The Make- Up

Summers light,
Winters darkness,
She comes alive like and never ending fortress,
Times of sorrow and despair,
I look to see what her secrets are,
Her face covered,
Her heart smothered,
By past ex's issues and all this make-up she uses,
I tell her she's beautiful with a kind heart,
No need to cover up and show defense,
But all she hears is the opposite,
I stare into her eyes,
For there all lust lays,
Deep inside her soul,
I stare a never ending stare,
Letting her know ill never go nowhere,
And eventually,
This summer fling will end,
Leaving us with broken hearts and souls,
And her thinking I'm just like all the other men,
When really I'm not ,
I'm just a guy who loves a girl who is broken underneath that make up and her skin.

The Love Shared

Trembling lips,
Quivering as our eyes meet,
Emotions stirred as we start to speak,
Words spoken but irrelevant to our thoughts,
Hearts exchanging beats,
So many questions come to mind,
So many pick up lines reconciled,
Love bombs away at mid air,
Like a solar flare,
Suddenly i feel the urge,
To peck a kiss upon your lips,
Leaving us in a suddle bliss,
Reminiscing on our first kiss,
As the clock goes wondering upon our days,
Knowing we are no longer alone,
But taken by our future every things.


Long hair,
Dark skin,
Glasses covering eyes,
That will make you wanna sin,
A smile that would spark the hearts of a million men,
Although she refers to me as just a friend,
Her qualities make me wanna be so much more,
I keep it in not wanting to face rejection from HER,
For HER simple No means much more than just rejection to me,
So therefore everyday I pour my heart into these poems,
Leaving my love for this YOUNG WOMAN,
With the Long hair,
Dark skin,
And glasses covering eyes,
That will make you wanna sin,
A smile that would spark the hearts of a million men,
On single sheets of paper,
Until i get the courage to confess my urges to HER.


Text: Eric L. Bamberg
Images: Eric L. Bamberg
Editing: Eric L. Bamberg
Translation: Eric L. Bamberg
Publication Date: 07-22-2012

All Rights Reserved

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