chapter one.

All I could do is run away. I knew what I was running from so I ran at my top speed. I pushed away the man chasing me it didn’t take him long to catch up to me. I was only six, when a pale man with gray eyes and short blond hair captured me. He never told me why. He made me to live with him as his daughter I never knew him so how is it I’m his daughter. We look absolutely nothing alike my hair is black, green eyes the color of grass on a healthy spring day, only one thing alike the pale skin.
But that was when I was six, now I’m17 18 on October 31. Halloween great, not really Halloween never agreed with me. Maybe it is because of the way everyone dresses up as freaks. One thing I know is vampires are not real. Well that’s what I grew up to believe. I Kassidie Collins 17 years old do not believe in vampires. I got my point out and every one knows it.
“Kassidie,” I heard the guy yell for me. I do not have a name for him I just call him the guy. I ran down the stairs to where I thought I heard the voice of a killer a.k.a. the guy.
“Coming,” I said in my hush voice so he wouldn’t hear me. It’s been 11 years since he kept me here, I hate it here and he hasn’t ask me if I like it here if he did I would tell him wait, no yell at him how much I want to leave. He hasn’t asked so I keep my mouth shut. When I got down stairs I see him and ask
“Yes,” I respond in a voice I have never used.
“You need to go to school,” the guy said.
“Ok and how am I going to get there and with what stuff I don’t have a book bag after you burnt it,” I exclaimed. I have no idea why he burnt my book bag. Only things in there was pictures of the past I was six I didn’t have much. Through the years I seem to think he burnt it so I couldn’t remember where I came from but that doesn’t stop me. A little blue house with a garden in the front flowers that bloom all season my mother picked them out she had an eye for radiant objects like flowers. My father planted them with her and I use to jump on him and he would be playful with me. The guy is the opposite of my real father.
“How much money will you need,” he asked looking around the room instead of at me. Hmm maybe if he gives me a lot of money I can run away or attempt to run away when I try it is always a failure.
“I don’t know about 40$?” I believe 40 dollars is enough? Suddenly the guy gave me 40 dollars.
“Thank you,” I murmured and went upstairs. Quickly out of my old pajamas I changed to white sundress with lacing around the bottom and put my hair up in a pony tail then I picked up white sandals and took the money then slide it into my pocket beneath the mid section of my dress. I ran down the stairs and when I got to the floor I put on my sandals and quickly as possible wooshed out the door.
I passed along people who knew me when I was six but now they don’t even notice me it is like they don’t know who I am. At least I know who I am Kassidie Collins and I am not the guy’s daughter. When I passed a house with flowers just like my mothers in front I thought I saw my mother so I stumbled and tripped. My face planted on the ground it was cold like steel. I got up and brushed all the dirt off me and ran joyfully to the door and knocked.
Some one opened the door and peeked at me.
“Who may you be? Oh my come in your bleeding!”She signaled me to come in so I did as she said. Sitting at the dinner table with his soup was my father. When he noticed I was there he almost had a heart attack I think.
“Kassidie,” he yelled just like the guy.
“Yes, dad I missed you,” as I said that I went up to him and bear hugged him as tight as possible.
“Where have you been?” He sounded like he had gotten shoot.
“Some man took me and never let me leave I was scared father,” I replied.
“Where is mama,” I asked curiously. Just as I said that mama walked in and dropped the glass just to run up to me and hug me.
“Kassidie, I’m so glad your okay,” She exclaimed while hugging me tightly still.
“I’m glad you guys remember me, it seems like no one else has,” I whispered to myself mostly.
I heard a knock on the door so I rose from the seat next to father.
“I’ll get it.” I was certain that it wasn’t for them. When I got to the door it opened and I didn’t touch it so I jumped back in a frighten way.
“Sorry miss I didn’t mean to scare you.” A teenager boy my age said. His hair was blond and layed perfectly over his eyes but I think he could see anyway, his eyes where the oddest color a mixer of blue and green. My mother came to the door and greeted the boy.
“Why did you knock if you where just going to come it,” I retorted rolling my eyes.
“Well, Mrs. Collins said I could come in whenever but I felt like I had to knock this time. Who are you, and the question is why are YOU here?” he replied with a cold tone worst then the guy’s.
“I am Kassidie Collins, and the answer to your question is I found my way home, this is my home.” I said almost hissing back but I thought that would be rude.
“Well then welcome home Ms .Collins,” he said respectfully.
“If I must ask who are you,” I asked trying to sound proper and respectful.
“I am Skylar Collins.” He said with a smile creeping up his face. I know he is lying I mean maybe legally maybe like he is adopted but not my real brother certainly.
“How so,” I asked frowning.
“I’m not, I am Skylar Greene though. Are you bleeding?” His eyes shot open at the sight of blood.
“Mrs. Collins do you have any alcohol I can rub on her cut and ban aides.” He sounded like he wants to be a doctor or he doesn’t want to see the blood because he never looked at my cut the whole time he knew I had a cut.
“Yes I do ill go get you some,” she said rushing to the bathroom.
“So Skylar how do you know my parents,” I ask observing his face.
“I was like the maid they paid me little amount of money to clean their house because you father cant anymore not after what happen,” he answered never looking back at me.
“What happen to my father, I wasn’t really here for about 11 years, and I know nothing.” I looked down at my feet while I said that so I didn’t come out so clearly. Finally his eyes meet mine and he replied.
“Where have you been,” he asks sounding a little dumbfounded.
“I have been in a place I never want to go again does that suit your question.” Well that came out a little harsher then I thought. I frowned I wasn’t happy with my life one bit. “Here you go Skylar, do you want me to do it I know you can’t stand being around blood.” My mama came back with alcohol and ban aides in her hand.
“Mrs. Collins only if you like to,” he said like he was saying something to the queen of England.
“Its alright I got this, Mike wants to see you,” my mother replied to his answer which was more like a question to me. When he lefted the room my mother looked at me filled with sorrow.

chapter two

“What’s wrong mama, you seem sad,” I asked trying to find her eyes but she kept looking away.
“Mama,” I asked again.
“Nothing is wrong its just when you go kidnapped it was my fault I asked you to pick me some flowers and you did but when you never came back I ran outside. I searched for you more than 24 hours a day. Your father was as heart broken as me but he didn’t feel the guilt I did. Oh Kassidie please forgive me I Love you and I didn’t know that would happen,” she said and tears started pouring out her eyes like rain out of clouds because of a storm.
I looked up from the floor to her eyes and said “Mama it isn’t your fault I didn’t listen to you I went further then I was suppose to I went all the way down to the meadow, and mama I could never not forgive you I love you, I love you a lot and I’m happy I found home.” Tears began going down my cheeks, but they were happy and sad tears neither of my tears were from fear because nothing bad can happen to me now, now that I’m with the people I have always wanted to be with the people I can call family.
Mama put ban aides after she wiped my cuts with the alcohol. The burning started after a minute or so. I grabbed on to the edge of the table and holded it for a few seconds till the burning went away. Skylar walked in after I was all healed or there was no more blood at least.
“Mrs. Collins I have to be leaving I have school tomorrow. Kassidie do you go to school,” he talked to both of us but didn’t look instead his eyes narrowed at the floor.
“No, my kidnapper just realized that I should go to school today he sent me out to get school supplies so I came here,” I said with nothing on my mind about what I have said.
“Well do you want to go to school now that you are home,” he asked persuading me to go to school, kinda.
“Yes I do.” Then my eyes reached my mama’s “Mama, can I go to the store to buy stuff for school,” I asked acting reasonable after getting kidnapped.
“Skylar can you go with her I am pretty sure no one will take her if she is around you,” my mama said with fear of losing me again.
“Okay Mrs. Collins,” Skylar murmured like he didn’t want to. That lefted my stomach feeling like it had been punched.

While we leave the room my mama went to father and probably told him about how much better she felt to have me back or a whole different story but I know they are talking. Once Skylar and I where out of sight of my parents I started walking the other way of him.
“Kassidie where are you going,” Skylar asked but not in the voice he uses when he is around my parents. I looked at him and didn’t respond just walked away. I don’t need a baby sitter I know how to fight off people now I was six then but now I am at a whole new level. I took out my hair from a pony tail and let it loose over my shoulders.
“Kassidie really you don’t want to go over there that’s where a six year old got kid napped and died I think it is a hunted pathway now,” he stated me which made me listen.
“Skylar hasn’t you ever thought that she might still be alive and in your viewing. I mean whoa she got kidnapped she must be dead,” I said rolling my eyes.
“Kassidie do you know the girl who died, do you think that snobby little girl I knew since kindergarten still be alive I never knew her name but I knew everything about her,” Skylar asked seriously.
“Skylar, stop starting every sentence with my name first of all and secondly I am the six year old, I haven’t been home for 11 years 17-11=6 I was the one who got kidnapped I am the one who you called snobby,” I shouted to him I felt like crying but I was more mad then sad. I started walking the way he told me but I passed right by him not even flashing him a look while I moved by his cold skin.
He didn’t bother to follow me so I just smiled. I’m glad that’s off my back. The guy would probably be looking for me now. So I hurried up and got to the store where I saw Skylar waiting for me.
He walked up to me and said “Having fun?” I didn’t want to respond to the sentence that should have came out of my mouth. Instead I just walked pass him again.
“Kassidie you can’t ignore me forever,” he said while following me like a stalker.
“Skylar, just because my mama wanted you to make sure I am okay and don’t get hurt or taken, doesn’t mean you have to, also I indeed can ignore you for however long I want to,” I said with one eyebrow arched up.
“Kassidie I told you I knew you since kindergarten it’s not because your mother told me to, it’s because since I met you I felt in love with you and you didn’t notice me then when you where six and disappeared I knew you wouldn’t have let some one kill you. Also that is why I been with your parents because your mother reminded me of you and your parents did need help,” Skylar said and grabbed my arm.
“You said you didn’t know my name,” I responded trying to take all of what he said in pieces so I could understand.
“I lied, I memorized your name in kindergarten it was the third word I knew how to spell,” Skylar said the frown he had turned upside down into a bright smile, obviously he is a stalker now.
I got everything I needed without talking to him. For some reason I felt like I shouldn’t get involved with him. Then yet again he makes me want to be with him. He walked me home but I didn’t look at him once.
“See you tomorrow,” Skylar said trying to make me talk to him.
“Skylar you can go home now,” I responded with an annoyed tone to him and he started walking away. I didn’t want him to walk away.
“Kassidie your home, you must be hungry did you have dinner,” Mama said to me like always she tries to cook me food when she is happy, it gets her mood up.
“Yes mama I am hungry I haven’t had anything to eat today. It was a very independent day compared to the last 11 years of my life I’ll be more than happy if you make me the best Sunday ice cream ever.” I gave her a hint that I wanted ice cream so she got me some ice cream and smiled then pinched my cheek.
“Mama I’m not six anymore you can stop pinching my cheek and thank you for the ice cream,” I told her gracefully. As soon as I was done with my Sunday I went to the room which used to be my bedroom. I noticed nothing had changed same dirty clothes on the floor the homework I never did. They got me a bigger bed when I was gone though. I then realized didn’t have anything to change into.
“Mama, do you have any clothes that I can sleep in,” I asked looking at myself in the mirror I looked amazingly beautiful with my hair down.
She came back with pajamas that where light blue and white.
“Thank you mama,” I said to her after I took the pajamas. She lefted the room without replying I changed into my pajamas. I heard something crackle got side by my window. Next thing I know Skylar was inside my room by opening my window.
“May I help you,” I said in a confused voice.
“Kassidie come with me. You need to meet some one,” Skylar said but it sounded like a command to me.
“Why and who,” I asked flashing him a look.
“Because you need to meet your real mother and probably change,” He said laughing at my pajamas.
“My real mother… she is in the other room and it’s the new fashion.” I did a pose and laughed.
“She isn’t your real mother you whole life has been a lie “the guy” is your body guard he did kidnap you but for your safety.” Skylar was being as serious he could be, I could see he was trying not to laugh.
“How has my life been a lie I mean I am Kassidie Collins 17 years of age and I am human,” I responded not understanding what he was trying to say to me.
“You are not Kassidie Collins, you are 17, and you are not human,” He corrected me.
“I am not Kassidie Collins then who am I and what am I,” I asked not looking at him.

Chapter three-

“Kassidie that is your name but doesn’t mean you are Kassidie Collins,” he said. Ok so maybe I am not a Collins but I am not human then what am I. This all doesn’t make sense and how would he know is he my stalker or did my “real mother” send me to find me because that’s what I am thinking.
“Ok that answers one question what about the other. What am I?”
“Ask your mother. You’ll find everything out when you go to her if of course you come with me to her,” he said holding out his hand.
“How are we going to get there?” I asked while smiling and took his hand it was soft and cold. His skin was always cold like ice.
“This won’t sound like you would believe me, but get on my back and I’ll run there,” Skylar said and raised a eyebrow just like how I do. He is mocking me I thought then frowned. What does he mean run there is this like twilight when Edward runs Bella on his back?
“So what you saying is that you’re going to do what Edward did to Bella run with me on your back,” I asked and giggle remembering how Bella reacted of course vampires aren’t real.
“Yes that exactly what I am saying and maybe when you get there you would change your pajamas, and then meet your mother,” He replied with a great amount of sarcasm.
“What would happen if my father or fake father see’s you in here,” I asked. Well what would he say I mean he is my father and there is a boy in my room at 10pm at night.
“He might think that I didn’t leave after cleaning your room,” he said and smiled, I was missing something why was he smiling.
“What do you mean clean this room is exactly how I lefted it,” I asked without thinking of why he would be in my room.
“Also I read your dairy from when you were a kindergartener. Wow I never knew.” He was very amused about my look on my face and was laughing hysterically. I forgot about my dairy it had all my secrets about how I felt of the other kindergarteners I don’t know how he could read that it was a bunch of scribble scrabble, I was a kindergartener, but I think he figured out how. I said I like Skylar I hate Jessica because Jessica always been buddy partners with Skylar in fun day.
“Well I changed I don’t like that boy anymore and maybe it could have been a different Skylar doesn’t mean it was you.” I looked away.
“I agree I hated Jessica,” he stated in between his laughter.
“Well are you coming. Your not afraid I am going to bite you are you,” he said with the smile I saw in kindergarten, he said those exact words to me it was at a field trip to the water park. He stayed with Jessica though.
“Ha-ha funny,” I replied with a smirk. I went on his back and he started to go out the window.
“Why don’t we just walk out the front door,” I asked.

“It’s not as adventurous. I know you like adventures on the play ground you never stayed in one spot more than 5 seconds, yea I counted,” he said then started going out the window again.
“Good point anyways if your going to run don’t go to so slow and if your going fast I am just going to close my eyes now,” I said smiling at him then I closed my eyes and felt the air on my face which made me feel cold.
“You know I love you to,” Skylar whispered.
“Who said I love you in my voice,” I responded. Well I didn’t say I love you but maybe I thought it.
“Well your dairy pretty much made that clear that you loved me,” Skylar said I could feel him smiling at my snobby remark which is something he knows I do a lot.
“I was six, who said I love you now,” my voice didn’t sound the same when I lie, I think he could tell because he said “I know you do I can see it in your eyes.”
He stopped running I almost forgot he was running so I got off his back and standed next to him.
“Lets find out,” he said then leaned close to me and kissed me.
“Nothing,” I lied but tried to use my voice to make sure he knew I wasn’t lying but I was. My stomach turned when he turned around and stopped looking at me.
“Touché,” Skylar responded after a few minutes.
“Just come on you need to meet your mother,” he said pulling me onto his back. He started to run again so I closed my eyes. I still wonder how he can run so fast. He isn’t a vampire for sure vampires are not real I refuse to believe he is a vampire. I saw a palace or a large house I don’t know which it is but I like palace better. I couldn’t tell what color it was because it was so dark out I assumed it was a pinkish orange and the garden was beautiful my fake mother I guess would love it.
“Here we are Kassidie,” Skylar said while he looked at me being amazed.
“This place is amazing and how do you know it was here,” I asked looking around walking to all the bushes with flowers popping out cuffing them in my hands.
“Your mother knew I knew you and when she heard the person you so call the guy saying he was going to let you out for once she made me will asked me to come get you, but the whole love and kiss thing she doesn’t have to know about,” Skylar said laughing at the last part he said. I didn’t think it was so funny but I let him laugh I was barely even paying attention to him my eyes were focus on the flowers.
“I’m sure your mother is sleeping so I should take you back another time or do you want me to show you your room,” Skylar asked like he was my butler. I didn’t like him sounding like that though it didn’t suit me.
“You should take me back tomorrow. Even though we have school or you do,” I stated with sadness in my voice, I just met this garden I don’t want to leave it.
“Okay I think we can skip the first day of school don’t you, I mean I don’t want to go to school no one our age does,” Skylar said looking at me for the first time since he kissed me. I do miss his kiss now, but he can’t know.
“Kassidie did you know you have a brother and a boyfriend,” Skylar said walking up to me.
“No and I don’t.”
“Well your brother’s name is Travis, and as for your boyfriend I was hoping that was your answer,” Skylar smiled. All a sudden snow had lightly fallen onto the garden and no where else. I would be asking Skylar questions about that but I just admired it the snow covering everything making it looks like diamonds glittering under the moonlight.
“Coming Kassidie,” Skylar asked.
“Can we walk instead I want to keep my eyes open this time more adventurous,” I retorted with a smirk.
“Kassidie is it bad if I’m falling in love with a girl I haven’t known for 11 years,” Skylar asked looking at the ground instead of at me.
“Skylar why do you always start the sentences as Kassidie and it’s never bad to fall in love with some one even if they don’t love you back and who may this girl be I am pretty sure I can guess who she is.”I replied to his question which caught me off guard. Skylar I knew for 1 year I got kidnapped haven’t seen him in 11 years he found me and I think I’m in love is that normal?
“One because I like your name and two you are right I think you know yourself.” Skylar quickened his pace instead of going the same pace that I am going. I caught up to him and looked at him.
“Thanks for the truth and for a fact I love you to.” I sounded choked up when I replied. I haven’t been to school for 11 years yet I am smart and I am in love the day I got out. That is quite impossible if you think of it, but I guess it is true. It was silent walk to my house. Finally Skylar broke the silence once we got to my window.
“See-ya tomorrow Kassidie, and don’t get lost in the school,” Skylar said and winked at me.
“I won’t get lost, why do you think I would get lost,” I said and started to go the opposite of my window. He pointed the other way towards my window
“I just think you will,” Skylar stated laughing.
“What’s your point?” I started to walk into the window. He lefted once I was in the window safely. I closed the window behind me and locked it. I was still in my pajamas so I just went under my soft comforter. I fell asleep but with nightmares about who my real mother is who is my father the worst yet if I am not human what am I Skylar didn’t really tell me what I am just that I am not a Collins. All I can think that I am not human well will my real mother tell me what I am. Do I have a father? I stopped my nightmares by getting up and getting a glass of water. I fell asleep this time a full rest.
I woke up to water splashed in my face. I panicked and I heard something crash.
“What the…” I said and looked around.
“Hi Kassidie, I just was making sure you were going to come today your going to be late,” Skylar said, this is not exactly how I wanted him to wake me or see me.
“Okay, then leave so I can change I told you I wouldn’t get lost,” I said drying my face with my pillow. Well I hope I don’t get lost. First day can’t I skip it? No I thought to myself.
“Fine, but I’m going to show u the way to school and your classes I still think you are going to get lost,” Skylar said hinting that he is absolutely sure I am going to get lost. He lefted the room so I started for my closet I figured that my closet would be full of kindergartener clothes but it was clothes that fit me. I took the denim skinny jeans and light blue sandals like the sky on a bright day. I wore a blue shirt with a collar for school and a white jacket hiding the shirt. My hair was horrible so I took my brush and attacked my hair with the brush and soon enough it was straight, then once it was finally straight I put on my earrings that I don’t know where I got from but they look like no one bought them. I picked up my backpack with the stuff I need for school I remember in kindergarten you didn’t need any of this. It is going to be tough for me since I haven’t been to school in so long. I walked out of my room and realized it was very bright outside and squinted at the brightness.
“Bye mama and dad,” I called out walking out the door, as usual I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t ask for food. Once I headed for the school I stopped at a tree I saw dying but then I thought I needed to hurry so I would make it to school without getting lost maybe I didn’t go the right way but that was me being adventurous maybe Skylar was right about the adventurous thing.

Okay my first teacher is Mr. Greene, isn’t that Skylar’s last name Greene. I headed to the class I got there and saw Skylar all ready sitting at his seat. It doesn’t take him that much to beat me to anything. Then I turned around and saw Jessica, in kindergarten she loved Skylar and thought I was her best friend I hope she has changed. I think she may still like Skylar but the best friend part.
“Kassidie,” Jessica yelled out smiling walking super fast in her high heels to me. Oh so now the devil wears heels.
“Jessica I didn’t think you would notice me.” I laughed at the thought.
‘Why does she have to be in this class?’ I didn’t to say to any one but it was more pushed out of my mind then a thought. I touched my head I felt a spark then I hear a voice say ‘because she goes to this school duh.’ Was that Skylar I thought to myself, and I shot him a glance.
Yes this is Skylar talking in your head.’
‘How!’ I thought back.
‘How are you talking to me in your head?’ ‘Wow she is clueless.’ Skylar said in my head I don’t know about that last part though but it did go to my head.
‘Wow she is clueless?? I’m right here I can hear you sorta.’ I shoot a mean glance to him.
‘I thought that I didn’t talk well talk in your head to you.’ He said back to my head.
‘ I hate doing this can we stop it is giving me a headache not really but I don’t want to talk through your thoughts. If that is how you do it I dunno.’ Then Mr. Greene told the class to take a seat anywhere so I did in the back next to the corner then Skylar got up and sat next to me. I gave him what look but he just laughed. I still wonder if Mr. Greene is Skylar’s dad but I don’t want to ask. The class was talking so Mr. Greene keep quieting them down but that didn’t stop them so he let us have a free period. I still didn’t talk…out loud.
‘Skylar is that your dad?’ I thought to him I finally had the nerve to ask so why not.
‘No he is my uncle.’ Skylar said in a informative way even though we didn’t speak out loud it sounded as we did. Jessica walked up to Skylar and just stared like he wouldn’t notice but of course he noticed. You would have to be a blind man to not see.
“Hi Skylar,” Jessica finally said smiling.
“Hey Jessica,” He replied not exactly a reply but it sounded like a question.
‘Be nice she ‘loves you’.’ I pointed out and laughed.
“Oh and hi Kassidie,” Jessica added because she heard me laugh she probably thought Skylar and her were the only people on the planet.
‘Well I don’t like her so why should I be?’ Skylar said pointing out his side of it.
“So, Skylar want to go on a date this Saturday,” Jessica asked flipping her hair which just made her look ugly it didn’t help much I know she is pretty but when she tries to be its just horrible.
‘What was that?’ I laughed.
‘I have no clue but of course you’re the only one who is ever clueless so I’m getting a hint that she was trying to be pretty. It didn’t work to be honest.’ He joined me laughing but I already stop so he was on his own which made him laugh alone at nothing because I am the only one who could hear him. I shook my head when he stopped laughing.
‘I wish I could skip class after this one I mean I hate it already I just want to meet my real mother I already know everything I need to.’ I sighed and picked up my back pack then the bell ring wow how that for on time.
‘Then why don’t you skip class with me I mean not every day you do this but you have a pretty good reason. I think it is the best excuse yet.’
He followed me in the hall to my locker I forgot that his was next to mine I also found it odd. I took out all my books from my backpack and put it in my locker then I just put my book bag in there to and locked it. He started to leave without telling me so I hurried up and followed him out the front door that was weird how easy it was to get out of school.
“Well no one is listening so we don’t need to talk in our heads. Unless you prefer it,” Skylar said with a smirk on his face, he knows I hate talking in our minds.
“No, no I am good talking to you out loud because honestly I have nothing to say,” I answered I didn’t know if he asked me a question or not but I answered it like that.
“Okay what ever you say,” Skylar said and he took my arm and brought me closer to him. I didn’t really fight it but I did panic when he touched my arm.
“What am I, you still haven’t answered me my real mother will tell me, is not an answer,” I said confused about the whole thing.
“You are… the girl I love,” Skylar replied I can see he doesn’t want to really tell me what immortal thing I am. List of things I can be that are fairytale that comes to mind,
• Troll, as if I know I’m not goddess like, but I’m not that ugly..
• Angel, Nope.
• Vampire, not likely
• Werewolf, also not likely
• Fairy, are those even real?
Okay I don’t think I am any of those so… what am I.
“Maybe but I mean you said I am not human then what on earth am I,” I ask trying to get what is the truth from him. He just kept walking not saying anything. That was a fail I wish he would tell me. I didn’t notice when he let go of me but his arm was no longer intertwined with my arm. Why are there so many secrets about my life I don’t know but a lot of others do that makes no sense what so ever. We arrived at the palace. There was the amazing garden right in front again but this time it was spring so it stood out the most bright colors normal flowers do not have. I wonder what keeps these flowers alive. In the snow they didn’t die so it must have a living source.
‘ Everyone talks like this in the palace when they have a secret and only you and your real mother can hear it if it isn’t thought to you.’ Skylar’s voice said in my head.
“Okay,” I replied out loud instead. I didn’t follow him when he lefted to go inside I just sat on the bench next to the beautiful flowers. I sat there for about 10 minutes before someone I didn’t know sat next to me.
“Why are you out here and not inside,” the boy my age asked me. I wonder who this must be. He held out his hand and said “I’m Damon a friend of Travis. I haven’t seen you here much or ever. First time here?” I took his hand and shook it.
“I haven’t heard of you and to be honest I never meet Travis but I know of him. I am Kassidie.” I stood up and went stand next to him but then Skylar came out.
‘Kassidie that’s Damon you don’t want to get to know him say you have to leave. Just because he is your brother’s friend doesn’t mean he is nice. Haven’t your mother ever told you not to talk to strangers.’ Skylar telepathically talked to me. I don’t think he can harm me will I don’t think he wants to harm me.
“Damon are you here to see Travis,” I asked him ignoring what Skylar told me.
“Yes would you like to meet him while I visit him,” He asked and smiled. He began to walk into the giant palace. I would call it a castle but that means there has to be a princess and queen or king. Inside there was a giant hall filled with glass windows it was very bright in the house but it wasn’t the happy bright, I felt very surprise by how much this place depresses me. We walked up the stairs and found a open room it looked like a girls so I was sure it wasn’t Travis’s room.
“This is yours Kassidie.” Damon pointed in. I walked in and sat on the bed. I saw the closet it was a full walk in closet I could see it was filled with dresses and fancy wear.
“Do I have to change,” I asked Damon.
“That would be great ill be outside the door waiting so I can show you Travis’s room. I come here everyday to see Travis we are great pals,” Damon explained to me. I heard the door close behind me I was too overwhelmed by the clothes to notice he lefted. I saw a gown that was olive green and white, my two favorite colors in one. I took it off the hanger and laid it on my bed then took off my jacket and clothes and put on the beautiful gown. I put on a necklace to match it because it was eye-catching. I put on flat sandals that were white and opened the door.
“Okay can I meet my brother now,” I asked with my curly hair covering my eye. I moved the hair from my eye so I could see clear enough to where I was going. We stopped at the door 3 doors down from mine.
“Hey Damon, who is that I never saw her before,” Travis asked Damon and was looking at me.
“Travis this is your sister Kassidie,” Damon answered smiling, I think Travis never wanted a sister and Damon knew that.
“Hello,” I said to him trying to get his attention.
“Nice to meet you sister,” Travis said sounding as confused as I am.
“Nice to meet you to Travis, you don’t have to call me Sister just Kassidie if you like,” I told him. I don’t like being called sister or anything besides Kassidie so I inform everyone I know of that.
“Okay Kassidie. Have you met our mother yet,” He asked laughing like it was a joke. I like the gown so if it was a joke all along I’m keeping the gown.
“No but I would like to,” I admitted. I walked back and forth in the hall because I didn’t know where to go. Then when I stopped walking I just stood there. I leaned on the wall. I am here I still don’t know who my real mother is I don’t know what kind of immortal thing I am and I don’t know if this is real or just a dream. I honestly don’t want to know if this is real or fake but I want to enjoy it while I am here or dreaming. I just smiled if anyone that was there was looking at me they must be confused about my expressions. I walked down the hall then turned right and then I was in an all glass room. The door and walls both sparkled like the water on a sunny day at a beach. I found a young old woman.
“Hello Kassidie,” She said to me. I think this is her. Is this my real mother? The women is dainty in her gown like mine but instead of white and green it is black and red but charming in a evil looking way. I caught her eye and replied “Hello?” I am puzzled I don’t know what to think is she my mother is she not my mother. Why does she look like she wants to kill me?
“Have a seat,” the alluring women said pointing at a chair that was also made out of glass. I sat down in the chair smoothing out my dress before I sat.
“You have many questions don’t you well I can answer all of them. I am your mother. My name is Elysia if you do not please to call me mother,” My real mother said.

chapter four

There is no way that gorgeous women is my mother. That is a shocker.
“I have one, I am dying to figure out if I am not human, then what am I,” I said egger to know what I am what kind of immortal thing am I and why do I keep calling myself a thing.
“You are a mix of an angel your fathers side and a vampire my side. I do not wish to speak of your father if that is alright. I know you want to learn everything about you that has been a lie,” She pointed out. A vampire how vampires are not real and angels don’t get born they are sent from heaven or has all those fairytales been a lie. I think the best thing to do is not believe in fairytales anymore.
With a sweet angelic voice I replied “A vampire and angel mixed together. I am sorry but that doesn’t sound right I believe that vampires hate angels am I suppose to hate half of me?” I don’t think I got that quite straight. That was the best I could do I would have just said what. I don’t know how I am a vampire I don’t want blood but I am not really around blood what about angels what do angels eat exactly? I wish I could meet my father and ask him all about angels but I am sure Elysia would not let me go near him and I just meet her and that’s the gut feeling I get.
“You are not supposed to hate yourself, just picture yourself as only a vampire and the angel thing was a lie. Also I know you are going to say ‘I hope this is all a lie.’ But it is not so, don’t think it is,” She revised what I said into something better. I was going to say I hope this is a lie that was true but how did she know are we that alike or can she see what I think even though I did not think it yet. I am confused about all of this maybe if I fake a headache I can leave but also I do not want to leave I want to figure out everything I have a question for.
“So what am I suppose to be a perfect angel sent from hell,” I said not getting the point of an angel vampire. I just want to go to my room have a goodnight sleep and forget this happen and find myself in my bed that I have been sleeping in when I was 6.
“No just a vampire you’re an angel but not like an angel with wings and halos above their head. They do have wings but they are black and dark, these angels are more deceptive then you would think,” she said looking like she was spiting out venom like a snake-like person. I can see she hates angels I can not imagine why.
I heard a knock on the door.
“Come in,” my mother said a lovely voice. I don’t know why I would call her mother if I did not grow up with her but if she did give birth to me I think I should call her mother. I just gained a new question. Why did I have different parents? Then I realized they were coming in I saw them Damon and Skylar holding a man that looks 18 years old his face had cuts that were healed already but once where bleeding like a couple of minutes ago.
“He knocked out a guard to come here, I am guessing he is here for Kassidie,” Damon informed my mother. Why would someone come for me and have to knock out a guard to get here. Is he an angel?
“I am here to collect the princess of angels. Her father wants her back now that he knows she is here he will do anything for her,” the angel said. What does he mean ‘here to collect the princess of angels.’ I am not the princess of vampires nor the princess of angels am I, I would have to choose which side to be on my mothers with Skylar or my fathers who I have not meet or want to meet.
“You can not have her neither can he, he no longer has a say in her life he never did and I would like you to tell him. If you or another angel comes back here I will kill them by hand,” my mother refused shaking like she was about to burst like a volcano.
“I’m scared,” I whispered to Skylar who was still holding the angel. He just smiled and walked out the angel I think they are going to take him to dungeon, I hope they don’t have a dungeon I mean what do you need such a horrid place.

chapter five-

I went up the stairs to my room and jumped onto the bed. Why do I have so many questions? My world is messed up as we know it. My mother seems to care for me being alive and she wants to keep me alive but why I haven’t known her for 15 years. She doesn’t want me to know my father which makes me want to know why so I want to visit him but I know everyone here will not let me. I can live but I can not go to where ever my father is I think that is rather odd. I got off my bed and walked to the door before I could open it, of course, Skylar opened it. Déjà.
“May I help you Skylar,” I asked holding the door he opened. I don’t know what he wants so I raised my eyebrow.
“Oh help me no, help your mother yes. She wants to talk to you,” He replied sounding like a butler again. He held out his hand just like he did when he wanted me to come with him here yesterday night.
“Okay.” I smiled taking his hand. He lead me to another room that wasn’t the glass room my mother was in earlier this time the room was filled with bright colors, yellow, green, red, blue, and more exotic colors. You would think vampires would leave in a place with very little light but here there is many hot light burning on your skin from outside. I saw my mother walk to the living room part of the room. This room was like a house but only had four walls like a normal room, one thing this room is nothing compared to normal. My olive green gown tail was dragging behind me it slows me down but I am not in a rush.
“Yes mother you wished to speak with me,” I said with a blank expression on my face. I don’t know how to speak with her she seems to be the type that corrects you a lot when you talk.
“Yes I do Kassidie. I noticed how you would like to visit your father. You are smart for knowing we would not let you but if you would like to see why I do not want to you get involved with your father he doesn’t think about something or what the aftermath is. He isn’t worthy for your Kassidie,” she sounded like she was explaining the devil mixed with my father even though it sounds like the devil is my father.
“I do want to see him. So he is an angel devil,” I asked with a mini smile.
“Okay Skylar will you get Travis and Damon can you three take her. I do not want her getting harmed,” She demanded Skylar politely. I keep wondering why he sounds like a butler and gets commands I am guessing he works for my mother. I forgot he mentioned that. Skylar told me to follow him so I did he went to a library instead of upstairs. I walked around looking for Damon and Travis.
“Their not here I can’t find them,” I insisted for giving up. When I turned around to prove me wrong Skylar was walking with Damon and Travis on both his sides. Skylar is always better than me.
“Okay never mind, I found them,” I said pointing at them as they walked closer.
“Nice to see you again Kassidie,” Damon said first then Travis added “Why would you want to see the King of Angels?” I don’t know why I would be offended by that but I was.
“I want to meet my father it is my right you know,” I exclaimed. Damon kept his eyes on me the whole ride to the King of Angel’s palace, which was very creepy. Travis drove while Skylar was yelling at him for driving so fast. I on the other hand liked the car being driven fast. .
“Travis why does the king want me and not you, wouldn’t you be the prince of angels,” I asked because I am still confused and I want all the answers I can get.
“He thinks you have more power than me, I think that you do to and as for our mother she thinks you have the greatest power of all the vampires and angels alive so you should be ruler of the vampires not the angels.” He answered my question clearly. That is a great answer but to bad it is not true. I don’t have any powers that I know of at least.
“What power?”I said because I came more confuse. Travis stopped the car and Damon and Skylar got out. I got out of the car and tripped. That shows how much power I have.
“Are you having fun tripping,” Damon and Skylar asked in unison. I saw that coming from Skylar but not Damon.
“Funny,” I say with heavy sarcasm. I walked toward the giant door that lets me into the Angels palace.
“I am not going to get hurt am I?”I asked about to push open the door.
“No, you won’t get hurt if you open the gate,” Skylar said with a sarcastic voice.
“So I will get hurt,” I asked again just to make sure. “
No!”He yelled back. Wow that was harsh.
“Okay then I am going to go in the gate without you three.”.
“Okay see-ya,” They all murmured. Oh my god. I took a step forward toward the gate and began to open it. “No Kassidie you can’t go alone,” Damon walked up the path to the gate.
“Okay are you coming then,” I said with a smirk. I finished opening it and a guard ran up to me and whacked me in the head I fell to the ground and everything around me got blurry. I can hear all the voices calling my name but I can’t figure out who is saying my name. I opened my eyes and blinked until I could see again. I’m not by the gate anymore I can see that but where am I exactly??
“Kassidie are you okay,” Damon whispered. Well I am not exactly good if that is what he is asking.
“Where are Travis and Skylar,” I answered his question with one.
“They are in the room, so I’m not good enough. I see.” I was just making sure they were okay but I see I made him sad. I can’t do anything right can I?
“No your fine I just wanted to make sure they didn’t get attacked.”I pointed to my head which is still dizzy from the guard whacking my forehead. “Oh right. You know you are the princess here to you can get that guard executed.”He said smiling. Damon smiles a lot but he seems the type to not smile. The door burst open, and then the guard came in.
“Come.”The guard roared taking my arm. I let the guard take me and he was still holding my arm tightly.
“Can you let go of my arm already?”I hissed. He lightened his grip on me but didn’t release me.
“Excuse me but can you let go of my arm it still hurts a lot.”I remarked. He ignored me and didn’t let go. I tried to free my arm but every time I did his grip got tighter. Finally he let go when we got to the black door that towered the hall.
“What’s inside?” I said wryly.
“You’ll see.”The guard said with a grin. I’m scared now. He opened the door and pushed me inside so I said “Easy!” I looked around looking for clues to where I am then I noticed a man on a thrown, “King.”I Hesitated.
“How was your nap?”He asked with a mid-evil grin on his wrinkly face. My father disguises me.
“Horrible, thank you for asking father,” I said with a gloomy sigh. His smile lit up. I can tell what my mother said about him was not a lie; I need to get out of here fast. He got up and swiftly walked towards me. I stood there waiting for something to happen.
“So you think you can just walk in here and say hi, who are you?”He asked with fire in his eyes.
“Yes I do, and I am Kassidie.”I assured him. He can’t scare me, that is because I am already freaking out.
“Kassidie, my daughters name is Kassidie did you know that?”He questioned me.
“Are you dumb? I am your daughter why else would I be here?”I hissed back. I dig my finger nails in my palms so I am not temped to hit him.
“No I am not dumb. Who invited you here?”He asked hissing back. No one why would anyone want me to be here?
“Myself.”I trembled to answer.
“Ah I see. You are lucky you are still alive after that guard hit you.”He smirked.
“He did not hit me that hard or if he did he did a poor job at leaving a mark.”I pointed out. I didn’t narrow my eyes I just kept looking around but I wasn’t looking for anything.
“They why were you knocked out on the dungeon floor before you came here?”He replied and laughed.
“I just came to ask you things about how I am a half angel. WHAT ARE ANGELS? Apparently they aren’t sent from heaven, no one is nice here.”I blurted.
“We are Night Angels we aren’t nice because no one would take us seriously and try to destroy our kingdom.”He informed me. Night Angels.
“That doesn’t mean you have to be so harsh TO ME.”I hinted.
“You broke in.”He rejected with pleasure. I walked out the room without the guard taking me so I think that I should hurry to find Travis, Damon, and Skylar.
I went down the hall with pictures starting to fall and spider webs attached to each wall. This is about right for a dungeon. I walked faster but a hint quieter.
Kassidie you’re going the wrong way! Damon’s voice popped into my head. I kept going down the hall until I found a large guard waiting outside a door. That’s the dungeon. I slowly walked up to the guard and used all my force to punch him in the nose but he just laughed so I backed away about to scream for help, but Damon opened the door pushing the guard to the ground and whispered “That was easy.” They all came out the room.
“We need to hurry out of here don’t you think.”Travis insisted.
“No really?”Skylar sarcastically replied.
“Just come.”I exclaimed. I walked to the door and opened it.
“What happened to being adventurous?”Skylar whispered.
“No time.”I giggled and walked out the door. The gate was up ahead. What about the guard he might hit me again if I pass the gate? I thought out there so anyone around me could hear it. Be adventurous and punch him or something. Skylar stated the idea. I walked up to the gate and opened it but this time I was waiting for the whack instead I walked quicker and got out of the path and hid in the trees. Travis and Skylar already passed me so I thought I would try to scare Damon. He walked pass the Tree I was hiding behind and I jumped out and tackled him.
“What was that?”He asked.
“I was bored there is no excitement around you guys.”I explained. We walked to the car without any trouble which was weird I attract trouble. Travis was driving again but this time he was more claim.
“So what did you get out of this trip?”Travis asked me focusing on his driving though.
“Never visit your father.”I joked. The palace looks like it belonged with the devil rather than with Angels. I promise to myself I will not go there again.

chapter six- meet someone new

“We have something alike; we both hate the same father.”Travis said smiling. We got to the Kingdom I decided that the place where I now live is a Kingdom not a palace.
“The Angels palace isn’t that far from here why is that,” I asked curiously.
“The world thinks that vampires and angels are not real right? We want it to stay that way, so if we are close we are together no one will know we are here, of course we have our differences so we don’t live in the same kingdom as them it would be chaos,” Travis gave me an answer like it was on the top of his head. I looked around and noticed we were not getting out of the car but it didn’t move. I opened the door and walked out.
“Where are you going Kassidie,” The guy asked staring me down like I have transformed. I have transformed I look beautiful in a gown and not jeans and a tee-shirt.
“I’m going to the kingdom, I think if it is that way. I don’t know,” I explained. I looked around the kingdom was there just a minute ago. I turned around and still couldn’t figure out what’s going on.
“The kingdom it was just there and the car,” I pointed to where I saw the car before I got out.
“What’s happening,” I asked the guy unexpectedly.
“You are crazy Kassidie,” The guy said.
“How,” I asked uncertain.
“You are not in a kingdom there is no kingdom just my home,” He assured me. I looked around I was back in the guy’s house. Was that all a dream? That was a great dream, if it was. I walked away and went to my bedroom. I hate it here still but I love my adventure. I heard a group of laugher outside my window so I went to the window and threw a rock at the guy.
“Really Skylar,” I asked. He climbed up the tree and into my bedroom.
“Really Kassidie,” He replied pointing to the spot I hit him with the rock.
“I’m sorry,” I replied. I looked at him and saw he hadn’t stopped bleeding.
“Um, Skylar you’re bleeding.” I looked at him in surprise.
“Thank you for telling me,” He said sarcastically.
“You’re welcome,” I whispered giggling. Damon climbed in through my window and waved hi.
“Is it a club in my room or something,” I asked raising my arms.
“If you want it to be,” Damon assured me with one eye brow up. What does he mean I can have a club in my room, he would like that wouldn’t he. I rolled my eyes.
“Travis,” I questioned because I heard the tree branch snap outside my window.
“No,” Skylar and Damon said in unison. Then who? I focused on Skylar on him so he can be the only one to hear me. I don’t know just don’t go near the window. He informed me. I did the opposite of what he said and started towards the window and peered outside, but it already became dark outside so I could not see anything. I opened my window so I could see clearly.
“Hello,” I whispered.
“HELP,”A girl cried out. I began to step out the window, but Skylar tried to hold me back, soon he let go and I climbed out into the tree. I see the girl, her hair is bright red and her lips match the same fiery color. She reminds me of a rose I would always pick for my, apparently fake mother. I snapped out of my day dream and carefully made my way across the tree and got to the girl I notice she is bleeding terribly. That’s weird, wherever I got near blood in my past I would get a horrible pain in my mouth. Now that I know I’m a vampire I guess it is because of my fangs. Everything makes sense now. “My...Name...Is...Rose...Help...Me...Hurry...”Rose Hesitated.
“I’m Kassidie, Can you move,” I asked focusing on her legs which seem to be bleeding or from blood from another part of her body.
“Yes, I can move,” She said.
“Come,” I told her holding out my hand. ER bleeding girl coming through brace yourself. I noted to Skylar and Damon. Rose took my hand and started to follow me. The tree’s leafs got in our hair but we didn’t care, we hurried into my room. I looked around but I couldn’t seem to find Skylar or Damon. Hmm, wonderful I can’t find them. I took rose to the bathroom so I can stop her bleeding. I got some cloth and wrapped it around her arm. I can see the blood soaking the cloth turning it a deep red like her hair. I feel like I can faint because of the blood so I sit on the edge of the tub.
“What happened,” I asked trying not to look at her. I take a glimpse at her and I can see she is confused but she opens her mouth and says “I was walking down the street for no reason just to get some fresh air, but when I saw the Angels outside your house I asked them what they where doing. They wouldn’t answer so I got up closer and ask one of them and they got very annoyed, so they hit me. I defended myself by fighting back I couldn’t take anymore punches so I climbed up the tree and I snapped a few branches on the way I thought they would come get me but they didn’t. I guess you heard me snapping the branches and helped me. Thank you so much Kassidie.” She smiled.
“Oh and I’m a vampire to so don’t worry,” She sat up in confidence. Skylar came out of nowhere and saw Rose and he greeted her and they started talking so I walked out into my bedroom.

I went to my bed and sat on it crisscross. Notes in my head:
• I like two boys, Skylar and Damon. Sadly I can’t choose who I like better.
• I am a vampire and an angel.
• I think I saved rose’s life.
• I will one day die because of my father. Hopefully I’ll die before he gets to me.
• Last but not least, I will become queen of vampires. Wow.
“Life hates me,” I said doubtful with a smile.
“No it doesn’t why do you think that,” Damon said from the corner of the room.
“Why do you think it likes me,” I asked ignoring his question.
“Well you’re beautiful you can marry any boy you would like. You will become a Queen. You are a hero. One day you will make sure that your father will never harm another living thing. One more thing, you will never die,” He replied without stopping to think about it. I am not beautiful. I looked down at myself. Yes I am not beautiful, when I’m cover in blood.
“I’m surprise you don’t have a girlfriend.” I laughed.
“I do,” He said which made me stop laughing.
“Really? Are you lying,” I asked kind of hurt.
“Yes I am,” He laughed while answering me. I walked to the door and walked out. The guy was sitting on the couch and when I passed him he said something like where are you going or something I didn’t listen. I am tired of being in the wrong house. I put on my gray sandals and opened the front door to leave.
“Good-bye.”I waved to the house and started to walk towards the kingdom. Even though it is dark out I can still admire the tree and nature. I let my hair loose from the hair tie and the wind quickly blew through it. I began to see the kingdom and ran towards it but it began to fade in the dark night sky again. I sat on the grass letting all my worries blow away like the wind. Rose had been following me I guess because she came up to me and sat next to me.
“I like it out here during the night, but it isn’t safe for us,” She informed me.
“Hmm, I guess needed some Kassidie time,” I replied. She didn’t respond to that. She just sat there doing the same as me, admiring the great outside.
“Kassidie, you know that Damon isn’t a vampire right he is a human/angel. Also, he is destine to kill vampires you should stay away from him,” She said looking worried. How is he a vampire slayer he hangs out with Travis all the time? Where is Travis? Oh my god. My eyes widen.
“Do you know where Travis is? Or do you even know who Travis is?”I gave her a hopeful smile.
“Travis, I know him but people are gossiping that someone killed him this morning. Before I went on my walk that’s what I heard that might be a reason why I was walking.”She looked at me and I could see she was about to cry.
“He was a great guy. We were in the same classes and school together, great buddies. I think he died.”She choked up. I wiped the tears off her face which was icy cold.
“My twin died the second day I come back,” I said confused.
“I just need to leave. You’re better off without me aren’t you,” I asked. She gave me a look like I was crazy.
“Kassidie if you leave everything we become chaos! Without Travis you’re the next one to be Queen so if you leave we would have no Queen or King and the Angels will come and kill us all, we need you more than anything so please don’t say that,” She blurted out. I got up from the grass and wiped all the dirt off my dress and helped Rose up.
“I don’t know if you’re right but you are being really helpful, Thank you,” I said smiling. Rose took my hand and started to dance. I laughed and said “What are you doing?” She stopped dancing and smiled “Dancing away all my fears.”Then she started to dance and I danced with her.
I stopped dancing and glared at Damon. Rose stopped dancing to see what got my attention.
“Oh my Vampire. Kassidie we have to get away,” She said starting to run towards the kingdom. I grabbed her hand and ran to. Damon looked at me and frowned. I looked at him a shook my head, I waved good-bye to him just like with the house.
“KASSIDIE,” Damon yelled. I didn’t look back, instead I just followed Rose.
“Rose what am I going to do,” I asked her silently while we slowed down.
“We’ll talk about what you are going to do once you’re in the kingdom so he can’t get to you,” She said back. I looked at my feet and felt gloomy. We ran a little faster then Rose stopped at the gate.
“It’s Rose Kristbel, and Kassidie Bailey,” Rose said to the guard. Then he opened the gate and we walked inside. I never went into the kingdom this way. I walked into the kingdom and went to the room where I met my mother.
“Mother,” I asked looking around.
“Kassidie, you’re alright thank goodness. Did you hear about Travis,” She said looking like she has been crying for hours. That may be a possibility.
“Yes I did. You knew Travis better than I do, because I knew him for a day you knew him for a life time,” I said and my eyes began to tear.
“Well I have you now, that’s the Brightside to it,” She smiled. Rose and I walked upstairs and I tripped on about four stair cases on the way up. Rose laughed at me each time. Finally, when we got to my room I changed into pajamas and gave Rose some to sleep in to. I made the bed. We both hopped on the bed and sat.
“So my last name is Bailey,” I asked Rose who was painting my nails. I let her because she said that all her friends aren’t really friends so she doesn’t have sleepovers and it’s one of her favorite things to do.
“Yes. It means bailiff, bailiff means a person in charge or has authority. That suits your family very well if you ask me,” She said smiling. She was making rose designs on my nails. It is nice having a friend. I smiled and laughed.
“What,” She said frowning.
“Sorry I’m just laughing at myself,” I said with a smirk. We both look at the window and hear noises. “Skylar,” I said to her. We both went to the window though. Okay maybe not Skylar.
“Valentina,” Rose murmured. Valentina, who’s Valentina!
“Valentina,” I whispered.
“She is a Vampire slayer like Damon but she is stronger but she doesn’t waste her time on just any Vampire on Vampires like you because you’re royalty,” She whispered back. I went into my closet and took a light blue shirt with white hearts and white skinny jeans and put them on. Rose asked if she could wear something to. I said yes of course. She picked a red velvet top and a pear of white skinny jeans to. We put on white sneakers and ran out the door. Before we did anything I said “Stop.” And Rose stopped. I took my hair tie and put my curls into a bun.
“Okay let’s go,” I said in a high pitched voice. I walked quickly to the gate and the guard was gone.
“Oh my Vampire,” Rose said stunned. She went to where the guard usually stands. I was there all alone.
Valentina or Damon
I stood there for a second then I felt a cold metal object on my throat. My eyes widen when they meet the silver dagger waiting to cut my throat.
“Valentina,” I asked.
“How did you know? I don’t believe we have met,” She said with a cold tone. She made her way around me, and then she was standing in front of me. Her blonde hair framing her peachy colored skin that has dried blood.
“You killed Travis and the guard didn’t you,” I hissed.
“One of the two,” She replied keeping the dagger to my skin.
“You won’t kill me, try as hard as you can and you still won’t,” I said smiling, I am ready to die I have no reason to live do I?
“Oh really so you won’t mind me stabbing you with this dagger,” She said taking the dagger away from my throat to show me. I ran once the dagger was away from my throat. I saw Rose being choked so I ran to her and kicked the guy choking her. He let go and was about to punch me but he saw Valentina. I turned around about to face the death of my life. She was about to stab me when Skylar knocked out the dagger from her hands covered in blood.
“Oh my Vampire. Thank you Skylar you saved Kassidie. I’m thanking you because I know Kassidie won’t,” Rose said hugging me but looking at Skylar.
“Kassidie thank you for saving me, AGAIN,” She added laughing. Skylar looked at me and said “Why are you out here trying to get yourself killed?” Like I tried to get myself killed that’s the last thing on my menu. I frowned.
“I wasn’t,” I whispered.
“Then why are you two out here,” He asked. I would say because we heard something and thought it was Valentina so we ran outside to see if it was her. That would make him say something like I told you, you were trying to get yourself killed. Instead of saying that I simply replied, “To get fresh air.” Rose didn’t get what I was saying because she knew if wasn’t true so she said “Yup what Kassidie said.” Skylar is awesome at knowing when I lie so he laughed.
“You were trying to get yourself killed weren’t you,” He questioned with a smirk.
“No. Kassidie wasn’t trying to die. I hope not at least,” Rose remarked. I gave Rose a look and started to walk towards the kingdom. I stopped half way and noticed she wasn’t following me but she was talking to Skylar.
“Rose! Are you coming,” I Yelled. She ran to me and giggled.
“Sorry I didn’t quite get what your look meant,” She smiled. I looked at my jeans and noticed they have some blood on them and hurried up the stairs. My green eyes widen to see Rose bleeding badly.
“R-r-r-ose you’re bleeding,” I stuttered.
“Oh my vampire,” She said hurrying after me up the stairs. Rose got to my room and I assume she went to the bathroom. I can still see the blood, Red like her hair. My vision blurred and soon blacked out. Did I just faint? Hmm, I wonder why.
Blazing hot water poured on my skin. I opened my eyes and wiped off as much water as I could.
“I thought people use COLD water not HOT water to wake someone up,” I said sarcastically.
“Last time I used cold water so I thought you would like hot instead,” Skylar laughed.
“Thank you Skylar,” I said laughing to. Skylar helped me sit up on the stairs. I got up once I was sitting instead of laying down on the long part of the stair case.
“Err, Skylar what time is it,” I asked looking around for a clock or something with time.
“7 Am. what are you doing on the stairs at 7 Am Kassidie,” Skylar replied.
“You tell me,” I said frowning.
“I can’t. Rose is in your room because she didn’t want to leave because her house isn’t as gigantic as yours,” Skylar informed me. Skylar held out his hand so he could guide me to my room. I didn’t even bother to grab his hand and started walking into my room.
“Rose. You know Damon is here right,” I looked at her in a surprise look.
“Hi Kassidie, I’m sorry but I kind of have to kill you.” He smiled grabbing into his backpack that hung from his shoulder.

chapter seven

“Rose he is lying right,” I said walking backwards towards the door.
“I don’t think so,” Rose replied while grabbing my arm pulling me out the door.
Why does this have to happen to me? We ran to the gate were everything went bad once and probably will again.
“Rose please tell me I’m not going to die,” I whispered. She just laughed and pulled out a knife from her boot. I didn’t see that she had boots on before but she does.
“I’ll protect you so no,” she said with a smile. Well Rose looks like she can kick butt, I’m going to live. I smiled. I can see Skylar and Damon fighting inside.
“Oh my vampire,” Rose exclaimed getting ready to run into the kingdom.
“NO ROSE,”I yelled running to her holding her back so she won’t go inside.
“You can’t go in there you’ll get hurt, I can’t let you get hurt,” I said to Rose and I could see her eyes becoming cold.
“Damon won’t leave if he is after you. That’s a rule in vampire world, kill you’re target and don’t leave until it’s done,” she said robotically like she had to memorize a book with vampire rules. I let go of her and then murmured “I can’t let people die for me.”
I looked inside the house then saw Skylar on the floor almost dead. I can’t take it. I walked toward the kingdom and Rose followed saying that I can’t go in there almost mocking what I said to her.
“I have to Rose!” I stopped and turned around.
“Why would you go in there to get yourself killed if someone is already fighting for you,” she asked surprising me. Good question.
“It’s not Skylar’s battle to fight it’s mine,” I replied looking at her knife. She got the hint and gave it to me.
“You’re brave, but you can die if you go in there.”Rose took guard and pointed to Damon. He was coming outside.
“Damon why are you doing this to me?” I looked at him ignoring how monster like he looks right now. His hair covering his face, blood on his clothes, skin and all his weapons.
“I have to if you don’t die, I die,” He said flipping his hair out of his eyes so I could see the black abyss in them. My eyes widen again when I see Skylar on the floor still.
“Damon don’t do this. Can’t you fake the whole thing,” Rose said as reaches into her other boot taking out another knife. How many knifes does this girl have?
“I was sent out to kill the 5 most important vampire’s on earth, it’s my duty,” he replied snatching the knife from her hand.
“Damon kill me already,” I blurted out. I stood there waiting for him to stab me or something.
“I don’t want to Kassidie,” he said putting the knife in his backpack.
“They said if one of the 5 turn me into what they are I don’t have to kill them and I won’t die,” he continues then raised his eye brow.
“I can’t. I mean I don’t know how,” I said, while pacing back and forth with the wet flowers brushing on my arms.
“Kassidie it’s like drinking fruit punch, but you can’t keep drinking it,” Rose implied laughing. Good way to put it.
“Can’t Rose just…You know drink your fruit punch,” I asked him. They both laughed.
“I’m not kidding,” I yelled still panicking. I paced back and forth. Rose and Damon just watched me like I was crazy.


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