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What's your genre?

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Would you like to categorize your books for readers to have easy access to their preferred genre?

Put your book *with cover* in the appropriate threads.

If the genre's not there, feel free to start a new one.

This is only a test, but if it takes off, I'll continue the concept.


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This is the place for listing your books in genres. It's an essential place to stop, so that whe... By: writingmum
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Important Post

This is the place for listing your books in genres.

It's an essential place to stop, so that when the readers are looking for a specific genre, they'll know where to come.

Start placing your work early to secure the front positions on page 1 of each thread.

all chatting in the book threads will be deleted, so if you have anything to say. post it here.

If you have a book, which sits within several genres, fell free to upload in... Show more

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Maria Thermann
Willow the Vampire & the Sacred Grove. Welcome to Stinkforth-upon-Avon. Have a nice bite! Eleven-year-old Willow Band lives with her parents in a remote cottage at the edge of the picturesque village Stinkforth-upon-Avon. The villagers have no idea there's a family of vampires in their ...
S D Chapman

My genre is Horror. (I definitely wouldn't class it as romance!) ;-)

Zombie horror By: Rookie Burwick
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Zombie horror combines with military battles, guts and gore exploding from the pages of this super awesome, action-packed read. If you like a fast moving, thrill ride of a book, be sure and check this one out. Bloody Raged Corpses eBook: Rookie Burwick: Books Bloody Raged Corpses - Kindle edition by Rookie Burwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Bloody Raged Corpses.
Different genres… By: dahlia437
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Doppelband: EQUALITY & Gleichberechtigung:. Also birds are modern. & Auch Vögel sind fortschrittlich Blurb: TWO IN ONE: Why the male canary had to let its feathers go. How come that permanent waves appear in tail feathers? What do you have to do when you find “pink chewing gums”? Klappentext:...
My genre might be romantic because sometimes I like to write books on love By: Deleted User
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My genre might be romantic because sometimes I like to write books on love

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Mine are a mix, but lots of times they are a fantasy with some romance.

"They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know?" by Natalie Vellacott Christian True Story By: Deleted User
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They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know?. A true account of a Christian Missionary seeking to share Jesus with the street teens abusing solvents in Olongapo City A true story detailing how a Christian Police Sergeant from England boarded the Logos Hope Missionary Ship in 2011 and was forever changed when, in the Philippines, she unexpectedly encountered and...
It seems the majority of people here don't know By: Maria Thermann
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...what "genre" actually means and just make up one because they didn't get round to checking with a few online publishers what categories booksellers use to help readers find the books they like reading best. Categories are also keywords that internet users employ to navigate - so how then is a sci-fi reader going to find a novel that just says "futuristic novel", which is so broad, it could be anything? (not picking on... Show more

J.C. Laird

Very good points. After finishing my novel, I researched genres because mine actually spanned more than one. While so doing, I stumbled across a relatively new one that is gaining traction: "New Adult". Depending on various publishers definitions, it picks up after YA, age 18... Show more

Maria Thermann

How interesting - there were various blog posts on Wordpress recently bemoaning the fact that more and more adults read only children's and YA literature because they find such books more entertaining and interesting than those aimed at their own age group. Seems that... Show more

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