Emerald Eyes


I sat looking out the window while my teacher rambled on about Greek Mythology, thinking about Brian. He was, well had been my boyfriend. We had been going steady for almost a year now. I really thought that everything was going good, we was planning on moving in together everything seemed really great between us. Till last Thursday when we were at the Deli, a little restaurant on the corner of Mulberry and 8th street in a little town of Carolina Beach outside of Wilmington North Carolina. I was sitting at our table in the front of the Deli, talking away about the day that I had while he was sitting in front of me looking at me with a blank expression on his face. I stopped talking in mid stream and asked him “are you ok?” Brian raised his arm and put his napkin on the table struggling with his words “Tess we need to talk.” Uh-oh why we need to talk for? “Sure what’s up?” I said having an uneasy feeling about what he was going to say, all I knew was that it couldn’t be good with the expression he wore and the way he struggled the words to come from his mouth. “Well you know that I love you, right? But I just think that we need some space before we take the next step, like moving in with each other.” Crap, I knew it, I just knew that it was too good to be true, every time that I start thinking that everything is going great with a guy this is what happens. tensing up sitting straight up “Well Brian if you think that it is best I guess we don’t have to move in with each other. I mean we can just keep stuff the way it is now, we have fun with each other and we love each other.” Brian shifted in his seat not looking at me,My smile faded that I wore as I spoke to him and my body started to react to the way he was moving and not even glancing at me. I started sweating and my heart started beating faster I knew at that moment that wasn’t what he wanted. Wringing his hands together he met my stare“Well Tess, I don’t want to see you anymore.” Gulp, just hold it together Tess. “ But you just said that you needed a break”. Leaning back into my seat, speaking barely audible feeling like I was whirling through space my heart sunk to my stomach “Yea, a break meaning I need a break from you.” Well this really sucks what did I do to make him want a to break up with me, I thought as I was fighting back the tears that was on the verge of spilling over onto my cheeks. Sitting there just looking at him like a deer in headlights, I didn’t know what to say. He was talking I seen his mouth moving, but I didn’t hear what was coming out, half afraid to speak thinking that it would cause the waterworks to come on. Brian,apparently done with the explanation he gave, stood walked over kissed me on the forehead and walked out of the Deli.
Jumping in my seat,giving out a little yelp from being brought back to the present. Jenifer was taping me on the shoulder “A...are you going to stay in class all day or what?” Blinking glancing around the classroom was empty besides me and Jen, fumbling with my note book and pen I placed them in my backpack and stood up. Jenifer giggling at me the whole time. “Was it a good daydream? Did I interfere with a juicy one, If I did I can come back in like ten minutes.” smiling a sheepish grin at me.
“No Jen, it wasn’t a good dream. I was just thinking about last Thursday.” Shifting the weight of my backpack on my shoulder a tear rolled down my face. As I stood to face my friend.
“Oh, I’m sorry Tess. He isn’t worth it. It is his lose." Her face turning from regret to happy in a split second. "You know what you need; to go out tonight and get your mind off jerk face and do some dancing!”
“I don’t know Jen” wiping the tear of my face with my sleeve. “I have a lot of homework to do and I have to work in the morning”
“I will pick you up at 8 and I am not taking no for an answer.” She turned to walk out of the class room with me trying to get something out that would make her not come get me. As she walked out she waved and turned around the corner and was gone. Jenifer isn’t a very tall girl, her hair is brown and has deep brown eyes, she has a athletic build and was really a sweet girl, but sometimes she could be really annoying. Sighing moving toward the door to leave, I really didn’t want to go out tonight. I just wanted to sit in my little apartment and watch The Notebook with Ben and Jerry’s, and pout about my ex.

Chapter 2
Arriving to my apartment,I threw my backpack and purse on the futon turned and hit the answering machine to see if anyone had called while I was out. Popping open the fridge grabbing a bottle of water while listening to my mother reminding me of dinner on Sunday. Great I thought, I haven’t yet told her that Brian and I had split up. She really liked Brian, she thought as well as I did that Brian was the one. Which any girl’s mother would be happy to have her marry someone that was in pre-law studying to be a lawyer. She had told all her friends, my Tess is with Brian he is going to be a lawyer. Isn’t that exciting! Rolling my eyes heading toward the bathroom, tossing my and shirt off at the door to the bathroom. Starting the shower and looked at myself in the mirror, I had long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, everyone always loved my hair it was thick and had a natural wave to it. Of course my hair got on my nerves, I envied the girls that could just wash their hair and go. Me on the other hand had to put time in to make it not look like a rat’s nest just mounted on top of my head. Sighing I climbed in the shower to relax and release some tension in my shoulders. I missed Brian, he hadn’t called or came by or anything since last Thursday. I hadn’t seen him at school either.Wondering what he’s been up too for last week, he never missed his classes. Shampooing my hair and shaving my legs I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body along with one on my head, walking to the bedroom well living room/bedroom. I debated on what to wear for the evening. After going through my closet I settled on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a sleeveless navy blue shirt that had a low v-neck along with a pair of black pumps. After blow drying my hair, I curled and put half of my hair up and let the rest fall over my shoulders. Picking through my jewelry, deciding on a plan pair of silver hoops and a long necklace that hung past down the middle of my chest and rested over the bulge of cleavage with a heart and key. Well I might have lost the key holder to my heart, but I still am going to wear his key.
Eight o’clock on the dot Jen was at the door, hearing her knock away till I answered.Opening the door for her, she came in chatting on her cellphone. “yea yea we both will be there.” Eying her suspiciously she turned at me and grinned as she shut her phone “well Nick is bringing a buddy to meet up with us tonight.” Turning away from her and crossing my arms in front of me “Ugh, Jen I don’t want to meet anyone!” It's just been a week since Brian "dumped" me, I don't want to meet someone else and possibly fall for them to do the same thing. I was so over men at this point I could care less if I ever met another one. Shaking my head I laughed a little laugh, maybe I wasn't over them completely, but right this second I was.
“Well he’s coming and you look great so let’s get going!” She grabbed my wrist, spinning me around toward her and started pulling me out the door. “Let me get my purse!” Reaching down grabbing my purse and jacket. Locking the door as I shut it behind us and we were on our way.


We arrived at The Metro, a dance club in the middle of Wilmington, a hot spot for all the college kids. Pulling up in front of the Club parking, Jen started getting her purse then pulled her keys out of the ignition. As she reached for the door stopped to look at me, because I hadn't budged. "Come on" as she closed the door back a little. “you’re really gonna make me do this aren’t you.” With my pouting lip out Jen laughed. “oh, come on, if you don’t like him then we will go back to your place and watch a movie or something.” She also had her bottom lip out trying to make me feel bad. Rolling my eyes and smiling “you promise?” I wanted to make sure that that option was for real before I stepped out of her car. Laughing she put up her hand and said “I swear”

Chapter 3

The Metro was a tight squeeze, people where everywhere. We ascended the steps down into the club with people dancing everywhere, the smell of alcohol spilled from the people drinking and cigarette smoke filled me nose making me wrinkle mine. As we squeezed through a maze of people walking to the bar, barely managing to make it to the bar without colliding into anyone. “is it always this crowed?” I yelled over the music pulling myself up on a bar stool that sat in front of the bar. “Yea on the weekends this place is packed” Jen yelled as she perched on the bar stool next to me. The bartender came over to get our orders, a tall dark headed guy that was built and had an awesome smile. “So what will you two lovely ladies like?” placing his arms on the bar leaning in to hear our orders.
“I’ll take a long island iced tea. Tess her wants a jagerbomb.” Pointing in my direction,“Oh no I just would like a Bud Light.” Giving her a stern look “Oh come on Tess! Have some fun!”sticking her bottom lip out again, like that was going to make me change my mind. Laughing at her attempt for me to change my mind “ I am not getting plastered, it wouldn’t look too good puking all over my dates shoes now would it?” Jen rolled her eyes” Well I guess not.” The bartender returned with our drinks, taking a drink of my beer, trying to make the anxiety go away of all these people around me and hoping it would muffle the smell. "Let's dance!" Jen said standing with her drink in hand, pulling me along with her to the dance floor.Weaving through people we came to hole just enough for two people to stand and started dancing with the music.Dancing through the song that was playing a short pause came as another song started to play. Sweating from dancing and the heat from this place being so packed full of people, I wasn't sure if I could make it through one more song, "I'm going to get another drink and go to the bathroom I will be right back." Jen shouted at me over the music.With a sigh of relief I nodded as I watched her move through the endless rows of people. My feet were starting to throb from these ridiculous heels on my feet, scolding myself thinking that I should never had worn them I started making my way through the people, trying to make my way back to the bar to wait for Jen. The smell was really getting to me and the cigarette smoke was making my eyes water. Moving my hand up to my eyes to rub the water from them, I bumped into someone and started to fall. Putting my hands out to grab on to anything I could grab a hold of a guy caught me by my waist as I headed toward the floor. Grabbing a hold of his arms I steadied myself.
“Are you alright?” he asked, looking up at him I was memorized by his eyes instantly, standing there in his arms fascinated by the color of his eyes. They reminded me of an emerald. The most brilliant green I ever seen before with a dark blue ring around the outside as holding the precious emerald in it's place. “Are you ok?” he asked again, half smiling at me.“Huh, oh yes I am fine. Thank you for catching me.” mumbling out the words, he smiled and loosened his grip still holding me in his arms, feeling a subtle blush that had flushed my cheeks, I couldn't tear my eyes from his, smiling he let go of my waist and stepped back a step.” My name is Cole McKenzie” still not able to move my eyes from his “Tess” is all I could manage to spit


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