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Sword Art Online(SAO) & Gun Gale Online(GGO) Fanatics

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There are no administrators in this group.
This is THE group for fans, fanatics, people who just like SAO & GGO, or people who want or need to ask questions about both SAO or GGO. So come join and we'll have some fun with talking, quizzes, and a bunch more.

Just please, no book promoting in this group.

Thank you & have fun,



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POP QUIZ ANSWERS!!!!!! By: Deleted User
0 Comments    Open  
Important Post

The 10 Question SAO POP Quiz
Question 1:
What is Kirito's title?
The Dragon Tamer
The Black Swordsman « your answer should have been

Question 2:
Who is Kirito's girlfriend?
Asuna « your answer should have been

Question 3:
Who is Lyfa?
Main Character's Sister
Main Character's Lover
Main Character's Cousin « your answer should have been
Main Character's Mother

Question 4:
Who is Shion from?
GGO « your answer... Show more

Okay everyone! Pop Quiz time! By: Deleted User
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post

Hey everyone, your favorite admin here.>__<

I just thought we should do a game/ pop quiz like thingy (lol), since there really isn't anything going on in this group.

There are 10 multi-choice answer questions.

So here are the rules:

1. Do it by memory
2. If you can;t remember some DO NOT look it up. Just skip it.

Here are the questions:

Question 1:
What is Kirito's title?
1.) Flash
2.) Forger
3.) The Dragon Tamer
4.) The... Show more

1 Comment
Deleted User

OKAY EVERYBODY! I will post the correct the answers soon, depending upon how many people try this quiz. Okay? ANNNND GOOOO!!!!

Everyone PLEASE forgive me By: Deleted User
3 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hey everyone!

Like it says in the title, PLEASE everyone, forgive me... Why you ask? For leaving you all in the dust for about a year that's why.

The reason I have been gone so long is because I have been having many problems with my health, my schooling, my dog died, the list goes on and on.

Although I am back I probably wont be on as much as I want to be, but I will do my best.

I thank Melissa Nichols for holding down the fort... Show more


It's ok

Deleted User



its cool

Your Favorite Character pics By: Deleted User
30 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hey everyone!

Got a a game for you!

Let's see who can find the best SAO/GGO picture. If you can find one I will draw you a picture of a character from any anime you want. XD

Here's an example of an awesome pic(although I bet you all don't need one):

30 Comments | Show Earlier Comments

Yeah, sounds awesome. Just lemme think... Hmm..... XD


Misaki, I'll need a little more time to think of someone... I leave for camp tomorrow and won't be back till next Friday, will that be okay?

Deleted User

Yeah, that's perfectly fine.

Introduce Yourselves! By: Deleted User
13 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hello everyone! I am the Admin Ashley, otherwise known as ~Misaki~Sasaki~.

Please introduce yourselves and share with us your favorite SAO or GGO character(s), scenes, etc.

My favorite characters would have to be: Asuna, Yui, and Sinnon. I don't know if i have a favorite scene per se, but if I figure one I tell you guys.

13 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
Deleted User

I'm doing good. How about you Melissa?

Melissa Nichols

im good. leaving for home tomorrow but enjoying relaxation time in hotel for once. feels nice.

Deleted User

That's cool. ^__^

does anyone know where to find sword art online By: Sarah
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post

does anyone know where to find sword art online

1 Comment
Deleted User

Hi Sarah,
you can watch Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II on
it's a very reliable source for many different anime. I love it and use it all the time.


kirito is my favorite By: sailor pluto
5 Comments    Open  
Important Post

kirito is my favorite


Ooo, I liked Yuri a lot, but I also had a crush on Kirito.

Deleted User

hahaha glad I'm not the only one XD

Melissa Nichols

I think you mean Yui, Aquilla. But I love Kirito and Asuna. They're both totally badass! Really falling for Kirito, though. :)


Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry. It has been a while since I've watched it and I still need ta catch up on the most recent season.

Melissa Nichols

The new season isnt out yet, i think. Currently there are 2 official series but, for me, each series has two easily identifiable seasons. So thats four seasons. the most recent one is Yuki. And you can watch both series on Netflix. But dont search for SAO1, you need SAO2.

withdraws By: Suri's Library
1 Comment    Open  
Important Post

Please tell me that it isnt just me, but does anyone ever have SAO withdraws and freak out attacks missing it so much that you just want to forget life and go scream and cry and die over SAO all over again? or is that just me?

1 Comment
Melissa Nichols

I get that way without a couple other animes sometimes, but not SAO yet. but it is definetely a close call. that is one AMAZING anime!

Hi~ question. By: kkat616
2 Comments    Open  
Important Post

I really like Sword Art Online, and Gun Gale Online. But I was wondering if there might be any fans of Kil la Kill here as well?

Melissa Nichols

im not. I havent watched that anme myself, but ive seen commercials and it doesnt look like something id like.


You should at least give it a chance. It's freaking awesome in my opinion.

Moderators needed! By: Deleted User
6 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to ask everyone if at least 2 of you are willing to be a moderator.

Although you must know a good amount about SAO & GGO just in case someone has a question and I am not here.

It will be a team effort to build up this group.

So I hope at least 2 of you consider being a moderator.

Thank you,

Ashley (~Misaki~Sasaki~)

6 Comments | Show Earlier Comments
Deleted User

Lets see, Just try to get the group out there, answer any questions people have if I can't or if someone else hasn't already, put up a quiz, puzzling question, or make up a game about SAO/GGO once and a while(I still haven't found a good one yet), just stuff that I'm trying to... Show more

Melissa Nichols

no problem! ill do my best.

Deleted User

Okay! I know you'll do great! ^__^

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