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The Coffee Shop

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Writing is stressful, so why not duck into the Coffee Shop for a spot of idle banter and relaxation. Procrastination has never been so entertaining!


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Important Post

Since Bookrix has been revamped, we have lost some "Important Posts" - formerly known as "Stickies" here in the Coffee Shop.

For those new members who have recently arrived, we have only one rule that everyone must adhere to which is:


There are many other groups on Bookrix where the above criteria are welcomed. The Coffee Shop is a place where... Show more

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I am so glad to review these rules again, sometimes I forget where to post things!


Paper Planes should be able to change the group pic and insert a 'cuppa joe'. I can change the pic on my group.


I have a suitable pic for you if you want it. I'll slip it into the back of the book "Just Covers' on my profile (Looks like a cat's face). If you want it I'll put it up so you can capture it.

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community g... By: Paper Planes
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Important Post

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community gossip. If you're new here, go ahead and introduce yourself :-)

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Thanks... I am new here... Looking forward to learn alot here...

This comment was deleted.

Hellow name is Rosaline.i just joined the group. But little confused.Is it a group for writers only?.am a reader only , that's why asking.

Thoughts? By: lonewolfgirl
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Important Post

I've been thinking about starting my own publishing company from the ground up. I know it's hard, and i'm just a high school dropout, but i really would appreciate if anyone would want to be business partners ^.^ I don't know about you, but I want to be someone

Anyone want me to design their website for free? By: S. J. Crona
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Important Post

I'm taking a website development class, and for our final project, we have to create a working website. The problem is, I don't have any ideas for a website I can make. I already made a website for my webcomic, and I have a portfolio site for my artwork already, so I'm fresh out of ideas.

However, I thought to myself that there might be plenty of authors who want to create a website for their books or book reviews but don't... Show more

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I#ve been thinking about having my own site for a while, I have no idea how to make one though so this would be amazing! :) Send me a message so we can talk about it?

Mr. Romantic

I just joined this group after reading this post of S. J. Crona. You my fellow BookRixie are my type of person. Haha.


I've been thinking about getting my own website up where i can write and sell too. Please let me know if you'd like to ^.^

Prayer For A Friend By: Aquilla
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Important Post

Hey, so my friend, 18 years old, just ran away from home, tonight. Thankfully, I was able to get her to my mom's work area so that my mom, who works late into the night, could pick her up. She's safe now, but tomorrow.... Tomorrow is going to be quite the day for her when she goes home. So my prayer request tonight is prayer for the parents for when they wake up in the morning and find their precious daughter gone, prayer... Show more

1 Comment
Mii Ryouma

You did the right thing dear, how's your friend today?

Another lazy Sunday-morning post: By: DeanKoontzFan
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Important Post

While lying (laying, whichever) in bed watching my 60" LG flat screen TV, with cable access to hundreds of channels, I got to wondering: where did all the old UHF channels go? I mean, I do see any button on the humongous remote, with it's myriad of features, that would take me to the UHF stations. And, if I recall correctly, there used to be some pretty good programming to be found on those stations. So, has cable eliminated... Show more


Our Apple TV pooped this last week, and so we're stuck with an antenna box wired into our Smart TV. We have to watch ABC, NBC, CBS, and a few other stations. We bagged Cable TV years ago; tired of paying outrageous monthly bills for 900 channels, very few of which have decent programming.


I agree with you 100% and only added the hundreds of channels bit for effect. Actually, I cancelled my cable package too a couple of months ago, at $150 bucks a month, it had gotten too expensive. Now, I only pay for the wi-fi, as my TV is intenrnet ready. With it, I can watch... Show more


I'm betting Cox, et. al. are scratching their collective corporate heads, lol.

SOUTH EAST ASIA business practices By: Bobby
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Important Post

I bought a toothpaste yesterday from a gas station store, first its price was humongous, second on a second look I thought TSA at the airport will not allow it; they had already taken away my first toothpaste saying it was more than the size they allow. So I told him, I don't want it. Please take it back. I had already paid him on my Credit Card. He said he cannot take it back.

Now judge for yourself Asian Business Practices... Show more

Wars and Rumors of wars By: Bobby
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Important Post

I think we are inching towards it. They say a cornered Rat fights the best. It seems the killing is going to rise as these bad guys are cornered. No body pays much attention to the events at hand and we all kind of feel things will work out in their own time. Anyone talking on these lines is castigated but we need to pay close attention.

1 Comment

"...we all kind of feel things will work out in their own time." I think that was Obama's (and therefore the Dem's solution). It doesn't go away. It actually becomes much more urgent. We all would like peace forever but ignoring a bad situation doesn't resolve it.

Hi By: harkamal
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Important Post

Hi friends can anyone suggest me tips to increase my books sale


The rules also say, "Discuss anything you like, except your work. Post pictures, videos, music....discuss current events...let us get to know you better." But thank you for deleting the other post.

You can find good information in the group Get Me Published sponsored by the site... Show more




Good advice.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness By: Bobby
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Important Post

How many of us have seen this movie. And what did you like most in it. To me it was the ultimate Sacrifice of a dedicated woman in delivering those kids under constant barrage of Gun Fire. In the end though, it could have been better if Ingrid Bergman had decided to stay there in that little orphanage she had taken her kids to in China.


I don't remember the movie that well but as I recall she didn't feel she had any option but to take them out of there. It might have been only in her mind but I think that was her conclusion. I saw it back in the sixties, I think.


What was behind this title?


China during the late thirties leading up to WWII. I think the inn was set up by a missionary to provide food and exposure to biblical stories to travelers. They were fleeing to evade the invading Japanese.


Why this Title. That is my question.


That was the translation of the Chinese name for the Inn.

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