... Show more

S. J. Crona

Thank you for your help and encouragement. I agree. I want to remove as many redundancies as possible. What stuck out as particularly repetitive to you?

S. J. Crona

Here's an updated version. I tried to keep it more concise, and to remove often repeated words.

A musician and a college-dropout battle depression and financial instability to learn to love in the modern world. (Romantic-Melodrama)

David Moon is a rising violinist known for his... Show more


Hope this helps, Sabrina:

David Moon is a rising violinist known for his depressive moods and volatile temper almost as much as his musical talent.

David blames his mood swings on the fact his mother abandoned him as a child, leaving him in the care of his abusive father.

Life... Show more

Author Beware! By: felixthecat
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Important Post

I posted this same message at The Coffee Shop.

A long time ago I wrote a book and posted it here. The title was (and still is) "Closer To Heaven." I published it here, free for anyone to read.

While perusing my books at Amazon Books, I noticed that I had written it with a co-author, a person by the name of Rohit Rajak, and put it up for sale on July 26 of this year! Only, I DID NOT DO EITHER. I'm furious that someone would... Show more

A. Hanson

Similar thing happened to me. A book I was working on turned up on Amazon, google books etc under a different authors name. It was incomplete, unproofed but still up for sale by someone else. As far as I know it's still up and the only thing I could do was leave a review warning... Show more


The man with a, maybe?
Did you file a complaint?

A. Hanson

With Bookrix? No, but it's made me very wary of using this site. I still do as I like having contact with other writers but that's all. They didn't even bother to acknowledge that my material had been stolen from their site etc. Very disappointing.

jake wilhelm

The page link to your stolen stuff is no longer available. Looks like someone listened to you. Thank God for small favors, huh?

Look what i found! By: deborap
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Important Post

To be a succesful writer, you may need to promote, and to do that, you may need guidance. There are a lot of books and pages doing that, i just wanted to share with you a bestseller, so that you can check and be a successful blogger and raise the area of your readers. Well, you will get it for free(on Amazon it costs 25$) Anyway, i found it and thought, why not share it, i may help someone. Thanks !
Link: ... Show more

Plot Thickening By: judycolella
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Important Post

Found this fascinating blog - this is Part I. Definitely worth a read, especially for those still rather new at this whole writing thing, lol. And for sure helpful for those a bit more seasoned (self included, of course):

... Show more


Excellent link, Judy. I think compared to plot, it's hard for a lot of us, even those of us who've been writing for years, to really grab hold and understand the difference.


I agree. There's a second half to this, too. I'll post it as soon as I can get my head around this first part better.

Michael Peters

Great read. Very informative.

Publishing free content with images By: jake wilhelm
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Important Post

I'm in the process of writing a non-fiction book which will have images. For the record, it's about the story behind a scattering of postmarks (I am a postmark collector and writer on the subject). My problem lies in the fact that the images will eat up plenty of memory and I'm not sure if I can offer the book for free (I know Amazon at least charges by mega-byte). If I offer it for free, do I still have to pay the... Show more

1 Comment

Why would you offer it free?

The Long Haul By: felixthecat
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Important Post

You see the statistics every day. A writer jumps on board the Bookrix (or other) writing train all excited; "Hi guys, I've JUST completed my first book! Read it!" Two or three or six months later the user's name disappears.

Way too difficult to garner reads and comments.
Even more difficult to make a sale.

We all want to think that in that proud moment of writing The End, we've crossed a magic line that throws us into the... Show more


This is something needed to be said - great post, Pat.

Adlin T.

Felix, good advice. I did watch some of videos and their advice was well taken.
You're right, it takes TIME and talent. Time is the most important thing because you can develop your talent as time goes by.

jake wilhelm

Great post. It is hard to accept, but it's difficult to become famous, especially overnight. I wish those with talent would realize they need to stick it out, instead of switching gears because it got hard. It's unusual for me to publish - I tend to dig the writing process more... Show more

Adlin T.

Good comment. I think the editing process is the biggest headache for most of us. Also, it's best not to worry about becoming famous, and just write because you enjoy it. I love to read and research, it's something I've also enjoy doing.
But serious writing is something new for... Show more

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