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Don't Let Them Take Me

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Suicide has been around for the longest time. Some people experience it first hand, some other people are a witness. Help those people who need help! Some of them think that they are not worth it at all. SO if you join and you have the same problume as other people do, then you will get help, we may not be professinol help, but if you don't want to talk to anyone other than people who have... Show More


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This is a suicide prevention group... By: Cashby
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Not a book promotion group, unless if it has anything to do with suicide preventing. If not, then please publish it in other groups.

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Deleted User


What's the point of bullying... By: GummyBearMonster
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to feel better. you'll never feel better if the only thing you know is make other people suffer. People also have feelings and their own problems. Don't make their problems even worse

Please help me.... By: Deleted User
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I need help...


What's wrong? :/

Deleted User

I’m arm is littered in cuts and I want to die...

Flora Cash

Hey, ciel, I'm the admin, my account password was lost for Casby, Please DM me so we can talk there.

Hi.... By: Beelzebub_666
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Hi.. i'm new here i guess you could say. I'm suicidal and have depression. Writing books/music and listening too music and reading is my escape... So how are you all?

Brother's best friend By: Abigeal
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Brother's best friend

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Deleted User


Hurry Mine Mine Mine is going to kill By: CircusBaby
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Them self help em please


Yup. Probably tomorrow. I want to see my brother one last time.


No don't please no

Leo Automaton

Please, killing yourself is never the answer to anything.
I don't even know you but i can assure you that if you die i will be upset, all your friends and family will be upset.
We care about you.

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