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Even though this is a book site, many people get annoyed after getting messages of book updates. Because of that I decided to make a group where people can freely post info of their updates and advertise their stories.
Please do not use this group as a sourse of gossiping and causing more drama, this is an only book group, so the only thing you can discuss are your stories.
Thank you all fot joining! :)


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Hey everyone, By: Duron Crejaro
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Please invite your friends to join this group, it helps increase members and decrease people having to mass mail about their updates on books!

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Deleted User

(●⁰౪⁰●) ︀➸ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?group_15820270180

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It is obvious that this site isn't about to change...
Months ago, people joined Bookrix, because of their love for the books. Because they had big imagination and wanted to share it with the world.
Not anymore...
Now everyone signs up only because of the drama that is going on non stop and I am tired of listening to it. I read some really great stories in here, I met some really good friends as well, but I refuse to continue... Show more

Insριɾɑτιᴏn Sϵϵκϵɾ (xxJustGabixx) - Wattpad http://www.wattpad.com/user/xxJustGabixx ☯Hello, my name is Gabriela but I prefer when people call me Gabi. I am naturally smiley person, sometimes even weird...
Duron Crejaro

Your choice, but its easy to stay if you do what i do, just ignore stupid people lol :)

This comment was deleted.
Christiana Hinojosa

I love reading the books. My mom loved reading also.

Hello beautiful people, in case you're wondering about some helpful tips that will help you impro... By: Zeus
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Hello beautiful people, in case you're wondering about some helpful tips that will help you improve your writing skills, Click on this link to know more.

Bitly https://bit.ly/3Oy5fmF
Read A THING OF YORE BY Samer Zeidan By: Samer Zeidan
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Read A Thing of Yore by Samer Zeidan

Advise needed.. By: R.B
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After 5 years of a silent pen, my traumatic divorce after a weeks marriage. I want to write again...my story will be based on my life and there for I decided to keep the characters name as is. Keeping it clean and truthful will be the aim. İs this wise or a bit stupid to keep the names as is in this current real life horror.?

Looking for romantic comedy? Try this: By: Sabine Wolf
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The Intermediary von Sabine Wolf - eBook Download - Buch kaufen https://www.bookrix.de/_ebook-sabine-wolf-the-intermediary/ Carola unexpectedly finds herself alone with her six-year-old daughter Jolie. As if that's not bad enough, her mother interferes in her life both when looking for an apartment and a job. Temporarily she follows her mother's advice. Her friend recommends an 'intermediary' as an exercise, someone Carola doesn't care about anyway, someone she can practice her flirting skills with. The new neighbor might be a good choice... Or does Carola eventually notice that 'tamporarily' and 'intermediary' might be good for longer after all?   I know the cover could be better!!! But I'm just crap at this, my effort went in the text. So please don't judge my book by my cover ;-)    
Check out Paranoia by Samer Zeidan By: Samer Zeidan
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Check out Paranoia by Samer Zeidan

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