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Waterclan RP

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Hi I am Creekstar the leader of Waterclan. Choose a name and use () when not roleplaying. I made this group kind of based on my book, but you can make your very own kit,apprentice,elder, or warrior. I will choose the deputy and medicine cat. Thanks if you join.
I will be Creekstar and a kit named Turtlekit.
Creekstar: Gray tom with green/blue eyes
Turtlekit: Tortoiseshell kit with amber eyes

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Hi By: Falling Feathers
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Important Post

I'll be Nightriver, a black and dark-blue-grey she-cat with deep blue eyes. I'm a great swimmer and a fast runner.

Hi everybody!!! By: Flying Changes
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Important Post

Hi!! I haven't started cause I have been sooooo busy. I please describe the the cat you want to be so we can get started. Thanks!




I want to be a black cat

Flying Changes

You have to put the name, gender, and warrior,kit,etc.

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