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Want to know how BookRix works? Feel free to post your questions in this group to help guide you with tech support, contests, groups, behavior, etc. You may even find your answer from our Help and Support page located at the footer of the site.

This is a users-help-users-group and not regularly checked by BookRix staff. Please use our contact form if you feel the need to get in touch with us :)


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How to Upload a File with Divided Chapters By:
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Important Post
How to Upload a File with Divided Chapters This is a simple guide to help those authors who wish to upload a file and automatically separate the chapters in the BookRix editor. In doing so, a table of contents is also automatically created.
For the spammers By: Deleted User
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Post their usernames here. The trolls need to be taken down...


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Deleted User

My name is miss Esther Odion
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esther BookRix profile of esther – Learn more about esther: favorite books, friends and so on. Join our Community to get in contact with esther.
Oka Jones

Profile name virrts

Hello My Dear,

How are you today? Let me briefly introduce myself to you, My name is
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sorry for bordering you, i have a confidenial issue i want to discus with you, please... Show more


Girls give in the ass in your city! On our website ➔

"tolosa" is a porn spammer. Nuf said.

Need help? Click here to get all the answers you need about our Free Self-Publishing service, s... By:
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Need help?

Click here to get all the answers you need about our Free Self-Publishing service, site navigation, community, and much more!

Write better sentences and paragraphs By: john121
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Important Post

Hi And thanks for reading this post.
Are there any tips you know for writing spellbinding sentences/paragraphs that help to pull a reader into a story and create a more intresting scene.
When i write my stuff and i compare it against something similar written by pros, the pro version sounds so much better and compelling. My work sounds dull and flat in comparison. I only thing i know is to put the more active words at the... Show more

This comment was deleted.

Certain words kill sentences but are often overlooked. The over-use of adverbs is perhaps the most glaring example. The words "just," "very," "that," and use of the passive tense to tell, rather than show, the reader what is going on are also at the top of the list.

Something... Show more

♥ davebccanada ♥

A trick I often use is narrative and shortening my paragraphs. As a general rule I think many authors attempt to convey too much detail in a single paragraph. It's part of that pacing Judy speaks of. The best way I've found to discover methods is studying other authors so I read... Show more


I use the word 'had' a lot, to go along with what judy said, is this bad?

Today i am going to install an add-in to ms word that tells the frequency of words used, see if i can spot overusage of certain words

A writing exercise By: edensashes
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Important Post

We are looking for a 6th and final member to an exclusive group working on a unique writing exercise. You may apply to join and ask questions regarding the nature of the project by replying here. We need someone who has at least one uploaded story that we can review. Tell us a little about yourself and your writing, favorite genre, favorite writers here on bookrix and other.

Hello By: Ryan
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I am new to bookrix (obviously ;-) I am interested in sharing a website I have created that seeks "serious" writers who would like to submit their short stories. The point of the site is to continually search for and present the best short stories ever written. A monumental task, I know but, life is short, and I think it's a worthy goal. The site is free to enter and does not offer any prizes except to be among the very best... Show more

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This comment was deleted.
Marketing By: Anthony marchiori
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Best free way to promote my e-book entitled The magic Christmas tree by Anthony marchiori

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This comment was deleted.
Can anyone help me please to complete my story.i have started it write stories has always b... By: ruby
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Important Post

Can anyone help me please to complete my story.i have started it write stories has always been my dream...but im struck ...i need some suggestion.coz im not a pro in writing stories...its always been my dream to write a book of my fictional characters into life....

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Become one of your characters, and not necessarily the main one. Go somewhere quiet and turn it into a movie in your head. See the main character from the other's point of view, speculate about why he or she is doing something in particular. Have this character you've become... Show more


Ummm....ya it's really good
I will try them first
Thankyou so much
Hope to receive ur guidence in future toooo

This comment was deleted.
Privacy By: ebell1
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Important Post

I dont want my books to be seen by anyone while they are in progress how do I change for free? I have gone and clicked on bookrit only then had to choose friends. How do I keep my work in progress private?

Mii Ryouma

You don't publish your books, that's the only way.
Now you go back and you click on unpublish.
That's how no one can see your books until u publish them again.

Good luck with your writings ^_^


You could do it two ways - create a new one, delete the old one, and don't publish it until it's done; or click on the edit option, and on the bottom right next to the edit options, click "unpublish," as Mii Ryouma suggested.

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