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The Collaborators

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This group will be limited, for the moment at least, to those who have agreed to participate in a writing experience in which all parties will be contributing an equal amount of time, creativity and story. Future projects may include a larger membership if these initial members are successful in having fun and learning more about their own writing and the writing of others.


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Sharing By: edensashes
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Important Post

Hey everyone, Foram had a really good idea about using Google Docs to allow everyone access to the story because she is smarter than me. LOL So everyone can post their email here if they want because it is a closed group. Only we can see what is going on here.


Hahahah...mine is



Loss of a group member By: edensashes
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I am sorry to say that one of our members had to bow out of the project due to personal reasons and will not be able to contribute. I would like to try to find someone to help fill the void but I do not see any reason to postpone the process. The original opening has been uploaded and the next person in line (Vivian) can begin the next phase of the story when she likes. I do want to say that organizing this has been a little... Show more

I am a bit confused sorry, but what we have to do after this? By: vivian
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I am a bit confused sorry, but what we have to do after this?

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It's OK if you are confused Vivian. I will try to be more clear. First thing to do would be to read the opening I uploaded. There is a link in the post "First Opening" right below your post on this group page. Go down the page a little further and you will see another post that... Show more

New member By: edensashes
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Important Post

I just added the last member to the group so I feel like maybe we can get started very soon. She should be officially joining the group as soon as she gets my message. She has not uploaded anything on bookrix yet but I asked her for a writing sample and she gave me the opening chapter of a book she is working on. She writes better than I do so yeah, I almost said no so she didn't make me look bad. LOL.

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lol...I am sure you are a better writer than most of us. I haven't got a chance to read your books yet but I am planning to start reading "Life Happens" ASAP.
And thank you for the compliment. Just one word of appreciation can motivate someone for the whole day or probably the... Show more

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