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The Book Cover Makers

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Book covers are available from many sources. If you regard your cover of your book as its calling card then you want the very best. There are a few of us who make our own covers and many of us who rely on the help of others. This is a group for all members interested in covers. If you can help others or if you need the help of others you are welcome.
~ Dave BCcanada

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Bookcover makers By: Deleted User
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Important Post

If you make your own covers or know someone that does, please point them to our group so we can help each other to make the very best.

This comment was deleted.
Deleted User

Here's a few of the covers I have made. These are just samples...

Deleted User

Danie Alan has been kind enough to offer her assistance and you can check out some of her amazing covers here...

message from Dave By: H, J, Macey.
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Had a message from Dave for all you fans ( Henry, if you can still get into my cover group on BookRix would you suggest for those who wish to make their own covers there are two sites I often use to provide copyright free photos. They are Pexels and Unsplash. Check em out and you will see what I mean.

App By: BriannaLea Dvorak
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I love making my own covers however I cant find the perfect app. I found one I like but it has a big logo at the bottom


try krita if your drawing it on computer

BriannaLea Dvorak

I only have mobile right now! :(

Deleted User

I use the FREE Photo Scape program but if you only have a mobile I'm not sure what might work. I'll Google it and see what I can see.

This one looks interesting and it says mobile app as well. It's called PicMonkey
... Show more

Deleted User

ooops, apparently it's not free. I'll go looking again.

Okay, here's a great article on photo editors for mobiles. Lots of luck.

i need a cover By: Leightonx
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Important Post

i am writing a short about a hero who has kinda powers in away, well that part isn't really too important. it's got a main charater called eagle man and he is a billion air, its a little bit like batman but isnt. i do have a few ideas of what it could look like if you are intrested please reply. oh and if you need inspiration i could email the story. thank you for reading.

Book cover need done professinal By: Briana M Miller
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Important Post

I need a wattpad book cover for my novel called Love At Sports Sight and I need it to be with no charge and professional. I want a cover with a football player and a cheerleader hugging each other on a football field. With a pom pom an a football one at each other's side, The colors I want them to be happy. It should have my name at the bottom Briana Miller. The small text at the top above the title says Sports and Love mix... Show more

H, J, Macey.

Not asking too much then?

Briana M Miller

No I'm not I just wanta professinal book that is free of charge.

Okay I've been thinking about doing a Kirby Adventure novel and I need a book cover to repersente... By: Briana M Miller
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Important Post

Okay I've been thinking about doing a Kirby Adventure novel and I need a book cover to repersente the adapted novel. I don't have very much money to pay back for the cover. Its for Wattpad.

1 Comment
Deleted User

If it's just a virtual cover as we have here and not a real cover made of cardboard, etc. there will be no charge. I enjoy the challenge of making them. So what would you like on it?

Crooks By: georg twitchell
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Important Post

Write a new post...My book 'Crooks' has been ready for publishing on line for about two years now but I am having great difficulty in obtaining a cover. I envisage something along the lines of a group of 5 crooks facing a similar number of detectives on the bottom of the page with a judge and barristers on the top of the page. The novel suggests that all the protagonists are crooks in there own way. I would be happy to pay a... Show more

1 Comment
Deleted User

I'm pleased you have sought us out to help you but I'm not sure how much we can do. I would enjoy the challenge but my efforts are limited. I make all the covers for the books I have published internally here at BookRix and the same with the ones I sell publicaly. You can find... Show more

German Creative By: germancreative
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Hi, I am a book cover designer who also runs blog for indie writters. I know how to visualize your ideas into a clean artwork that your readers will be happy to share with friends.


Creative and Custom Cover Design
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Free REVISIONS for all Clients
Free 3d Mock-up
UNLIMITED STOCK Images or Custom photos!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.
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1 Comment
Deleted User

Excellent, I am glad to see we have a professional aboard and for those who can afford it it appears you have quality goods to offer. Lots of luck, my friend.

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