hapter One
The last rays of sun began to dissapear, the sky turning deep purple, there was a crunch of snow, as a pure white lupa appeared in the clearing. Her orbs shone a deep golden, and she swished her tail as a tan lupe appeared beside her. ''You will be careful, won't you Shade?'' the lupa barked, staring at the male wolf's eyes. Shade smiled at her, ''of course I will Mist,'' he barked in reply. The two wolves looked up at the sky, Mist gazed at the moon, and smiled, ''remember when we first met?'' she laughed, watching Shade grin. ''Of course I do, it was a night like this, and I still say your still more beautiful than ever,'' he yapped as he licked Mist's muzzle. The two wolves sat, watching the sky turn deeper in color, when they heard the murmur of voices. ''That'll be the rest of the pack,'' Shade barked, as the first few of the pack came into view. Up in front was a large black male, with white tipped ears, he walked with a strong step, ''Alpha Shade, Alphess Mist,'' he acknowledged with a bow of his head, ''I have got a group of wolves ready for your departure Alpha Shade,'' he reported to the leaders. Shade nodded, ''Good, we are ready to leave now, get them to meet at the willow trees,'' he commanded, saying a last goodbye to his mate, he bounded off in the direction of the willow trees.


Text: I spent a while rying to create the perfect scenes, territories and some of the names, so please don't use them without my permission, If I created them specificly for these books. Thanks :)
Publication Date: 10-23-2010

All Rights Reserved

To my friends as I based most of the characers on them, you guys are the best. Also to the readers, as you have taken the time to read this, and I am grateful :) Also bear in mind, this is a work in progress, so it will only have a couple of chapters each week :)

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