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Dedicated to the youth of the world 

You are beautiful, so beautiful

You are a silent moonshine

Some delicacy or some angel.

You are beautiful, so beautiful.


You are happiness,

You are shyness,

You are faith,

You are intoxication.

You are beautiful, so beautiful.


You are charming,

You are enhancing,

Or some god’s gift.

You are beautiful, so beautiful.


Your Silent eyes, like a plea,

Your speech, like a prayer.

You are present everywhere

Yet still remain so far away.

You are beautiful, so beautiful.

Innermost One

You are the innermost one,

Who awakens my being,

With your deep hidden touches.


You are the innermost one,

Who puts enchantment upon these eyes

And joyfully plays on the chords of my heart

in varied cadence of pleasure and pain.


You are the innermost one,

Who weaves the web of this maya

in evanescent hues of gold and silver, blue and green,

And lets peep out through the folds his feet,

At whose touch I forget myself.


Days come and ages pass,

And it is ever you

Who moves my heart in many a name,

in many a guise, in many a rapture of joy and of sorrow.

You are etched on my heart

You are my lord,

You are my world,

You are my universe,

You are my time.

You are etched on my heart.


You are my dawn,

You are my morning,

You are my night,

You are my day.

You are etched on my heart.


Your laughter,

Your charms Are so different

From all others.

You are etched on my heart.


Your eyes are misty

Your face is the mirror of the heart.

Not just my eyes

You are etched on my heart.

My heart longs day and night

My heart longs day and night

For the meeting with you.

For the meeting that is like

All-devouring death.


Sweep me away like a storm;

Take everything I have;

Break open my sleep

And plunder my dreams.


In that devastation,

In the utter openness of spirit,

Let us become one in beauty.

Thrills to my heart

Hands cling to hands

And eyes linger on eyes;

Thus begins the record of our hearts.


It is the moonlit night of March;

The sweet smell of henna is in the air;

My flute lies on the earth neglected

And your garland of flowers is un-finished.


It is a game of giving and withholding,

Revealing and screening again;

Some smiles and some little shyness,

And some sweet useless struggles.


Your veil of the saffron colour,

Makes my eyes drunk.

The jasmine wreath that you wove me,

Thrills to my heart like praise.

Sky in your eyes

My heart, the bird of the wilderness,

Has found its sky in your eyes.

They are the cradle of the morning,

They are the kingdom of the stars.


My songs are lost in their depths.

Let me but soar in that sky,

In its lonely immensity.

Let me but cleave its clouds

And spread wings in its sunshine.

From My Heart

Thank you for your love

Your sweet and gentle ways.

You touch my heart a million times

Every single day.


You fill me up,

With pure and absolute happiness.

For me, you’ll always be the one

I am certain of this.


I’ve never known a love more true

Than this unique and special thing

I’ve got right here with you.

Fortune in Your Hands

Luck, you have to make

Chances, you have to create.

Opportunities will never wait

Tomorrow lies in your own hands.


Things are in your


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Editing/Proofreading: RITTIK CHANDRA
Publication Date: 09-01-2014
ISBN: 978-3-7368-3607-5

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