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The Coffee Shop

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Writing is stressful, so why not duck into the Coffee Shop for a spot of idle banter and relaxation. Procrastination has never been so entertaining!


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Important Post

Since Bookrix has been revamped, we have lost some "Important Posts" - formerly known as "Stickies" here in the Coffee Shop.

For those new members who have recently arrived, we have only one rule that everyone must adhere to which is:


There are many other groups on Bookrix where the above criteria are welcomed. The Coffee Shop is a place where... Show more

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I am so glad to review these rules again, sometimes I forget where to post things!


Paper Planes should be able to change the group pic and insert a 'cuppa joe'. I can change the pic on my group.


I have a suitable pic for you if you want it. I'll slip it into the back of the book "Just Covers' on my profile (Looks like a cat's face). If you want it I'll put it up so you can capture it.

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community g... By: Paper Planes
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Important Post

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community gossip. If you're new here, go ahead and introduce yourself :-)

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BookRix is great for both readers and writers, @ Roselin

Music that Unifies People? By: angamonkey
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Important Post

Just in leu of recent events I was listening to some up beat music. This is "Mi Gente" by J Balvin, which means "my people". The opening lines are mainly about being world wide and connecting with everyone around the world thanks to rhythm. Hope you guys like the beat and the colors! Happy Sunday.

J. Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente (Official Video) - YouTube J BALVIN & WILLY WILLIAM “MI GENTE” Connect with J Balvin:
The Greatest Generation. All Around By: felixthecat
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Important Post

Tom Brokaw aptly termed it, The Greatest Generation—that generation which grew up in Depression Era years, and then went on to fight the Axis powers on two fronts simultaneously.

Of those years—1941

Hollywood cranks out Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, How Green Was My Valley. THE WOLFMAN! Astaire and Rogers were re-inventing dance.

On the other side of our great continent, Broadway premiered Arsenic And Old Lace, and Watch On... Show more

Wartime Dancing (WWII) - YouTube A video for my history class. Man, I wish I could do that haha.
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Addictive! Once you view one you have to watch another... and another... and so on.

Broken Logic By: Bobby
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Important Post

Help is slow and Late in coming
Church Bells annoy in their persistent ringing
Riled folks huddle across the littered Sidewalks
It will take more than a man to calm the commotion
The fabric of Logic has developed a Tear.

Pews may be great for a little shelter from Sun
Hymns too are soothing in the beginning
Halfway into the Service there is an uprising
Folks begin to leave the Church in mad anger
They feel they came for someone more... Show more

Pens, Keyboards & Typewriters By: buchly
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Important Post

I find that how I write affects the content a great deal. And I'll use different methods depending on where I'm at in the progress. What about you guys?

I blogged about it too if you're interested:

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A very good post, Corbett!

I began writing using a pencil and legal pad. I actually sent the draft to a sci-fi mag:) I was about 8 years-old. Graduated to a Remington (or was it a Royal?) in high school, which I used for years until after turning the ribbon every which way but... Show more

New Writing Goal? By: angamonkey
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Important Post

One of my goals for this year was to be published in The Lily, The Washington Posts's lady-centric vertical.

And I published an essay with them today (happy tears). What are some publications that any of you read frequently that you'd like to write for. An anthology? Why do you like them and what kind of work would you want to have published in the future.

I've always learned from everyone on this site, especially when you've... Show more


Hmm...OH! Congrats, Angely, first off. Proud of you (as always).

But goals. Mine is to...umm...find an agent:) THAT is a tough one!
Wish me luck. Or fortune. Something.


Thanks Pat!

And I'd say submit essays to different publications, having that kind of online traction helps agents find you. It also makes self publishing easier as well when you can pull in different audiences on the side.

Has Anyone Else Discovered THIS? By: felixthecat
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Important Post

A long time ago I wrote a book and posted it here. The title was (and still is) "Closer To Heaven." I published it here, free for anyone to read.

While perusing my books at Amazon Books, I noticed that I had written it with a co-author, a person by the name of Rohit Rajak, and put it up for sale on July 26 of this year! Only, I DID NOT DO EITHER. I'm furious that someone would actually do this, not so much because of the... Show more

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Hi, and welcome home, Janice!

Judy informed us, correctly, that you can disable the download feature at your book page. I did all of mine.

Follow the thread upward for her instructions.


I did that probably a few years ago just to keep things safer.

S. J. Crona

Oh God... I'm glad Judy warned us about this prior. I removed the download option a few months back simply out of paranoia. ^^;

Good Friday Evening To Everyone! By: felixthecat
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Important Post

S'been a while since I did this...

J.S. Bach is considered to be the first of the true musical masters and geniuses of Western Classical music. Born in 1685, he was a church organist! I found this quote by him. Pretty much tells you where his head (and heart) was.

"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."

Very sober words, eh?

Here is an example of WHY he is... Show more


And then there's this.

I performed this in the Bach Festival with two other pianists and a local chamber orchestra back when I was in high school. I played the second movement, but out of sheer adoration for all of it, I learned the... Show more


Our Pastor last Sunday was saying when asked who is a humble person, Folks replied, one who is very accommodating, others said one who is always giving and forgiving, yet others said one who is weak and meek, He said all that is great but a true humble Person is one who depends... Show more

Strange but True By: Bobby
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Important Post

As a young kid I used to read about Folks Like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Helmut Kohl,all so consumed to bring order to this much fractured world.Helmut Kohl architect of Unification of Germany, Abe symbol of honesty and Churchill the savior Of England in Second World War , their likes are no more around in any part of the World.

Gandhi was willing to be knocked down rather than give up his right to protest... Show more

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