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The Coffee Shop

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Writing is stressful, so why not duck into the Coffee Shop for a spot of idle banter and relaxation. Procrastination has never been so entertaining!


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Important Post

Since Bookrix has been revamped, we have lost some "Important Posts" - formerly known as "Stickies" here in the Coffee Shop.

For those new members who have recently arrived, we have only one rule that everyone must adhere to which is:


There are many other groups on Bookrix where the above criteria are welcomed. The Coffee Shop is a place where... Show more

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Whao! Thats cooll...

Deleted User

Thanks for the head's up. I am sure it will be easy to adhere to them


I am so glad to review these rules again, sometimes I forget where to post things!

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community g... By: Paper Planes
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Important Post

Hello, and welcome to The Coffee Shop, a place to relax, unwind, and catch up on some community gossip. If you're new here, go ahead and introduce yourself :-)

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Thanks... I am new here... Looking forward to learn alot here...

This comment was deleted.

Hellow name is Rosaline.i just joined the group. But little confused.Is it a group for writers only?.am a reader only , that's why asking.

The Peculiarities of the English Alphabet By: DeanKoontzFan
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Important Post

Would somebody please tell me why of all the letters in the English alphabet only the "d" is reversed between lower and upper case?


Originally, all alphabets were in what we call "upper case." When it came to the letter "D," had they kept the semi-circular part on the right, it would have looked like a lower-case "b," so to solve the problem, it was switched to the left side when in lower-case form. That's... Show more


It is fascinating and I knew I could count on you to come through. I, too, like studying languages, principally Arabic, but I am nowhere near an expert. Look for me to pick your brain in the future on topics like this.

Thanks Judy.

Rookie Burwick

Oh yeah, i just now notice that.



My pleasure! If I know the answer, I'll always be happy to reply. If I don't, I'll let you know, and then go searching for the resolution (I LOVE research). Arabic, eh? I've studied transliterations of it because I hadn't yet learned its written alphabet, but I have studied... Show more


Well, thanks for stroking my ego like that, but I'm not even close. I'm just a person with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Like you, I love researching stuff. If I hear about something new that piques my interest, I'll go research it (Or ask you).

Oh, about the Arabic,... Show more

Hi this wrong telling our problems to other friends and seek help By: harkamal
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Important Post

Hi this wrong telling our problems to other friends and seek help

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Guys if you think and understand my condition you will find i am doing right....

I try my best...and god will help me...


Thank you Judy for your response, your response was very respectful and understanding. I feel for you Hakamal, don't let fear i have you make desperate decisions. Your books are inspiring and it will keep you growing because you have unlimited spiritual power right now. Money is... Show more


Well, I try not to treat BR like a social media site, although when I was a newcomer, I made the same mistake all newcomers make: try to get everybody on the site to read my books. I also made the mistake of sending out mass friend requests in an attempt to increase visibility.... Show more

Sorry for taking so long... By: Rookie Burwick
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Important Post

Dear readers of my work,

I am not trying to brag at all, but it just wanted to let you all know that, even though you've all read my children's books, I will be publishing my first novel within the next nine weeks.

I know most of you reading this haven't read my work, but there's my statement for today.

Thanks, Rookie.

1 Comment
harkamal, you are beginning to irk me. By: davebccanada
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Important Post

I'm not sure if you know what 'spam' is but when you continuously message me even though I do not respond and I am contacted to notify me I have a message each time you are inviting being banned. Spamming is not nice. Please stop.

I place this message in the Coffee Shop because I suspect I am not the only one affected. You are on notice, my friend.

1 Comment

keep on getting that to :P

Punctuation Marks at the End of sentences That Contain Quotes By: DeanKoontzFan
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Important Post

Okay people (Judy), what's the rule regarding the following construction: ". or "? or any other such construction. I've seen it on a few occasions. Of course, I guess I could look it up, but that wouldn't be much fun, would it?

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The only time punctuation would appear outside a quotation mark is when it's a quote within a quote:

"I heard him say 'you're an idiot'," she claimed.

Here's another:

"I am NOT your 'puppet'!"

When something is written within double quotes, the punctuation always occurs before the... Show more


Hi Judy (all), sorry I took so long, but I had to go get pizza. Anyway, those are fine examples, but not quite what I was talking about. Her's a better example of what I was trying to say. I found it at the Purdue Owl website:

Place colons and semicolons outside closed quotation... Show more


"Clear and concise as usual," he said to Judy and Dean.

Women's March in DC after Trumps inauguration By: Bobby
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Important Post

Anybody out there who can tell me what these long marches without a clear agenda can achieve?
I was traveling with nine of them in the Super Shuttle on way back from the Airport and they all looked like they could turn the world upside down.

This is not the way to shoot out your anger.There have to be folks who truly mean what they are saying. Of course they are angry but the Votes have been counted and Hillary had very little... Show more


Go back to the viciousness of his campaign, the remarks he made toward and about every group, every opponent in the race. These things defined his true character. Millions of women are justifiably frightened by the man who stepped out of the RV, having made the comments he made... Show more

Donald Trump Statement at the CIA Headquarters in Washington ( Full Speech) Donald Trump CIA Headquarters Statement President Donald Trump is telling CIA employees whose work he has publicly doubted that no one feels stronger about t...

I agree with Felix. We should all remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

--Martin Luther King, Jr.


I did some reporting at the NYC march which was over 300,000 strong. I think aspects of it were to show a statement of support to different causes like women's rights and rights for people of color in the US. Organizers I spoke to also used it as a rallying point to get people... Show more


Thanks Angely!


No prob:) it was a cool experience to be there. Plus if anyone needs help researching more about upcoming events... let me know.

It's the new mother nature takin' over. By: felixthecat
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Important Post

Thank God for Canada!

In 1965 a group emerged out of Canada and took America by storm. Guess who? Yep, The Guess Who. Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman were in it; wrote the music. This one is from their third album, "American Woman". Oh yeah, American Woman was their biggest hit. But No Sugar Tonight was my favorite cut on the album. It has a very "jazzy" flavor to it at the second part--New Mother Nature.

No, you don't have... Show more

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature Audio clip of another one of my favorites from the Guess Who.
This comment was deleted.

Yeah, that was me what deleted the comment:)


I remember all that. Time sure goes by so fast! I remember listening to CCR's Green River. I was seventeen and was given a ride by a Staff Sergeant at the back gate of Camp Pendleton California.

I was a Privet First Class. We young Marines didn't have cars back tnen. of course... Show more


OMG, I remember Randy Bachman and his g/f Tina in the dives in Winnipeg when the Guess Who was a local garage band. I was just out of the RCAF and working between Ontario and British Columbia with many stops in Winnipeg.

Hello! By: usmcgunny
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Important Post

I noiced since I started posting again on BookRix things are prettry dead.

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Rookie Burwick

Suit yourself. I'm for Trump.


He's just the latest of 45 unique individuals who will serve us to the best of his ability.


Since the day he walked down the escalator, I've been glued to the nightly news. Let us pray that he does well FOR THE NATION.

BTW, I worked, so I coudn't watch the inauguration :(

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