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Wanted – New or old books, poems, contest entries, and readers looking for new material. Do you have a blog or author webpage you would like to advertise? Join us here at the Reading List where all promotion, suggestions or inquiries are welcome.


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Free eBooks for downloads! By: RebeckDawn
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Important Post

Here are the newest BookRix free eBooks that you can download from Amazon and the other eBook stores:

Dark Life, Bright Death Life on earth was about to change forever. Terrible objects were falling from the sky, objects that looked like they should bounce on impact, but instead exploded. Populations were being decimated ...
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Deleted User

Hi, My book is FREE to download on here. It is about my true experiences encountering a group of street teens addicted to a solvent called "rugby" in the Philippines. I hope you enjoy it... :)

"They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know?"


Hi guys I just published this book, and I like to see what you guys think about it, and give me tips for improvement. (By the way kinda ignore the cover, its not official)

suspicious desire to know Have you ever wondered what life would be like without your parents, and how it would be when you stepped into their shoes and expierenced life for what it really was? Especially when they were hid...
Okah Ewah Edede

Download for free this mystic thriller about supernatural contest and the power of love:

When I look for someone to name as the Author of the Week, I make a rather extensive search, and ... By: judycolella
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Important Post

When I look for someone to name as the Author of the Week, I make a rather extensive search, and when I find someone, I make a point of reading all of the books posted so I know what to say. Which brings me to this week's AOTW.

Thus far, the choices have been those whose work is mostly in the prose category. However, I was so blown away by this writer's poetic talent, I decided to highlight her work. A member since 2011, she... Show more

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Deleted User

Well, I hope my latest book at least warrants consideration, :)

Alexis Debary

Would be thrilled if you considered my book Djerba Nights.

In the sea of books listed here at BookRix, sometimes a completed book is hard to find. Readers a... By: rgabel
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Important Post

In the sea of books listed here at BookRix, sometimes a completed book is hard to find. Readers are always looking for these treasures.

Jump aboard and help us find finished books by listing your masterpiece here in this thread.

Thank you!

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Anthology - A selection of 9 short stories or flash fiction.

Speedy Reads A compilation of short stories for you to enjoy whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Whether you are waiting for public transport, waiting for tea to cook, just settled your children to sleep ...
This comment was deleted.
The price you have to pay for blood (Complete). Knowledge is power.   (Re-drafting) 16 year old Nzingha is just starting to live her life. Her parents have transferred her to a supernatural boarding school aka creatures united with Andrew the strange boy from...
A Nail-biting Conclusion By: felixthecat
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Important Post

Five minutes ago I finished Book 2 of Dreams of Shadows. I'm stoked, and I hope all of you who see this post will take a moment to open the book.

I started it, picking up where Book 1 left off about a year ago. I'm happy with the often-difficult task of keeping everything moving with a few twists and turns along the way.

Life seems to have settled into something approaching normal on the farm outside Marysville. The original... Show more

Romance suspense in a mysterious world. By: Jennie Lyne Hiott
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Important Post

Hi all. I'm new to the site. I wanted to drop an ad for my books. I have three published, two are free. All my books are romance/suspense that take place in a fantasy world I created. It's okay if you're not into fantasy. The love story is the center focus. Please have a look at my profile for more information and I would love to get some feedback. I also have a WIP posted.

The High Priestess and the Half-Blood Prince By: Brianna Nichole
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Important Post

An ancient Egyptian novel about the grandparents of King Tut. It's available to read online at I hope you enjoy it.


I typed the link in my browser. Presto, I'm in.
Thanks so much. I'll read (just signed up).

Mii Ryouma

It's not opening..

I used my iPad and my iPhone, but I couldn't open that link. :(


Mil...type it in your browser:)

Mii Ryouma

Thank you so much Felix :)

it works with just:

Brianna Nichole

Hi feflixthecat and Mii, I'm so glad you both were able to get in. A friend of mine said apple was having problems after some updates. I hope you enjoy.

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